A Gut-Wrenching Look at the 2 Minutes Before Halftime. Entire Season Breakdown

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    First of all, apologies if any of this is difficult to read. I had a lot of research to put together here. There are many more eye-popping stats in the details as well (not just the portions in bold). The devil is in the details regarding this post.

    Onward we go....

    One of the game management problems which bothered me a lot this season was the final 2 minutes before half-time. I decided to break it down for the board.

    Now, this is only the final 2 minutes before the half. Does this same game-management apply to the other 58 minutes?

    Perhaps it may. I admit that I became even more shocked as I broke this down.

    On the season, the Cowboys passed 57 times and ran the ball 6 times in the final two minutes before halftime.

    Of those 6 runs:

    *1 Rush was a 8 yard gain on 3rd and 19 on a give-up play. (vs Giants)

    *1 Rush was a -1 Randle rush in the redzone after a Sean Lee Interception giving the Cowboys a 1st and goal from the 4. (at Detroit)

    *1 Rush was a redzone TD by Murray (vs Raiders)

    *1 Rush was a redzone TD by Murray (vs Packers)

    *1 Rush was in the middle of a Cowboys drive (vs Packers)

    *1 Rush was after an INT by Heath; a 7 yard gain by Murray with 47 seconds left and all timeouts remaining Cowboys chose to let the clock wind down and head to the locker-room)

    Summary of the 6 rushes within last 2 minutes of half: 3 Red-Zone rushes for 2 TDs. 2 Give-up rushes. 1 rush used within a drive.

    Yes, you read that correctly...

    On the season, in the last 2 minutes before the half. We ran the ball only 1 single time between the 20's when we were attempting a drive.

    You may also note that...

    Out of our 57 pass attempts, we scored only 1 TD after a 74 yard INT return which set us up with goal-to-go.

    On the season, in the last 2 minutes of the half, the Cowboys were outscored 65 to 34.

    If you look at those stats, you may say the Defense is to blame.

    However, during the last 2 minutes before halftime on the season...

    *Of the 34 points we scored, 2 can be attributed to Defense Turnovers. 1 INT for TD and one INT to bring Cowboys Offense to 1st and goal from the 4.

    *Though we only ran the ball 6 times (the entire season) in the final 2 minutes before halftime; 3 of those were in the RZ with 2 rushing TDs.

    *Our Special Teams also saved 3 points from the opponents 65 total points by blocking a FG before halftime.

    *Our D also saved another potential 7 points with an INT at the 7 yard line.

    *Also the 2 Sean Lee INTs not only prevented our opposition from scoring but swung the point favor to the Cowboys in the process.

    *Our offense had 2 turnovers. One of which led to a TD by the opponents.

    With a microscopic look, it's my opinion that the Defense did everything in its power to save this team from Offensive clock and game mismanagement, not properly using time-outs and imbalanced play-calling for down and distance situations. There seems to be plenty of those 2nd and 4 and 3rd and 4 passes as well...

    Keep in mind, that this is only a look at the last 2 minutes prior to halftime. In my opinion, I can count 2 games with proper management and play calling to end the half. Those games were vs the Packers and Raiders.

    The other 14 games?...I'll let you decide for yourselves.

    Individual notes and team scores broken down by individual games - The first # is the score with 2 minutes before the half.

    0-7 Cowboys 0 vs Giants: 7 passes 1 rush=result: Punt
    (Notables: 1 Rush was on 3rd and 19) Edit: *Eli Manning TD pass to Cruz at 2:01

    0-0 Cowboys 0 at Chiefs 0: 2 Passes 0 rushes Results 1 Punt 1 Kneel
    (Notables: Cowboys blocked Chiefs FG attempt; 2 Dallas possessions; Punt from Dallas 49; Kneel at Dallas 46)

    0-0 Cowboys vs Rams: 3 passes 0 rushes = Result 1 punt
    (Notables: Pass on 2nd and 4, pass on 3rd and 2; Punt from Dallas 47)

    7-3 Cowboys at Chargers: 0 passes 0 rushes = Result Defensive TD
    (Notables: Sean Lee Interception for TD; Chargers kick FG)

    3-7 Cowboys vs Broncos: 3 passes 0 rushes = Result FG
    (Notables: Broncos used a timeout with 28 seconds left-allowed us to kick a FG with 3 seconds left; Cowboys used all of their Timeouts on Broncos TD drive)

    0-3 Cowboys vs. Redskins 0 passes 0 rushes = Result N/A
    (Notables: Cowboys O did't have the ball within 2 minutes)

    0-0 Cowboys at Eagles: 5 passes 0 rushes = Result 1 punt 1 interception
    (Notables: Eagles missed FG; 2 Dallas possessions; Punt from Dallas 33; Hail Mary Interception, 1 pass broke down which was a Romo 4 yard run)

    7-0 Cowboys at Lions: 2 passes 1 rushes = Result 1 TD; 1 Kneel at Dallas 33
    (Notables: Sean Lee 74 yard Interception set Cowboys offense up at 1st and goal at Detroit 4 yard line)

    0-7 Cowboys vs Vikings: 6 passes 0 rushes = Result punt from Dallas 37
    (Notables: Cowboys used a timeout after a 1st down run by AP run. Vikings TD 2 plays later: After a 2nd and 6 incompletion sack on 3 and 6)

