Featured A tough day in San Diego deserves perspective, not panic

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Sep 30, 2013.

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    How does a position like this get 20 "likes."

    No insight offered. No analysis. No Perspective.

    Only here on Cowboyszone.
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    People/fans think they can optimistic this team to victory. No matter how loyal you think you are, everyone that's still a fan after 18 years of disaster, not to mention the kids that's never seen winning, are TRUE fans. No matter how much we pull out the stats and the reasons, excuses, this team loses. Have we not learned after all these years? Brady had bums on the field yesterday, dropping passes, etc. Yet he finds a way to win. These excuses game after game is what Jerry does. I don't mind fans, although lame, making excuses, but when I see Jerry acting like fans, then I know the reason we're still in a rut. He's delusional along with a lot of us.
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    This team has been outcoached 42 games in a row.

    They don't show up ready to play, and then they don't make any adjustments. I still think JG can be a good coach, but he just isn't right now.

    You can go to X's and O's and schemes and whatever all day and night. What it comes down to is that this team can not consistently play with any energy or fire. You either have to have a Ray Lewis or a head coach who gets that out of his team, and we do not. Romo, Ware, Witten, Lee blah blah blah...its the same "professional" approach that is killing this team. Its boring, and they are boring to watch.

    The reason Dez and guys like JJ Wilcox are so fun to watch is that they actually have a passion for the game. They are fiery and emotional. There are maybe only a handful of guys on the team like that. Everyone else tries to win, but in the end, is ok if they don't.
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    Its just as insightful as simply pointing out all the wrong **** we did in the game lol
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    Thanks for being an island of reality in an ocean of diarrhea.
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    I questioned that decision, too, but it was Bailey with the wind, and it had plenty of leg.

    So what is wrong with the coaches of the 49ers, Falcons, Texans, Redskins, Giants, Packers, Bengals, Steelers, and Ravens?

    I guess John Fox and Pete Carroll are the only really good coaches in the league.
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    The sad thing is that without any of those three things we still know how the story will end, sort of like watching Freddy Kruger 33, we know he is going to kill everyone, die at the end and somehow they will make Freddy Kruger 34. Well Dallas will put up a lot of hype about the changes all through TC, OTA, and preseason, then the season will start and the lipstick will start wearing off of the pig and we'll see its still the same team with the same results. The story isn't changing just the players in game.
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    Here's some perspective the Cowboys are 2-2 for a 3rd straight season and for a 3rd straight year face a formidable opponent in game 5. In game 5 of the 2011 season they faced NE the eventual AFC champions that season and got beat. In game 5 of the 2012 season they faced Baltimore the eventual SB champions that season and got beat. In game 5 this season the Cowboys face Denver who may end up in the SB. Every season is like deja vu.
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    First off, there are no "adjustments". That's a tired cliche fans use, but as Babe Laugenberg and others say, there's nothing you can "adjust" when your offensive line doesn't block or your secondary can't cover. it's about execution, not adjustments.

    It's also not about "fire". Bill Walsh never said a mean word, but he had the talent to win anyway. These are pros, and if you get into them with high school rah-rah stuff, they'll just roll their eyes. They didn't get to this level if they didn't know how to play with high energy. It takes more than Hulk Hogan to lead men. And besides, the Cowboys play with a ton of passion and energy. They have since Garrett took over, but you can't win if your offensive and defensive lines aren't good enough.

    Dez and all his passion had two critical drops yesterday. He dropped a touchdown against KC. Did Jerry Rice show "passion"? Wes Welker? Barry Sanders? Throwing up an X when you score and getting in defenders faces means nothing; it's just fodder for the cameras. It's about being prepared and making plays, which Dez is getting better and better at.
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    if it really is just about the players, then why do we even have coaches?

    why does our staff always seem to be outmatched, why don't we outmatch others personnel wise,
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    Barry Sanders got stopped behind the line of scrimmage more than most other runners, the equivalent of a drop I would say.

    Sure most of the game is about execution but why does it seem our team cannot execute two weeks in a row? Is that not at least partially the coaches fault?
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    I agree with your post 150%. You and I agree about Ware, I have been saying the same thing about Ware for 4yrs now, I say we should trade him now while we can get a high pick or picks for him, Ratliff and Spencer.
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    Yes, but firstly, they will have to walk on up to the big house and inquire if young mister Jones is in, and make well sure that they don't contradict anything he is saying about individual players on his weekly wireless show.
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    What do you think we can get for Spencer? That would be great.
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    Fumbled on the one (that is 7 more) and had 3-4 pretty big drops while only punting 5 times. They had few opportunities given San Diego's offensive domination.
    Dallas seemed to move the ball fairly well, imo.
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    C'mon now, this is extremely way off base and is uncalled for [​IMG]

    At least get the comparison right! Freddy ended after nine shows, the real killer made it to 12 I believe, Jason :eek:
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    Good line. Risen Star beat him to the punch with it last week, though.
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    Bag of chips. Unopened.
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    at least you are consistent about being wrong.
    OP really showed how blind he is by missing the FACT that Ware got injured
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    Yeah, you think?

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