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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by fishspill, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Is it really a mock if you just throw some of your team's picks up? And can it be taken seriously if you may throw up pizza rolls in the next 15 minutes? Only the Lord and/or Scott Pioli can say. But here's some fun:

    This assumes no trades. Because I ain't psychic or in love with my cousin.

    #22 - Jonathan Stewart - Good value if he falls. Handsome.

    #28 - Aqib Talib - Pot finally does something positive in my life outside of nailing hairy chicks to the endless drone of Phish.

    #61 - Jordy Nelson - Good at football. Brings his lunch pail everyday. Coach on the field. He would play if you didn't pay him. Tall. White.

    #92 - Peyton Hillis - This draft is officially too melanin deficient. What the hell am I thinking. Someone help.

    #126 - Frank Okam - This mock stuff is easy if you chose guys 20 picks after they will be taken. Change my first rounders to Leodis McKelvin and DMac.

    #163 - DeJuan Tribble - Reminds me of Star Trek. Oddly enough, I did make love last weekend. To a girl.

    #167 - Kory Lichtensteiger - His name reminds me of beer. I like beer.

    #235 - Dominique Barber - Because why the hell not?

    So there you have it. I have no witty ending to this post.
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    I've seen sober people do much worse. :)

    BTW I think Jordy's "Good at football." analysis is the best player analysis I've ever read.

    I also love the draft strategy of trying to keep a balance between white and black players, what about Eskimos and Native Americans though? They aren't exactly fairly represented in your draft.
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    What's your favorite beer?
  4. poke

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    your mock makes as much sense as any of the ones i have seen, read or
    its always a crapshoot anyway so you just count on the team doing their
    homework, coaching em up and hopin for the best.
  5. theogt

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    If nothing else, it was funny.
  6. L-O-Jete

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    This is what a Mock is supposed to be, if all mocks were like this one I'd spend even more time reading them.
    Bravo Maestro!
    Now puff, puff, pass...
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    Dream is right considering all or most of the picks are drafted ROUNDS lower then they'll be taken.
    DRC-LONG GONE by that pic!
    Chris Johnson- LONG GONE by that pic!
    Chilo Rachal-LONG LONG LONG GONE by that pic!
    Dexter JAckson-GONE by that pic!
    Hillis-GONE by that pic!
    Shirley-GONE by that pic!

    Now I know why you call it a DREAM draft!

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