**Aaron Hernandez charged with murder/released by Pats** - Update post #247

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Way beyond Dumber and Dumberer. The only reason I can think of someone being this stupid is as someone says.....he panicked and was probably high enough to leave all the evidence to implicate him. And they have certainly cut a deal with at least one of the other two people to get all this tidied up so quickly. The gum and shell casings were way stupid. But to find a red vehicle rented by him from a 2012 alleged murder smacks of someone being flipped and ratting. People here know I follow the innocent until proven guilty motto but there's not a lot of wiggle room in this case. Better come up with I've been framed and the evidence was planted theme real quick. Add in it was the one armed man as well.
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    I think he was just hardup for street cred. So brainwashed with the idea of being some larger than life gangster that he traded the world to have a little "respect".

    One thing I thought was kind of funny is that his entire arm is tattoo'd. Everything except his elbows. Perfectly clean, I'd bet anything it's reserved for a nice spider web which from my gangland watching experience means that he's either done time or that he's killed someone......maybe a combination of both.

    Wouldn't shock me to see him have webs on his elbows in a few years.
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    As a football player, Hernandez had all that money and all the women he wanted. Now he ain't gonna touch another dollar bill or woman ever again. And he will have plenty of time to reflect on that in prison for the rest of his life. And his fiancee will be with sleeping with some other guy(s) spending whatever is left of his money.
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    The following article gives a description of the shooting the Assistant District Attorney William McCauley. The police are now looking for another man named Ernest Wallace. He is wanted for "accessory after the fact of the murder of Odin Lloyd." Also read AH's girlfriend helped the prosecution put the case together.

    The Article from ABC News

    Articles about girlfriend helping
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    I bet the extra 1 mil they refused to pay Welker is looking like a real small amount right now.
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  7. RastaRocket

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    I was also reading a Patriots forum, and they were laughing about how the last person to tackle Hernandez was Bernard Pollard haha. Patriot Killer!

    How ironic.
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  9. RastaRocket

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    For everybody who thinks the Patriots are a model organization in terms of good character over the Cowboys. They are equal in arrests since 2000.
  10. WV Cowboy

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    If you start at 2007 or so, the Steelers go way up the chart.

    But everyone thinks they are choir boys, .. like the Pats.
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    The Pats lost Wes Welker(1st with 118 receptions), Brandon Lloyd(2nd with 74 receptions), Aaron Hernandez(4th with 51 receptions) and Danny Woodhead(5th with 40 receptions). That is 70% of their team total from last season. And their 3rd leading receiver, Gronkowski(55 receptions) is coming off numerous surgeries. They better hope Danny Amendola comes through for them. Tom Brady probably regrets restructuring his contract. He should just announce his retirement just before training camp.
  12. RastaRocket

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    It should be interesting to see what Brady can do with limited weapons. Should open up some eyes on why a QB is not everything or makes everybody. We shall see.
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    BB basically gambled everything on having Gronk and Hernandez - with Amendola the primary WR. Going to be interesting to see how his 'genius' copes with it all
  14. jimmy40

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    Because he's never had limited weapons before?
  15. RastaRocket

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    I can't remember any Pats team as depleted as they are now from an offensive weapon standpoint. I guess Gronk can take you a long way but we'll see how healthy he is.
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    Tom Brady and the Patriots will be fine.

    It appears that Hernandez has committed a lot more violent acts with a gun that we will ever know. At some point he must have felt invincible, which I suspect eventually led to his downfall.
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    In all the videos and pictures I have seen so far, Aaron just seems so chill about it all. Its crazy. Sick mind. I think he might be addicted to killing.
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    It's simple. He's a true gang member who just happens to be a world class football player. Not a football player who happens to hang with the wrong crowd.
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    "It wasn't me, it was the no-armed man".


    Lame, I know. But I couldn't resist.
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    I used to think something similar but the more we've found out about the guy, the more we've discovered he really was leading a "gangsta's" life, and that he wasn't some sort of wanna-be. Guy killed 2 in a drive-by, killed someone else execution style to cover that up.... it don't get any more gangsta than that.
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