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    So while we know about the Carrie/Romo thing. I just happen to find out who some of the other football players may be dating. Pulled this off a gossip I visit.

    Sanaa Lathan and Adewele Ogunleye(sp?) - She looks pregnant
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Gossip: She was at Patti Labelle's b-day party a few weeks ago...and with a diamond on that ring finger. And she's been dating NFLer Adewale for a while now. Preggers much Sanaa? You be the judge.

    Reggie Bush while rumored to be with Kim Hodashian is now linked to R & B Singer Ciara who's video he appeared in. This is from the BET Awards last night.
    Gossip: And she aint slick. I peeped that big as day blinged out #25? on the back of that cape they threw on her at the end. And even though Reggie Bush wasn't in her performance (bad move CiCi), that is most def his Saints football number. You aint slick girl...with all that girly football gear you rockin'...you aint slick.

    Thomas Jones (Julius bro) and Meagan Good
    Gossip: Them damn earrings creep up like a roach when you turn on the lights. Make it stop Meagan. Besides that...I see she's extra comfortable putting her relationship with NFLer Thomas Jones on blast.

    If u wonder why I posted this, I was bored... :eek::

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