A school in Port Washington, NY has banned sports and other recreational activities during recess du

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    A Long Island middle school has banned the following things, in no particular order: footballs, baseballs, games of tag , cartwheels, and, you know, basically any fun of any kind.

    The powers that be at Weber Middle School in Port Washington, NY, simply decided that too many students were getting hurt during recess, CBS New York reports. The answer? Just outlaw anything that could be remotely harmful. (To be fair, cartwheels and tag are still permitted as long as students are supervised by a coach, but all balls are straight-up banned.)

    Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/10/08...s-stop-playing-with-your-balls/#ixzz2hLtRMKLm
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    About 10 minutes from my house lol
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    I've mentioned it before on here a couple of times, but Barstool Sports always posts this kind of stuff. I won't link because there is some...rough...content, but they have a segment called wussification of America with all these stories. Its kind of depressing.
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    Getting rid of childhood obesity takes one hit after another. When I was in school (here we go again...) there were soda machines and a snack bar where you could buy just about anything that wasn't "good" for you, but there were hardly any fat kids. Recess was about playing hard. We would come back to class sweaty and sometimes with bloody noses or scrapped knees. It was fun to be a kid.

    I just don't get it nowadays. I can understand why the schools are doing this. Parents want to protect their precious children and they'll blame the school for their kid's injury. So the schools go to the extreme. Sad.
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    Those recess kickball games were the best until we played tackle football on Fridays. Even some teachers joined in on occasion. Ahh, the good ole days where kids could be kids :(
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    I used to think that Home Schooling was a really bad idea for kids. Now, I'm not so sure. It seems daily, you hear more and more about what is being banned or what kids are being suspended for or what kinds of things kids are being taught, many times against the wills of Parents.

    This is definitely not the Country I grew up in.
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    No one wants to get sued..
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    We used to have boxing "tournaments" on recess - and that too was in NY. Wussification.
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    I'm so glad I went to school in a day when a substitute PE teacher was synonymous with dodgeball.

    Not so glad I broke this one girls knows with a volleyball but up until that point it was a hell of a lot of fun. Lesson here, don't hold your gossip circle in the line of fire.
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    Lesson number two here.. try not to get hit in the head too many times with the dodgeballs.
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    People like to really sensationalize stories. They basically said that you can't do these things during recess, it doesn't mean they're doing away with school sports or gym class. They're just looking to lessen the likelihood that kids get hurt while unsupervised.

    I had recess up until 6th grade. There was no recess in middle school or high school.

    They took out vending machines and soda machines BECAUSE of childhood obesity. You seem to have gotten that a bit backwards.

    Anyways, the kids still have recess, they just can't play any dangerous games while they're unsupervised and not equipped to play. With the rising cost in health care, cuts in school funds, you really don't have the ability to properly supervise a bunch of kids who don't have the right equipment to play some sports, and then have them get hurt, and their parents want the school to cover the medical bills...
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    Wow, this is right in my backyard too

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    True, on the other hand, some people miss the obvious. We used to be able to do these things, even during recess. Some places don't allow Tag, really?

    These games aren't dangerous. They've been played for literally hundreds of years. If they were inherently dangerous, people would have banned them long before now. Kids fall down stairs and hurt themselves in schools as well. Are we going to take all the stairs down? Kids get bullied and hurt over the net much more then they ever do at recess. How about taking that away?

    Sorry, your argument falls short on me here. Way more things going on in public schools that are harmful then this.
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    Well that's the thing, they specifically pointed to a rash in injuries as the reason behind this.

    I remember when I was deployed and in a month we had like 6 people get injured playing sports in their off time, and that was the end of unorganized sport activities.

    Like in the Army we had a mission to do, and sports are fine and dandy, but if it starts to compromise the mission, it isn't acceptable. The same relates to schools. The schools are there to teach kids, and they really can't afford in this day and age to have kids getting hurt on their watch. You know, parents might be less inclined to want the school to pay for injuries if the cost of healthcare wasn't what it is. So you have to find a middle ground.

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    This isn't the Military. These are young kids and they need to be out playing, jumping, running etc. Kids get hurt. That's just part of being a kid. They also heal fast, that to is part of being a kid. The problem, IMO, is that these young children do not get enough exercise and as a result, we don't see healthy adults. We used to have 3 recess periods a school day when I was little. Now, I think that's cut to just the one. You no longer have organized sports in Grade School. Few places have organized sports in Mid School.

    The law needs to protect the schools so that every helo parent doesn't feel like they can sew at the drop of a hat. That's the real problem.
  16. Galian Beast

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    When you have someone else looking after your kids, they become responsible for them. That liability is always going to be there. And if a poor kid breaks his arm, who is going to pay for the hospital bills when their family doesn't have health insurance which is much more expensive today than it was 10-20-30 years ago.

    I had organized sports throughout grade school, middle school and high school. It's been a while, and I don't have kids, but I think that is still the case.

    It's not just about exercise it is about the kind of food kids are eating today. Everything is processed now, which wasn't the case back in the day. Exercise is important, and schools as I said still have PE class. But the reality is that a lot of these things get cut because schools can't afford them. And not to get too political, but often people complain about their taxes, which is exactly how these schools pay for things. You just can't have it both ways.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Really, I have 5 kids. I figured out the whole somebody else looking after them thing a long time ago. Recess is not the main issue with kids and other people looking after them. What is actually taught is more of an issue then recess. Kids know how to go out and play and have fun. They don't really need a lot of direction there.

    When a kids arm gets broken, it will be like it's always been. Kids don't get ignored in this country and besides, everybody is supposed to have healthcare so I don't see that as the big problem either, but I do agree, the healthcare, for some, is much more expensive then it was just 3 years ago but that's not the case for folks who don't have it.

    Taxes and recess are not the issue. It costs almost nothing to let kids go outside and play. That's not a valid argument IMO.

    Take a look at what is going on with this whole new diet regiment introduced into schools. See how much is being eaten and how much is going in the trash.
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    common sense is not allowed. It can get you sued.
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    +1 +1 +1. When I was a kid, getting bumps and bruises were a part of growing up. Now they're a prelude to legal action.
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    home schooling is still a bad idea

    schools do not want to be sued so they ban things, it is dumb but it is what it is

    my sister works in a local school district and what some parents expect for their special needs children is beyond belief, one asked for four full time SEAs to assist her child

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