A little late but I hate the Barry Church signing

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. CATCH17

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    Now I liked what Barry Church was doing and I stated last year that I thought he may 1 day be able to develop into a starter but I just can't get over us giving him a multi year deal after suffering an achilles injury.

    It may take him 2 years before he's ever back at the level he was this season physically but we're probably going to go into next season with him penciled in as the starter.

    Why not just wait and see what's available in free agency or the draft? Nobody was going to give this guy a pay day with that type of injury.

    I really like the player and im sorry for bringing up old news but what the heck were we thinking? What is the logic?

    Sorry but im already in offseason mode.
  2. Heisenberg

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    That's kind of our MO this days though isn't it?
  3. BAZ

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    Dallas flocks to injury prone players like flys around ****e. They couldn't help but sign him.
  4. perrykemp

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    Was Church even a unrestricted FA next year?

    If so, then the signing might be justified.

    If not, then it was just dumb.
  5. Gaede

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    Yeah, it was definitely silly.

    Jerry is a loyal to his players sometimes to a fault. He likes the guy, he came from nowhere to be a starter. And he was good. But that doesn't mean you have to give him a contract.

    Achilles is a tough injury and I just don't understand betting on his recovery. And this was a guy that wasn't overly athletic pre-injury.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    Valley Ranch Country Club.
  7. FiveRings

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    Yeah, if we combined the talents of our two projected starting safety's he's an above average player at best, if you combine their contracts he's getting paid like Ed Reed

    Check that, Churchncontractis definitely not as bad as I thought, definitely a little long but I'll live with it. Sensy still makes me scratch my head
  8. Jenky

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    His contract is peanuts.
  9. DBOY3141

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    Because JJ is our GM. Enough said.

    Stupid GM's make stupid decisions.

    17 years and counting with one common denominator.
  10. supercowboy8

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    It's not a bad contract at all. We can still draft or sign a safety. His deal is back loaded so is he doesnt produce we can cut him and it doesnt hurt us.
  11. rocyaice

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    Yea i'm not really sure why anyone would have a problem with signing him for as cheap as we did. If we cut him there's no loss cap wise. It will be very minimal at the most.

    This is just you guys wanting something to complain about. If there were some positives from this season it was getting Church for such a low contract.

    Cowboys thought process was they feel like Church is a solid player and they saw a chance to sign him for cheap as opposed to if he had a break out season next year and be forced to give him a bigger deal.
  12. Frozen700

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    Let's complain for everything. :lmao2:

    This is how you know the season is over.
  13. Numbers921

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    The signings will continue until morale improves.
  14. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

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    why do you think carter dislocated his elbow last game? he's trying to pay bills too.
  15. Wolfpack

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    No one was of course but Jerry.
  16. craig71

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    I would say that the Ratliff extension bothers me more than handing Church a new deal.

  17. AbeBeta

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    I expect that Church was negotiating a new deal when he got hurt.

    This is just Jerry showing the he negotiates in good faith.

    This is about more than Church, it is about players here and elsewhere knowing how Jerry treats guys
  18. Numbers921

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    Country club atmosphere in a nutshell.
  19. AbeBeta

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    Yes, being true to your word is a Country Club atmosphere.

    "We made you this offer before you got hurt. Screw you."

    How you treat players matters in this league.
  20. Numbers921

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    It's mattered all the way to 1 playoff win since 1996.

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