A lot of people are talking about trading Ware

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by radioactivecowboy88, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. jimnabby

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    There's not a player on the team that I wouldn't trade for the right offer. I have a hard time coming up with plausible scenarios where player, team and offer match up, though.
  2. links18

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    Can we sign Herschel back so we can trade him to the Vikings again? That might do it.
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  3. links18

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    Everything is for sale at the right price.
  4. bark

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    If only Al Davis hadn't left us so soon
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  5. bkight13

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    Dallas would save 7.5m against the cap by trading Ware and have ZERO dead money after 2014. Trading him would be better than cutting him or restructuring him. The only thing better would be a significant pay cut.
  6. Future

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    Yea, but we'd still be paying like more than 8 million if I'm not mistaken. To keep that on the books and only get like a 3rd rounder or something back isn't really worth it, imo.
  7. bkight13

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    But that 7.5m saved could get us 2 quality FAs. One to replace Ware and another DL.
  8. Future

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    Yea, and then we are saving no money and still having a ton of trouble actually getting under the cap.

    The whole notion of replacing Ware with cap savings is silly because his cap hit is EXCESS. You can't just replace excess, you have to get rid of it.
  9. ghst187

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    We missed our chance to trade Ware and get something in return possibly before this past season and definitely the season before that.
    The Patriots, whom I can't stand but run the best organization in the biz, had a similar situation with Richard Seymour. Instead of doling out huge $$$ to retain him, they traded him for a first round pick, which they used to draft their current starting LT. In essence, they took a first round pick, got about 8 highly productive (mostly probowl years) seasons, then turned him into another first round pick who has given them several years of quality startership. So the first they used on Seymour in 2001 is still paying them solid dividends into 2014. That's money ball...and the reason the Patriots are in the playoffs every year and one of the reasons we never are.
    We had several years we could've used Ware to probably get at least a first round pick, maybe more. But Jerry had to keep him. Hey we all like Ware, he's a great player and great person. But loyalty in this biz gets you losses, sadly.
    Example #2, we probably could've gotten a first plus a mid-round pick for Romo two seasons ago and handed his big contract to Peyton Manning instead.
    Who knows what we could've gotten and which holes we could've filled (DL comes to mind) with that draft pick/s. Instead we marry ourselves to Romo (who has all of 1 playoff win and 10x that many game clinching INTs) while Peyton wins MVP awards, sets single season records, and hosts multiple playoff games.
    So talking about trading Ware now is a moot point to me. I think we'd have to cut him, but with his restructured contract, I'm not sure we'd even benefit much cap-wise by cutting him. That boat has sailed. The situation we're in with Ware now, is just another example of the front office (Jerry) personnel, contractual, and overall management failings. Jerry's behavior reminds me of a lot of politicians. When faced with the catastrophic failure of their own policy-making, they choose to double-down on those policies instead of reversing course. Pretty sure that is how Einstein defined insanity.
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  10. texbumthelife

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    I hadn't thought about this, but now that you present it I have to agree. I think Carter may be our most tradable asset. He is a young player with a good contract who has shown the potential to be an AP linebacker. Then again, moving him just creates yet another hole on the defense we have to fill. I think I would rather wait and see if he gets it next season.
  11. big dog cowboy

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    Sure there are folks who want to trade away players but there is one problem, the front office doesn't agree. I'd like to see a couple get traded. Won't happen so I'm kinda meh on the whole thing.
  12. TX_Yid

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    Loyalty to aging players is a holdover from the pre-cap era that is haunting Jerry Jones and dooming his teams to insignificance.
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  13. Fletch

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  14. links18

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    Why not? Pray tell...
  15. theSHOW

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    Is this some sort of sick joke?
  16. links18

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  17. bkight13

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    They can get under the cap without touching Ware's or Austin's contract. You then can think of Ware's savings as the money to get a couple of Free Agents and Austin's post June 1st money to sign the draft picks and any late signings like Waters last year. Dallas shouldn't and doesn't need to go crazy in Free Agency, just a few key players(DE, DT, FS).

    If they restructure Ware again, which they probably will, they can still sign the same players, but are pushing more dead money to next year and beyond.
  18. radioactivecowboy88

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    I would trade wittten for a 2-3 at this point... we just straight up need new blood
  19. Future

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    Yea but to do that you'd have to restructure a bunch of other guys, including Carr, which would put us in the same boat again in the near future.
  20. sadams

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    Be careful, I was roasted on an open fire the other day, suggesting a Dez trade. I am with you and several others on this forum. #1 WR is not a championship position of need, IMO. Teams already know how to isolate dez and basically take him out of the game, minus a few red zone balls, that result in td's. And given how little we run the ball in the red zone, those td's are welcomed.


    I am all for trading players for high value to build depth and bring in some new blood.
    Today's NFL requires lots of depth, but I don't mind spending money on these spots:
    DL, OL, Safety, CB, LB, QB - those are the money positions, IMO

    Look at the teams left in the playoffs and the WR spot.
    There isn't a Dez talent among them nor are they paying a WR, what he is going to demand.

    CAR - Steve Smith and olsen old and old- home field
    NE - who, who and who? - home field
    Den - the exception - loaded at WR and TE - home field
    SEA - Harvin and Tate - not that strong - home field

    Wild card teams
    SF - Crabtree, Boldin, Davis - $$$
    NO - Colston, Meachem, Moore, Stills, Sproles $$$$
    SD - Floyd, Alexander- hurt, Royal, Allen, Hawkins nothing special
    IND - Wayne-hurt, TY, Brazill, Bey - nothing special

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