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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Junkie, Oct 30, 2006.

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    I myself am a die hard Boys fan but I have a friend that is a Panthers fan who was lucky enough to watch the game from a suite with some Panther personal and I thought I would share.

    The friend of mine is a builder in NC and was given tickets as he is a few times a year.
    I have no reason to believe anything he has told me is nothing less from a true account with no BS.

    He is not friends are even on every day speaking terms with these guys, just shared a suite with them and several others.

    he was introduced to them before the game a few years back and while watching the games they are friendly but thats it...

    I will not say the positons the gentlmen he shared the booth to insure he still keeps getting his tickets .
    I hope all can understand but I promised him that much...

    What he over heard abot Romo......
    Romo is very good ...
    guy 1:They really have somthing in that guy.

    Guy 2 :He gets rid of the ball so dang quick that if you blink the ball is gone.

    GUY 1: its amazing( gettting rid of the ball)

    GUy 1: Skins are in for a real treat next week

    GUY 2 : The NFL is in for it if the Oline gets it together a little ...

    GUY 1: said yeah Owens is wide open half the time but no time to find him..

    Guy 2: Yes but they finally found a QB that can find that big TE they were wasting....

    That was it abot the offense ..

    Now The Defense...

    He said on D they called the players only by their numbers ..

    Said that #94, 99 AND 98 are beating the heck out of there Oline and that the corners were blanketing Smith....

    The only other thing that stood out to him was that they were upset how early the Panther fans left and that at the end of the half that they said they were in for a dog fight in the second half.

    from my buddies account he told me that Romo looked much better than Delhomme and that the Dline was all over him and that Dallas Oline except Colombo got knocked back 2/3 yards every pass play and that Julius was the best back that he has seen in quite some time...

    Back To Julius he nothing in particular but he said that Panthers personal also really liked Julius but he said that Romo and What The defense did surprised them so they talked a little different and that julius was more matter of fact to them....

    To add one more thing that I missed earlier he told me that they were shocked what Colombo did with Peppers ...

    Thats about it and I cleaned it up a whole lot because what was really said is not PG ...
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    So are you implying that these quotes were from people high up in the Panther's organization?
  3. Cowboy Junkie

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    I am saying that he did not hear those quotes from the peanut vender, security ,Janitor or any other professions like that....
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    Those men did not say anythose to him just to each other but they were standing just a couple feet away and he said the men were very loud
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    Sounds like BS to me.

    1. Most unbelievable is the statement that JJ is the 'best they have seen' in a long time. JJ was pretty good last night but no way would you say he was great.
    2. I can't see how they would have been bragging about Ware and Canty. Ware was non-existent and Canty always is MIA.
  6. Cowboy Junkie

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    One more thing if I thought these were anymore than rumor I would not share I have never done that on this board in the past...

    I did not hear anything with my own ears but they friend that went is a very upstanding community citizen that I have never in 8 years known to be anymore than truthfull.
  7. Cowboy Junkie

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    The JJ statement was not what the Carolina people said just what my friend who is no more than a builder , thought..
    He said that The Carolina people thought Julius was good but they did not rave about him only raved about Romo , Canty ,Ellis ,ware.
    Just surpised with Columbo and that Smith couldnt get free...

    You do not have to believe this ..
    I get nothing out of this at all but to share..
    Myself I find it truthfull or I wouldnt have written it.
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    Right...sounds like general observations that anyone could make. No Earth shattering news or views here. It will not make us win the SB....

    Could be true...could be BS...take it for what's it's worth.
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    you gotta remember jj has been known to tear them up tho
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    Thanks for posting that info...sounds good to me.
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    thats great.:lmao:
  12. Cowboy Junkie

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    I watched the game on TV and I also seen nothing out of Ware and Canty but evidently they did.
    Unless my friend got their numbers mixed up because he knows next to nothing about todays Cowboys.
    He is a Panthers fan and only really gets to see them and whoever they are playing..

    He was adament that the numbers were correct ...

    He and I are going to have a lunch meeting again next week and I will see if he has more info on the Cowboys...

    He did give me more info on the Panthers and one thing that would probably be a little more inside info but I choose not to share Panthers info.
  13. ghosttown cowboy

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    Thanks for the insight.
  14. GimmeTheBall!

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    OK, man. Keep us posted.
    Hey, you know anybody high up in the all bidness? I would like to hear some conversations about price hikes or big-well strikes. JK, dude!
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    Thanks for the post. i for one think we got a good thing going for once in a decade. redskins here we come. oh yeah!!!!!!!
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    Thanks man,,, I love this kind of stuff,,, all the "expert" commentary we get from the talking hairdos is so much BS that I often wish we could hear what the real pros think.
  17. Cowboy Junkie

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    I know No one in the buissness...
    My freind is a builder and I work in real estate that is how I meant him,
    We work together as much as he lets me.

    He is in very high demand and it earns him the good seats at times .
    He is a season ticket holder and he gives me his tickets now and then but I wasnt lucky enough to get tickets from him this time , guess I was a week late for our lunch, lol, but even if I would have gotten them I would have been in his seats not in the suite.
  18. lurkercowboy

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    I believe it, it sounds just like what I saw. Except for the part about being knocked back on pass plays. The OL played well. They were a big reason the Cowboys had such a big advantage in time of possession.

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    I think all die hard Boys fans can see what happened and feel the excitement. I truly believe we can be the most complete team in the NFCE however the giants are still the class right now. We haven't reached our full potential yet.
  20. CrazyCowboy

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    Thanks for the insight....good stuff !

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