**Aaron Hernandez charged with murder/released by Pats** - Update post #247

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Now AH is being invested for a double homicide? This a little smear tactic might be in the works.
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    I heard Hernandez is being investigated for shooting Tupac.
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    Is it wrong that I laughed at this? [​IMG]
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    If you look up "loser" in the dictionary, this should be what you find.
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    Murphys Law must have been taking a break, because you are so right thats the ONLY THING HE DIDNT DO...SMH
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    lol damn dude, I spit out my beer.
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    C&LF might have something to say about that.
  8. Cowboys22

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    With all the new stuff coming out so quick, they either have a cooperating witness who knows everything or Lloyd was recording everything going on in that car with his phone and the police have that phone. The evidence shows Lloyd was texting so we know he had his phone. Can't you just picture him hitting record and holding the phone out of sight while AH and the other guys lay into him not knowing they are giving police a roadmap to their illegal activities. Just another stupid move to not take Lloyd's phone and get rid of it.
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  10. Denim Chicken

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    He should use the concussion syndrome defense.
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  11. Blackspider214

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    They definitely have a singing witness. No way they can piece together all of this that quickly. Especially being linked now to a double murder from last year. This victim knew about the murder it looks like and was probably blabbing about it to others. Hernandez panics and feels the need to kill him as quickly as he can. Hence why it was so sloppy. No thought was put into it at all. Especially leaving the body about a half mile from your home.
  12. Cowboys22

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    They could also have Lloyds phone if he was recording the conversation in that car and they were all talking about the other drive by they committed but I tend to agree someone with a lot of knowledge is talking to the police.
  13. dmq

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    Are the Cowboys still following the Pats model for success on Offense?
  14. 03EBZ06

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    Former Patriot Aaron Hernandez denied bail in murder case

    Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriot charged with murder, was denied bail Thursday during an appearance in Massachusetts Superior Court.

    Judge Renee Dupuis said she was not comfortable with releasing Hernandez to house arrest or with a wrist bracelet after listening to evidence presented from the assistant district attorney accusing Hernandez of sending a text message to two unidentified friends a day before the murder and asking them to hurry to Massachusetts from Connecticut.

    Jamie Sultan, one of Hernandez's lawyers, argued that his client is not a flight risk because he has deep ties to the community. His celebrity status, even if he wanted to flee, would make any attempt to do so virtually impossible, Sultan said. He noted that Hernandez has no criminal history and lives with his fiancée and their eight-month-old daughter.

    The judge noted that it is rare to see a person charged with first degree murder released on bail. Sultan called his client an "unusual defendant."

    "He shouldn't get special treatment because he's a celebrity," Sultan said. "The facts that support bail and his particular case happens to be unusual."

    Dupuis disagreed and said often murder defendants have ties to the community.

    "I think the commonwealth has presented a case that's circumstantial, to be sure, but very, very strong," Dupuis said.

    For the rest ---> http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/06/2...nies-bail-for-former-patriot-aaron-hernandez/
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  15. Seven

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    Finger on the trigger.................Hands down.
  16. Blackspider214

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    So if that is the case, was Lloyd already an informant of some kind for them? Because that would be the only reason he would be recording. And that would mean they were already trying to build a case against Hernandez, which I don't think is the case but who really knows. Also, if I'm an informant against a person, I don't think I'd be getting into a car with him at that time of night with others going who knows where.

    I just know this was one sloppy murder on his part all the way around. If his lawyer can get him off of this, then he's one of the best out there. Or the jury is that gullible. Kind of goes hand in hand, though. A good defense lawyer can manipulate a jury and a case.

    Him being denied bail is not good. I've seen murder cases where the defendant is granted bond, all be it a very high amount. Minimum of at least a million.
  17. Cowboys22

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    No, they say during the ride Lloyd started to get suspicious that he was in trouble and that's when he started texting his sister to make sure she knew who he was with. My point is that if he still had his phone, he could have brought up the video recorder or any app that records sound and just let it run while the conversation was going on. If he did that and they were talking about him blabbing about the drive by in 2012 and they left the phone at the scene, then the police have a clear picture of what happened and why.
  18. JohnsKey19

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    It's really amazing how Hernandez has seemingly been living this gangster's paradise really since HS and has managed to make it this far. You would think NFL security would've caught wind of some of his activities well before now....

    So while people were ridiculously hounding Dez for wearing sagging pants and supposedly acting like a thug, Hernandez was truly living the THUG life full of assaults, shootings and (insert gang activity here)...allegedly.
  19. Gemini Dolly

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    Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 9m
    Boston PD has located red SUV with RI plates it was looking for as identified in July 2012 homicide. Aaron Hernandez rented it.

    C'mon Man.
  20. TOYSTER17

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    This guy. Either incredibly stupid, or really didn't care and was truly living a "thug life." Probably a combination of both.

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