A pre Shrine Mock with only Shrine players

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by bodi, Jan 24, 2014.

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    1 Ra'Shede Hagemann, DT, 6-5 #310 Minnesota

    2 Dee Ford, OLB, 6-2, #250 Auburn

    3 Dakota Dozier, OG, 6-4 #295 Furman

    4 Lavelle Westbrooks, CB, 6 #195 Georgia Southern

    5 Wesley Johnson, OG/C/OT, 6-5 #295 Vanderbilt

    7 Kevin Norwood, WR, 6-2 #200 Alabama

    7 Jemea Thomas, FS/SS/CB, 5-10 Georgia Tech

    7 IK Enemkpali, DE, 6-1 #272 Louisiana Tech
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    nobody likes Norwood - I think he's the A Boldin

    Looking for a WR who has a natural ability to high point the ball in the air? Take a look at Alabama’s Kevin Norwood
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    I like Norwood okay, I'm not seeing Anquan Boldin though. Boldin is built like a RB and is a bull, especially in his younger days. I'd compare Norwoood's ceiling more to someone like Steve Johnson in Buffalo. WR's like Quincy Enunwa or Donte Moncrief play more like Boldin to me.

    Good mock though. It will be interesting to find out if Dee Ford is on our draft board at all. I'm sure he would be if we played a 3-4, but it's borderline whether he's big enough. Broaddus was saying he's more like a later round guy for us.
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    Great idea for a mock by the way. Hope you don't mind me jumping on…

    1 (16) DT-Ra'Shede Hageman, Minnesota (6-6/318)
    Tools of a top-5 DT. Betting Marinelli turns Hageman into a beast. Conversion from TE…I feel low motor people see is more so him still figuring out the position and not excelling at the hand fighting just yet. Likely replaces Hatcher but can play the 3T or 1T.

    2 (47) DE-Michael Sam, Missouri (6-1.5/260)
    Short but stout with low center of gravity. Long arms, especially for size. Excellent ability to whip around the corner or get under the OT and get leverage for inside rushes. Constantly chased QBs right to Ealy, who was still stuck on the LT at the line of scrimmage. Takes turns spelling Selvie and Ware early and moves into starting lineup by November. Potential replacement for Ware if 2014 looks like 2013.

    3 (78) G/T-Brandon Thomas, Clemson (6-3/314)
    Totally ignored him but very impressed. Looking at his cut-ups, super build for G but could also potentially take over at RT when Free hits FA in 2015. Huge hands, long arms and broad torso. Easy fit in ZBS with agility to hit second level or pull. CBS has him at 138, so this would be a huge reach, but I see a better player than Yankey or Richardson. Might ultimately move up to be late RD1 guy.

    4 (115) DT-Justin "Jelly" Ellis, Louisiana Tech (6-2/342)
    Never saw him play until he started getting press at all-star games but I'm a convert. People will look at his size and say he won't fit here. Watch him. He fits. He's a rare giant DT with a motor, quickness, agility and ability to pursue. Wouldn't surprise me to see him move up significantly, maybe into the 2nd. CBS Sports has him at 140 still.

    5 (150) FB-Jay Prosch, Auburn (6-0/256)
    Murray ran so much better with a FB. Give him a great one. Prosch is a monster blocker for both run and pass with good enough hands to provide a receiving outlet in the flat. No run option and yes, he wouldn't see the field that much in 2-TE sets. But he makes Murray better and sets a physical presence on offense.

    7 (219) CB/FS-Aaron Colvin, Oklahoma (5-11/185)
    This year's injury pot luck. Looks to have ( had? ) quick feet and backpedal, even twitchy enough for playing the slot. Really comes up quickly in run support and very good tackler. Makes me think he's a potential candidate for FS in 2015. Likely IR in 2014. Rehab the knee and add 10-15 lbs of muscle for FS move.

    7 (222) TE(QB)-Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech (6-5.5/250)
    Take a giant flier on converting a mediocre QB to a potential star TE. Was top TE recruit coming out of HS before switching to QB. Replaces Hanna unless we keep 4 TEs again.

    7 (230) QB-Stephen Morris, Miami (6-1.5/208)
    Takes over for Kyle Orton in 2015, then…who knows. Has some Romo-like pocket awareness and ability to extend plays by moving around. Similar size/arm. When he's on, he's impressive. Accurate deep and short, but middle is a concern. Seems to lean back sometimes, which causes passes to sail.

    ** I'm assuming we also sign up a capable, affordable DT in NFL FA prior to the draft. Someone like Arthur Jones. Or maybe take a shot on a 3-4 DE and hope for a Hatcher-like emergence moving inside at the 3-tech -- Ziggy Hood, Mike Neal (also played OLB), etc. Hatcher definitely leaves. Spencer leaves unless he's a super bargain.

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