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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by UnoDallas, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Really my top pick is anyone of the three top OT’s – may be able to trade down a little bit to get an extra pick

    and no I did not put the extra pick in

    I really don’t see Dallas going for a big NT either - I think we will use Rat an Josh Brent

    1. Tyron Smith OT USC 6-5 #307 - Quick feet off the snap. Good initial quickness to reach defenders that are shaded over him. Good positional blocker who will wall off defenders from the ball carrier. Has better than advertised strength for his size. Can drive defenders down the LOS on the play side or the back side of a play, allowing the ball carrier with a huge hole to run through or cut back through. Good mobility to pull and get up to the second level. His quick feet allow for him to be effective in pass protection. Slides out laterally well to mirror pass rushers and gets good depth on his kick slide. Plays with good balance and flashes a strong punch to jolt the pass rusher.

    So the weight issue is non factor for me

    Gabe Carimi OT Wis 6-7 #315 - ideal size for the position and long arms to direct the defender. He has outstanding functional strength. Can drop anchor and defend against the bull rush with consistency, and has the drive and power to excel as a run blocker. Is able to bury people once he gets control. Is effective getting to the second level and can destroy people there. Is surprisingly effective in space. Despite his limited athleticism, he is still agile enough, and has decent footwork, to be an effective pass blocker at the next level. Can use his length and long arms (35 2/8) to steer the speed rushers around the pocket. Has a good initial punch and can deliver a strong, quick jolt that can keep the defender off balance. Plays with an edge, but doesn't lose control. Smart player who understands the blocking scheme well.

    Derek Sherrod, OT Mississippi State 6-6 #305 - Long body and arms coupled with good footwork allow him to get excellent depth. Has solid, though not exceptional hand action and works hard to maintain position. Shows ability to pick-up pressure from linebackers or safeties. Able to use size to seal defender and willing to look upfield for the next block. Great speed for use in pulling situations or in screens

    2. Davon House CB New Mexico 6 #190 - adds some much needed size and toughness to the corner position on the defense - Playmaking defender who is an effective and comfortable press corner with prototypical size and speed. Has long arms and strong upper body to jam and re-route receivers. Shows flexibility in the hips to turn and run with receivers. Has adequate speed when tracking the deep pass. Flashes the ability to stay with receivers on stop-and-go routes. Aggressive in run support and makes big hits - generally solid tackling ability. Has large hands and able to make contested catches.

    3. Lawrence Guy, DE/DT, Arizona State 6-5 #300 - Good initial burst off the snap, as he plays in the opponent's backfield often. When he plays with good leverage, he's able to use his strength to lock out linemen with his long arms and effectively shed the block at the POA. Good closing speed and range to make tackles on the ball carrier. Pursues to the ball well and can make plays down the field. A strong tackler with strong hands to wrap up the ball carrier. As a pass rusher, he's able to generate pressure with his quick burst off the snap and good strength with a bull rush. Uses his hands well as a pass rusher, knocking the offensive linemen's hands off him and uses an effective rip move to get by.

    4. Deunta Williams, FS, North Carolina 6-2 #205 - Big, physical strong safety who hits well, and is fairly fluid and agile. Can cover the requisite amount of ground to be a 4-down player, and has been very productive at a high level for one of America's best collegiate defenses. Will make receivers hear footsteps, and will have a shot at being one of the coveted true secondary enforcers in this draft.

    5. Caleb Schlauderaff, G, Utah 6-4 #300 He had a team best 46 pancake blocks in 2010, starting 13 games at left guard. a smart player who plays with toughness. Gets the job done with his blocks as he goes full boar to the whistle. Has good upper body and lower body strength to drive defenders to the ground. Gets his hands on the defender most of the time. He shows the ability to pull around the center and get his hat on a defender, as well as making a block at the second level. Picks up blitzes and stunts well.

    6. Greg McElroy, QB, Alabama 6-2 #225

    7.Dane Sanzenbacher WR 5-11 #185 - voted team captain - dependable and team-focused


    Mario Fannin, RB, Auburn 5-11 #225
    Brandon Saine, RB, Ohio State 6-1 #215
    Graig Cooper, RB, Miami 6 #205

    Patrick DiMarco FB South Carolina 6-1 #240

    Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, WR/KR, Iowa 6-1 #205

    JMichael Deane OG Mich State 6-5 #315

    Jarriel King OG North Carolina 6-5 #325

    Jah Reid, ROT, UCF 6-8 #325

    Trevis Turner, ROT, Abilene Christian 6-7 #335

    D’Audre Reed DE Arizona St 6-4 #260

    Chris White, ISLB, Miss St 6-4 #244
    Nick Bellore ISLB Central Mich 6-1 #250

    Damario Ambrose DT/DEArk 6-5 #270
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    yuck, dont like that draft at all,
    maybe your first pick, one of OTs if need be and best player there,
    safety and qb, but rest, phooey
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    oh but Joe so much more realistic than your draft

    are we the only team drafting ?

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