Featured A tough day in San Diego deserves perspective, not panic

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Sep 30, 2013.

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    At the risk of condescension, I detest browsing the forums the day after a loss because the know-nothings crawl out from under their rocks and lather the board with nonsensical gibberish. I get more insight from my wife, frankly, who'd rather be watching "The Voice". Valid points are harder to find than Heisenberg.

    So let's talk about what REALLY happened yesterday, not the sophomoric drivel of the misguided. Yes, I had the Cowboys winning yesterday, comfortably in fact, but there's a reason they play these games, and yesterday showed exactly why. I was wrong about the Chargers, as were many.

    1. Phillip Rivers was outstanding. That throw to Peter Dinklage early for the first score was incredible, perfectly dropped over the perfect coverage. Indefensible. The throw to Gates for the backbreaker, the multiple throws on key third downs, the decisions the whole day....the guy showed why he was once considered one of the best in the game. That's four good games in a row for him, and I'm impressed. Give the man his due. He was really good.

    2. Demarcus Ware wasn't outstanding. I take a beating for pointing out that Ware simply disappears far too often in big moments. Against backups, then backups of backups, he was non-existent, until late in the game when he jumped offsides on a key third down. Only time his number was called. Out of the four starting linemen, Ware was the worst, and the pass rush was nil because of it. I know he got a stinger or whatever. Hey, everybody got a boo-boo yesterday, so excuses don't fly. Typical of Ware, he was awesome against the Rams, but when you really need him in a tight game, you can't find him.

    3. Can we stop the nonsense about moving on from Miles Austin? He would have made a huge difference yesterday. This team looks entirely different when he is on the field, and it's critical that he can get healthy and be a part of this thing. Harris and Beasley are so far from being in Austin's league in the slot, it's not even worth the discussion.

    4. Dropsies killed this team. Dez has got to stop dropping the ball in key moments late in games. The TDs were incredible, but they go for naught when you drop a critical 3rd-down ball late. The Cowboys are 1-6 in games he catches multiple touchdowns, which is odd, but yesterday provides a glimpse of why. But this was hardly Dez' fault alone as Witten, Harris, and Williams each contributed ugly drops on third downs that turned the ball over. If I'm Romo, I'm lighting into guys on the flight home.

    5. Bruce Carter was taken out of the game by the coaches because he was getting torched. This was most concerning to me (other than the lack of a pass rush) because he and Lee were getting abused by tight ends all day. No doubt Peyton Manning will notice and he's licking his chops. Pass rush is part of that, but who's feeling confident about that today. Marinelli and Kiffen gotta get busy in the woodshed this morning.

    6. I'm getting really concerned about Mo Claiborne. Jerry's favorite draft pick, whom he gave a #2 to swap picks for, looks entirely lost. I'm talking Jacques Reeves lost. I don't see any of the ball skills we were told about. That Wonderlik score suddenly looms large. Mo shouldn't start no mo.

    7. I know he's a rookie, but really Williams? You needed two scores regardless, so why take that chance there? I swear, players today are just stupid; you didn't see numbskull plays like that 30 years ago. Trainers must have to tie these players shoes for them these days, because you see this brain-dead crap from players all over the league all the time.

    OK, OK, let's get off the ledge and talk about some good, which there was. This wasn't the complete disaster it's being made out to be. It's hard to win in the NFL, especially on the road, and especially when the other team plays well. The Chargers are 30 seconds from being 4-0, and perhaps we should all bare that in mind. Especially me. I was impressed with them, and I think they make the playoffs this year. Suddenly the AFC West is the best division that conference.

    1. Romo was good, the offensive line was pretty good, and overall, the offense still looked very promising. The stupid drops were all that got in Dallas' way because it looked like they could go up and down the field all day. The problem was, the mistakes were magnified because they couldn't get back on the field. The offense spent most of the second half just watching the Chargers march down the field.

    2. The defense wasn't lost so much as it was tired. It was hot on the field, and they just got gassed. Yes, they brought much of it on themselves, but the offense put them back on the field with short notice too much, and it got to them. That's football, and that's what ball possession does. This wasn't a huge step backward as much as just a lesson in good football from the Chargers. That is predicated, however, on the return of the pass rush. Marinelli has to re-discover it.

    3. In all the ugliness, the Cowboys were inside the five with 4 minutes to go and three time outs and a chance to make it a 30-28 game. This wasn't Denver-Philly or Giants-Chiefs. This was a winnable game until the dumb rookie mistake (which Miles wouldn't have made). Even with all that went horribly wrong, Dallas was right there in the end.

    4. Let's take some inventory. The Falcons are 1-3. The Texans look awful and are 2-2. The 49ers, Giants, Packers, Steelers, Redskins, Ravens, Bengals....all off to disappointing starts. Dallas is not alone.

    This was not a catastrophe. It was a tough loss, and with Denver looming on the horizon, it certainly dampens the optimism of a week ago. My 11-5 prediction is admittedly more comfortable in the 10-6 or 9-7 range now.

    But this team is still in first place, and will be next week no matter what happens. And it be just like this team, and this league for that matter, for the Cowboys to jump up and surprise us against the Broncos. Romo is undefeated against Peyton Manning, for the record. It'll be a white-knuckler come Sunday at the Death Star.

