A Look at a select few Def. Tackles

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by kirkjrk, Jan 15, 2013.

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    I took six Def. Tackles that I thought would be available in the Teams drafting positions. I only did six to see if this info is of any help to our fans. Please advise.

    I came up with a points total for each player over two years. The points were arrived at by adding each players total of Tackles, Tackles for Loss, Sacks, Pass Broken Up, Interceptions, QB hurries, Forced Fumbles, Kicks/Punts Blocked, Fumbles returned. I obtained these stats from cfbstats.com and over the players last two years of play.

    Here are the six players point total:

    Chris Jones, 6-1, 293--Bowling Green= 160

    Kawann Short, 6-3,315--Purdue= 158.5

    Sheldon Richardson, 6-4,205--Missouri= 154.5

    Sylvester Williams, 6-3,305--No. Carolina= 141

    Sharrif Floyd, 6-3,303--Florida= 133

    The sixth player I only did for one year(2012) as I could not find a complete list of his stats, for a second year, but I do know they were good enough to get him selected as Small School All American in 2011. I'm really looking forward to seeing this player at combine and any Bowl games he might be playing.

    Brandon Williams, 6-2,328-Mizz. So. St., 1 yr.= 109

    I've also done it on a few safeties(FS & SS done together) and will write about them if enough requests comes in.
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    Any way you could do just hurries sacks and tackles for loss?
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    QB Hurries, Sacks, TFL

    Chris Jones 8 21 33

    Kawann Short 0* 13.5 33

    Sheldon Richardson 9 6 18.5

    Syl. Williams 11 8.5 20.5

    Sharrif Floyd 10 4.5 19.5

    * Hard for me to believe that Kawann Short had no QB hurries, but that's what the site said. Will do further checking and see if I come up with something different.

    Brandon Williams (for 1 yr.) 8 8.5 16.5

    Again, all of these stats, plus many other players, can be found on cfbstats.com
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    Richardson, short, or floyd will be great and add brandon williams later would be nice.

    Williams can be the NT type DT for Kiffin as Short, Floyd, and Richardson can all play the DT under kiffin
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    I'd add Bennie Logan to that list. He'd be a perfect fit in Kiffin's scheme.
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    I am liking Floyd, has size and speed
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    I'd be happy with Floyd, Richardson or Logan. Anyone of those prospects are an upgrade.

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