    0-14 Cowboys at Saints: 3 passes 0 rushes = Result punt from Dallas 28
    (Notables: Cowboys passed on 2nd and 2 and 3rd and 2 resulting in a punt to the Saints with 1:01 remaining. Cowboys used their 2nd and 3rd Timeouts on Saints 1st TD Drive. Saints decided to use their timeouts on their own 2nd TD within the final 2 minutes of the game)

    0-0 Cowboys at Giants: 4 passes 0 rushes = Result punt from Dallas 27
    (Notables: Cowboys used a Timeout after a 1st down completion...After which was an incomplete pass and a sack giving the ball back to the Giants where Giants drove enough to attempt a Hail Mary)

    7-7 Cowboys vs Raiders: 7 passes 1 run = Result 1 TD
    (Notables: Sustained drive with proper use of timeouts. Cowboys used all 3 timeouts during our own TD drive; Raiders scored a TD with exactly 2 minutes on the clock)

    0-10 Cowboys at Bears: 4 passes 0 runs = Results 1 punt; 1 kneel down
    (Notables: Cowboys used a timeout and had 3 consecutive incompletions to give the Bears the ball back with 59 seconds - Bears drove and scored for the 2nd time within 2 minutes)

    7-0 Cowboys vs Packers; 4 passes 2 runs = Rushing TD
    (Notables: Cowboys had good mix of run and pass with proper time management. Packers get 34 yards with 3 seconds left)

    0-0 Cowboys at Redskins: 1 Run = Results end of half
    (Notables: Cowboys ran for 7 yards on 1st and 10 with 47 seconds left in the half: Cowboys had all timouts remaining, chose to end the half after the run)

    3-7 Cowboys vs Eagles: 8 passes 0 runs result 1 interception and 1 FG
    (Notables: INT led to Eagles TD, on 3rd and 10 Dallas passes for minus 1 yard, Orton did have a rush due to breakdown)

    Total Score: 34-65

    I could have added quite a few more "notables" but it may have taken up the whole board. Though I think this should leave enough for discussion :cool:
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    nice research....yet another reason to pile on the Garrett andcoaching sucks *** heap
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    It's no secret that the coaches are insufficiently committed to what seems to be a solid run game, but analyzing that based on a two-minute-drill offense seems wrong-headed. If the playcaller ran out of time or wasted timeouts because he's mixing runs in, wouldn't *that* be more clearly poor game management?
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    Did we run the ball enough this season in games? No. Did it really matter? No. We were 1 INT away from possibly making the playoffs. Let it go already.
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    Conclusion: we don't run the ball enough. Now, it's been said by some that Garrett feels that the defense doesn't offer enough resistance to prevent the other team from scoring at will. Therefore, he feels compelled to be agressive in his offensive approach by prioritizing passing the ball in order to score enough to counteract our defensive weaknesses. I'm not stating here that JG is either wrong or right but that's the gist of his reasoning. It's up for your consideration so as to decide whether or not you might see any basis in that approach or not.
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    Yup! The Dallas Cowboys play calling! Please, Jerry, bring in someone who actually knows what they're doing, *cough* Norv *cough*.
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    The playcaller left just about every single time out in his pocket. If you look at the boxscores for example; he had plenty of time to mix runs in, sustain drives on proper down-and distance and then use timeouts in our favor.

    Instead, it seems it was always pass-pass-pass-punt, and then leave plenty of time on the clock where the opponents would then score. Sometimes, time-outs were called in favor of the opponents.
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    and we all know that's the new standard around here right? :rolleyes:
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    yeah and if we had run it better maybe we win a game or two more and do not need to win the last game to get in. Is that simple math too hard for you?
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    If you look through my posts, I'm an optimist by nature. I always keep my complaints to myself.

    With that being said, we need a solution.

    The first step to a solution is recognizing a problem.

    Now, JG is staying, we all know that. But you know...Bill Parcells had the RB coach (or was it LB coach?) to keep track of the clock and give him a nudge in regards to it during games.

    So, therefore, I offer the solution that JG should use that particular philosophy next season. Now THAT would be one step in the right direction.
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    Maybe isn't Definitely. Defense not causing some punts was more of an issue to losing a "game or two" than not running the ball enough. Running the ball more doesn't 100% mean you gain yards from it or you are immune from turning the ball over.
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    I understand what you were trying to do. The solution is executing what needs to be done to win. Near the end of the season, the Defense was more the issue of NOT executing what needs to be done to win.
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    WOW thanks for posting.

    I need to throw up now.
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    You mean in the two minute drill, we may pass more frequently.

    Huh. Cutting edge stuff right there. You may be onto something.
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    Look at this model fan. Absolving screwups like a loyal fan should! Garrett sucks guys, let it go!
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    Ill take a #7 with a coke. Do you deliver?
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    Garrett made Orton throw the ball behind Austin? Wow. He must be one of the X-Men. :rolleyes:
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    It is actually a very informative post and a lot of effort

    It was more than 2 sentences long so you may not have been able to follow it
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    With better game and clock management it would have never come down to the Philly game. No coach worth his salt should of lost the Detroit or GB games.

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