    Let's just tip our caps to San Diego, put our big-boy pants on, and march on. A very long way to go, and time to right the ship, especially in this division.
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    Rationalize as much as you want, but I've seen this movie before and I know the ending.
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    We had a chance to take a very early dominating lead in what is a terrible division, and once again we blew it. We sucked on both sides of the ball and we got out coached BADLY in the second half. This team is what it has been the last few years. A .500 team. Fortunately, every other team in the East sucks a little more than we do.
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    Your spot on!
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    Yea,, Cause we "wouldn't" want that, but, yet, here it is.
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    I agree with all your points, especially #2A. D-Ware is the epitome of what is wrong with this team. He is unpredictable and seems to play to the level of his competition. I hope he is playing against an All-Pro next week.
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    no kidding and one of his first points is that ware was invisible, yet doesn't even know he sustained an injury to his lower back.

    I mean if you are going to be long winded and point people out at least have a fact or two handy.

    this was the seattle game all over again, completely beaten up in all three phases. Harris even had a 4th qtr return where he just gave up and allowed himself tackled ala felix jones.
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    Rah rah, yeah Garrett...
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    Good post, but I disagree about Austin and about the offense. You can't win in the nfl scoring 14 points.
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    I guess the part that is the most disappointing to me yesterday was that the players we count on, didn't step up when needed. The NFL is very close in talent these days. Games usually come down to 3 or 4 plays and the team that makes them, wins generally. For last couple of years, its been the OL, the Defensive backfield, the coaches, the GM, etc. But yesterday it was our best players dropping the ball, literally. Rivers played out of his mind, got to give him some credit for that. But in the end, Dez dropped another pass in a key situation that hurt. Witten dropped what I think would have been the game changer. That's not coaching, scheme, the GM or anything else. That's just players not stepping it up. Until that changes, this team will be average, regardless of the GM, the Coach, or anything else.
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    How is it that with the weapons Dallas has, they can't win, but with what most would call lesser talent, Brady can be 4-0?

    Maybe Dallas doesn't have "weapons" but just has guys in uniform and maybe Brady doesn't have "lesser talent" but has coachable talent.
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    +1 for the Peter Dinklage crack. Other than unnecessarily baiting the unhappy masses at the outset, and missing the back injury to Ware (that point is well-taken, otherwise), I pretty much agree with all of this. Maybe not with the Miles point so much, where I think we miss what he brings, but that we can compensate with what we had. We just had too many drops on offense yesterday, the one critical turnover at the 1 yard line, and then got out ToP'd because we couldn't adjust to the SD passing offense. It sucked. Other weekends this year are going to suck, probably about as many as don't suck. I'm prepared for it, though I do have to admit that this one was worse than the loss to the Chiefs. We got more clearly out played by a team I don't think is as good as the Chiefs were.
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    Like that Game of Thrones Reference...... Well Done
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    I think a little panic could be in order. Phillip Rivers is not the only QB who can throw to the holes in our zone - I can think of another one who can do it as good or better, one who we have a date with next Sunday. We need to win this home game, so some adjustments have to be made this week on the defense, and we need to get Romo some vertical opportunities. Our receivers need to fight for the ball when the coverage is tight and just catch it. Denver has a better team than we do, so we are going to have to play pretty much mistake-free football to beat them. (Peyton Manning has an astonishing 16 TD passes and 0 INT in 4 games.)
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    I couldn't have said it any better myself. It's the same team year after year after year.

    I hate to beat a broken record but nothing will ever change with this team until Jerry gives up control.
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    Pfffft. That's debatable. We haven't played the skins or eagles yet.
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    Appreciate the analysis, erod. But one word of advice: Never attack others as know-nothings and then exhibit your lack of knowledge in a particular area. It's like posters who call others idiots but then say something that confirms they too are idiots. Your post would be stronger and less distracting without the criticism, attack or whatever one wants to call it.
    Again, just a word to the wise.
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    So what do you suggest us Cowboy fans do, oh great wise fortune teller. Should we just stop cheering, stop watching them, or even stop supporting them? Is their season already over with 12 games left to play? You know what happens next, right? Oh wise one, please fill me in, I seek all the answers that you hold.
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    Wow, you must be a political writer, the way you just spun that game. Let's take a stab at reality, shall we? The defense gave up 400+ yards passing, 100+ rushing, & was on the field 8 minutes longer than the offense. To it's credit, it DID score on a pick six, but when the opposing QB throws an astonishing 35/42 for 401 yards, you know you just got your *** kicked. They had little pressure up front, & the secondary, led by super corner Mo Claiborne, was a sieve. The offense only scored 14 points, & was consistently beaten in the trenches. There were only 3 sacks given up, but I counted at least 6 holding calls, with another half dozen or so that went unpunished. Romo held the ball way too long because his receivers couldn't get open most of the game. When they did get the ball, too many of them dropped catchable passes.

    Bottom line: This team is sorely lacking in the trenches. They had a perfect chance to bolster the offensive & defensive tackle positions in the 2nd & 3rd rounds in April, but chose backup receivers instead. This team will NEVER get to another Super Bowl as long as Jerry Jones controls talent acquisition-period.
  20. erod

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    Those five ugly drops kept Dallas' defense on the field WAY too much. The Chargers stopped nothing; Dallas just kept dropping third-down conversions again and again. Romo was on target and the running game was working, but the drops killed drives, and the defense just ran out of gas.
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