A Premature Crack at the Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Shinywalrus, Feb 29, 2012.

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    1 – Trade Back to Detroit at #23 – It’s looking more and more like Detroit isn’t going to keep Tulloch, and that inside linebacker position looks like a big hole. Detroit knows that their guy doesn’t get past Philadelphia at 15 and gets on the phone to Jerry to add Kuechly. They ship us 2012 Pick 23, their 2012 #3 and 2012 #5, along with their 2013 #2.

    Round 1, Pick 23 – Cordy Glenn, G – Maybe I’m nostalgic, but the more I watch this guy, the more he feels like a Dallas Cowboy to me. This guy was a rock star at guard – I actually watched him more in SEC games before his senior year (when Georgia fielded solid teams) and thought he was terrific. I didn’t see his LT games until recently, and I can see why he’s fallen. He's not a good tackle. But as a guard? Could be a monster.

    Round 2 – Trade up to #6 (Jacksonville) – Stephon Gilmore, CB - Jerry usually thinks in terms of Rounds, and when he trades back, he usually uses that ammunition to trade back up in other rounds to get his guy. This time, he wants to get ahead of Carolina to get a good press corner to pair with Mike Jenkins for a consistent philosophy in the defensive backfield. He fits the Dallas mold, and with the depth getting him at the top of the 2nd seems reasonable. We give up our #4, and maybe a late 2013 pick

    Round 3 – Pick 19 – Trumaine Johnson, FS – I actually ended up seeing this kid a fair bit, although you never get to see enough of DBs to really get a feel (two relatives at Sam Houston, and I went to a I-AA school myself). He’s sudden out of the zone and accelerates quickly. But more than anything, I love his ball skills – lanky arms, huge hands, and a bit of past experience as a wideout. I think he makes a fantastic transition to safety.

    Round 3 – Trade back to Round 4 (Jerry hates not having a pick in all the rounds). Let’s say we drop back to Pick 5 in Round for in exchange for the #3 we got from Detroit and a 2013 #4.

    Round 4 – Pick 5 – Jake Bequette, DE – Looking at this guy, I think he’s got the frame to add some bulk to play 5-technique, would be a great option at nickel strong-side end and could potentially fit as a strong-side OLB in a pinch. Love the attitude, love the motor. Versatility means a lot in Rob's scheme. He feels like an RKG.

    Round 5 – Pick 17 – Jarius Wright, WR – I’ve been conservative with how high we’d have to go to get people so far, I think, so here’s a wish for the slot. And no, I don’t buy the Arkansas/Jerry thing everyone always blabs about.

    Round 5 – Pick 23 (from Det) – DeAngelo Peterson, TE – Could end up going in the 4th or so with tweener TE/WRs being all the rage, but seems like a guy who could grow tremendously behind Witten and Austin. That’s what we said about Bennett, of course…

    Round 6 – Pick 16 – Michael Smith, RB – Very underrated. I have no problem drafting a guy who played behind a 2nd rounder and was arguably just as productive in the same offense, but he’s getting short shrift. Again, don’t get it. He’s a fall-forward guy.

    Round 7 – Pick 15 – Patrick Witt, QB – I don’t buy the allegations, but I buy into intelligence at the QB position. My alma mater happened to play him, so another one I’ve gotten to see (and the only one here I’ve seen in person). He’s got a lot of things that need fixing, but a pretty decent set of tools. He’s a Dallas guy, and I would imagine we’ll bring him in for the local interviews. Talk will probably start to heat up around him at that time.
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    Nice effort. I like the explanations and with that trading involved it's probably more realistic than most of the mocks. Jerry didn't trade last year. You know that won't happen again. I hope it's down to acquire more picks.
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    No way Bequette last till round 4.
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    Gilmore is big and fast, but he is not a press corner. He is much better in zone.

    I was intrigued with him too, but the more I watched him the more convinced I was that he is more suited to a Tampa 2 scheme.
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    Not sure about him either. He flashes then goes back to pretty damn steady. Not a particularly good tackler which does not fit Ryan's scheme. He has the talent to play in this league for a long time. I'm not sure whether he's a press corner or not. I do think he can learn to play on an island though.
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    That would be a very good draft. I think if you just stay in the 3rd with Bequette it would be slightly more likely. The Detroit trade makes sense. They really need to keep Tulloch.
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    Can't endorse a draft with no dlineman or olb's until the fourth. I didn't mind the trade down and even the picking of Glenn in the 20's....however my next two picks would have addressed the front seven.
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    .....we simply HAVE to get younger and better up front on D

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