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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by pittdawg, Jul 24, 2005.

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    Pittdawg thanks for posting here. I'm rooting hard for him. You should be very proud. Good luck this season.
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    Go, Rob, Go.

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    Thanks and congrats to both of you.
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    Would you mind sharing your impression of some of the Pitt players for us to watch for this season?
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    the four top players are tyler palko(qb), charles spencer(lt), greg lee(wr), and hb bladers(lb). with the new coaching staff, a number of position changes and possibly new starters are in the works. have not been following the team closely, but most pre season publications also list those players. college football news lists lee asone of the best wr in the country.
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    Hey Mr. Pettiti will you be making the trip down to Morgantown on Thanksgiving this year to watch the Eers and Panthers play? If so, would love to have a brew or two and talk Cowboy football(as well as Eers/Panthers) with you.
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    sorry, don't think i'll be there this year. however, having attended the last four years, must admit it makes for some very intense college football. got so bad that last year after rob was quoted in the pitt newspapers, i was booed when i went out on the field for senior night. loved every minute of it.
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    Mr Pettiti, very excited to have you and Rob aboard. Hope to hear many updates from you on Rob's progress thoughout TC & the 2005 season. It'll be nice to get a vibe of the team through your inside scoops! Tell Rob there are just 3 things to do...
    1. Beat the Giants
    2. Whip the Skins
    3. But most importantly. Knock the soup out of the egirls!!!!
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    No doubt the Backyard Brawl is as intense a rivalry as ANY in the country! It's great that the whole country will be able to watch it in PRIMETIME on Thanksgiving night after enjoying another Cowboys Thanksgiving Day win!!

    As a Mountaineer fan, I was VERY excited when the Boys drafted Rob as having seen him play the last four years I know how good he is! Best of luck to and your son and congrats on becoming a fan of the greatest sports franchise in the history of sports!!
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    And here is to a long and successful NFL career filled with Championships and Pro Bowls.

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