A Note For The Redskins Fans Showing Up This Week

Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by Hostile, Sep 24, 2008.

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    Hos is right. Over at ES you will find very few fans that will be civil to you.
    I know because I have been there. Even if your not saying anything bad about their team or calling them names, the first thing half of them post to you is **** the cowboys and won't even respond to your original question.
    I went through it when I tried to post that I was sorry to hear about Sean Taylor. A few were receptive, but most were nasty.
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    Thank you Hostile! In regards to "why should we be able to call them foreskins or deadskins?", well it is a Dallas Cowboys forum, I call them by their name "Redskins" but if you decide to go to an opposing teams forum you would be pretty out to lunch to think you're not going to get grinded a bit. In the same breath, if an opposing fan enters a Dallas Cowboys forum, especially this sacred one, and insult the Dallas Cowboy name, fan, forum or organization then yes, they should be removed. You don't come to someone's house and tell them how ugly their couch set is.

    But when you come to someones house, although it isn't the classiest thing for them to insult you, you do have to obide by their house rules and do have the choice to leave. Most of us will not revert to mocking the Redskin name, although it does have its own racial debate, as long as we see an unbiased Redskin fan who just wants to discuss the break down of the match up and the probabilities logically. I for one have commended an opposing fan on a few occasions who was unbiased and welcomed them to this site as they added value in my opinion. This is coming from a fan in Toronto, Canada which goe's to show how deep and loyal the "CLASSY" Cowboy fan base runs.

    Not that I have as many posts as you good folks but I think Hostile laid the house rules down very realistically. You can't have Cowboy Fans being verbally abused by an opposing teams fan here. For an opposing fan to come here and think not 1 Cowboy fan, regardless of the opposing fan's actions, won't be pushed a tad when they are in our house, not very realistic. What's the forum to do? Kick out a Cowboys fan who comes here to talk about the Cowboys, never insults another Cowboy fan but because our bitter rival comes by and starts blabbing their biased opinion and gets a reality check, now this loyal Cowboy fan has to be removed? No way! House rules are house rules and I couldn't agree with them anymore if my 2 cents means anything around here.

    In regards to "how would we show them class?" Well 5 superbowl rings and a very passionate fan base that absolutely has the best forum to discuss our favourite team maturally and critically. There is no other forum for 1 particular team like this one that has a fan base that gets so in depth. We are already showing them the class, the standard and that's why they even come to this forum.
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    You may beat us, but sorry, I'm never bowing to the blue star. Never. The closest you'll get from me is that fact that I'm reluctantly admitting that your team looks very, very good, and us winning this weekend is a stretch. That's the best I can muster up.:D

    This is unfortunately true in many cases. We have a lot of newer posters (and some older ones) who immediately go on the attack. I think they're just automatically defensive because they believe fans of other teams have no reason to be on our (ES) board. I.E., you have CowboysZone, why don't you stay there, and so on. Personally, I don't mind a little discussion from opposing viewpoints, but many of them do not want it.

    The moderators at ES do a fine job of trying to keep people in check, but there are only so many of them, and there are a ton of registered users on that board, making the job difficult. I'm sorry you got treated badly, especially if you were coming to show respect to one of our players, but not all of us over there are that bad.
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    Now here is a perfect example of an opposing unbiased fan (at least where he'll admit we look good and isn't throwing garbage unfactual things out) who adds value to this board. I commend you my fellow football fan for being loyal to your team and please feel welcome. Your insight to the upcoming game would be greatly appreciated! :bow:
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    That was very Stylistic! :D

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