A lesson from Dandy Don Meredith

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Rack Bauer, Nov 14, 2005.

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    We all know that the QB position is held to a higher standard with Dallas Cowboys fan, but the next time our QB (doesn't matter who it is) has a bad game, think of Don Meredith.

    In 1968 he suffered a broken nose, broken ribs, punctured lung, an pnmonia (sp?). Before one game he left the hospital (with the broken ribs, punctured lung, and pnmonia) to play a game. THe cowboys lost and the fans and media blamed Meredith. He nearly died after the game due to fluids seaping (sp?) into his lung.

    He retired after that season because he couldn't take it anymore.

    The point is we, as fans, almost ALWAYS blame the QB when the team loses despited the fact that it's almost NEVER actually the QBs fault. One of the greatest QBs in Cowboys history showed toughness you will NEVER see again for as long as we live, yet he was booed and blamed for the TEAM's poor play.

    We owe it to these players (past, present, and future) to LEARN and UNDERSTAND the game so that we don't blindly and ignorantly blame the QB everytime the team plays poorly. And I'm referring to EVERYONE. Even those that are comfortable with their knowledge of the game can learn and understand the game BETTER.

    Those guys don't MEAN to play poorly anyway. Even Quincy Carter worked his arse off. Yes, he sucked, but he deserved a little respect for the hard work he put into his profession. Troy Aikman, Chad Hutchinson, Gary Hogeboom, etc... they ALL deserve our RESPECT for the effort they put on the field.

    3 and a half decades late, but here's to you, Dandy Don.



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    Nice post!
  3. adbutcher

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    great post!

    THUMPER Papa

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    I always blame the coaches when we lose, those fat bastids.

    Nice post Rack.
  5. burmafrd

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    Damn it rack, just when I have written you off you come up with something like this. Dandy Don was a tough old son- and harldy anyone realized it because of his folksy disposition. Shame.
  6. Cbz40

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    Great post Rack......Dandy Don brought this team to the center of the National stage and we have been there ever since....Thank you Don Meredith
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    Vastly underappreciated QB. He took a beating, physically and emotionally.

    The losses to the Packers weighed on him but the final loss to an inferior Brown's team did him in.

    He was seen as a guy who couldn't win the big game...followed by Morton, who was seen the same way.

    But Dandy was dandy. And a darn good QB too.

    Thanks Rack.
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    Nice Post Rack.

    Sadly I doubt it if makes much difference to the instant evaluators.

    I honestly think some go into the game ready to blame a player or coach.

    Ever notice how some posters never post a thread after the team wins...but as soon as they lose they are out in full force.

    Eitherway, It was a nice post Rack.
  9. joseephuss

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    Isn't that picture with him and the broken nose a fake injury? I know he really suffered a broken nose at one time and I also seem to recall a story of how he got some make up from one of his hollywood friends and he faked an injury as a joke. I thought that particular photo accompanied the story.

    Part of the reason Don was blamed so much by the fans is that Landry blamed him as well. Coach Landry never really stood behind Meredith. I think Landry told him he made a good decision to retire, when Don infomed him.
  10. trickblue

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    Still my favorite Cowboy... and the ONLY #17 in my book...

    As Staubach said, Meredith was the reason for the Cowboys rise to the top...
  11. CowboyChris

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    Meredith was one tough S.O.B.
  12. CosmicCowboy

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    Wow !!! A post like this for Dandy Don, has been well overdue. Don, was one tough 'Cowboy' who I,feel helped put the Cowboys, up there with the NFL's elite.
    Great post Rack !!!...and Thanks Don...

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    Always wondered how much of Dandy Don was part of the north Dallas forty QB, in the story he gets freaky with this guys wife while husband watches and that was just too wierd...
  14. Doomsday101

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    The role in the movie by Mac Davis was based on Meredith but then according to some players back then Pete Gent went a bit overboard with the story.
  15. burmafrd

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    Gent went WAY overboard. Landry had his blind spots, and unfortunately Dandy Don was right square in the middle of one. They never trusted each other to be right and do the right thing- and that probably cost us a championship or two. Remember that Dandy was a partier and that really always was grating on Landry; a real shame for the Boys.
  16. CaptainAmerica

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    Gotta love Meredith.

    I always loved him as a Cowboy and also as a wonderful announcer on MNF. I hated to see him leave that show. MNF was never the same without him.

    His classic rendetion of "Turn Out The Lights" was great!

    What was so funny was when "Dandy Don" would see a play occur late in the game and he would consider the game over. Many times this was before Cossell would consider the game over and "Dandy Don" would break out a few notes in a strong Texas twang like this..."Turn out the..." and then Cossell would interrupt him in his strong elitish NY dialect and say, "Oh no! this game is far from over!", and ole' Don would just turn up the volume and pick up where he left off with even more of his Texas twang..."LIGHTS, THE PARTYS OVER! THEY SAY THAT ALL GOOD THINGS MUST END!!"

    It was hilarious!! Classic TV and the stuff that made Monday Night Football! I'm sorry for those that are too young to remember those days. That is when Monday Night Football was a true event for the entire nation.
  17. burmafrd

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    MNF was not the same at all once Cosell and Dandy left. Was pretty much just another football game. Kind of suprised it limped on as long as it did.
    They need to bring in someone like them- an acidic type like Cosell and a good ol boy like Dandy. They are out there- shouldn't be that hard to find.
  18. CaptainAmerica

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    I think they tried that with Dennis Miller. I don't think they can ever re-capture that magic again. Howard and Don were so perfectly paired that they will always remain a classic.

    Also, TV isn't the same today with so much sports programming on the air all the time. Back in those days, MNF was truly an event, because it was the one chance for both teams and players to show the entire nation what they were made of.

    Today we are so saturated with sports, that the game just doesn't have the impact it used to have each week.
  19. Doomsday101

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    I agree and think that was still the best crew working MNF listening to Meredith and Cosell going back and forth was entertaining.
  20. joseephuss

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    Howard and Don were great, yet we had to endure that bufoon that is Frank "Michael Irving" Gifford.

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