A Teccie rumor from Forbes

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    Forbes story raises speculation about an AMD merger with ATI

    By Scott M. Fulton, III
    Published Wednesday 31st May 2006 17:06 GMT
    UPDATE 31 May 2006 3:30 pm ET

    New York (NY) - A report published online by Forbes.com (http://www.forbes.com/2006/05/31/amd-ati-technologies-0531markets10.html?partner=yahootix) late this morning cites an RBC Capital Market analyst's report as saying the conditions may be ripe for a merger between CPU manufacturer AMD and graphics card manufacturer ATI.
    The story quotes RBC analyst Apjit Walia as saying, "We believe ATI is a rare-buy in the semiconductor space right now given the near-term tie-up dynamics."

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