A Rant: I'm really disgusted

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cajuncocoa, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Please explain your thoughts here because that still does not fix the offense or the dreadful coaching. Everyone of the good teams, and I mean everyone of them has at least one lousy player somewhere in their starting lineup. Now show me where one of those teams, just one has a bad head coach! I say if we keep McCray and replaced Garrett with any one of the 10 top teams head coaches, we would have a better record.

    Our coaching stinks way more then our safety play!
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    I know the feeling ..... Go Texans !!!!
  3. PullMyFinger

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    Me too, its more funny to me than anything else.
  4. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    If we see a lot more of those stickers and t-shirts in D/FW, THAT will get JJ's attention!
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    Mike Singletary versus Harbaugh. That's the difference a good coach can make. NFC Championship with Alex freaking Smith as a QB.
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    ^ if Alex Smith can be a championship QB - so can Tony Romo in the right environment.
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    jerry jones has destroyed the spirit of the fanbase.
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    Years ago I quit getting emotional about the cowboys. If the win, fine; if they don't win, fine.

    I watch the games sometimes but I have become a follower of NFL football and it feels really good watching the games and having it make no difference to me who wins or loses, I kust like NFL football regardless of who wins. I no longer hate any other teams or fanbases.

    Thanks Jerry. No, I really mean it, for freeing me up from all the frustration and anger I used to experience. :eek::

    Needless to say, I don't attend games or buy merchandise anymore.

    Life is good if you let it be.

    I still post here occasionally because I enjoy reading the opinions of others.

    Life is good if you let it be and don't let the opinions of others upset you.

    Enjoy your life of wealth and influence Jerry, and to make it all better for yourself and others and for your own good you might consider looking into the benefits of joining the Hemlock Society; I'm sure they can help you make a positive contribution to society, too. They have brought relief from stress to others and could probably do wonders for you, too. :eek: :rolleyes: :D
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    He really has. :(
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    i felt a part of me dying this year as well.

    been devout since i was 8 years old in 1975.

    just like fisher said earlier....i've never felt this way before.

    i felt a part of me die when they imploded texas stadium.

    i know it was old, needed repair, no air conditioning, etc..

    but that place felt like a football stadium... not a shopping mall/ strip joint.

    and those precious memories...those precious memories i shall never forget.

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