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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Signals, Mar 4, 2008.

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    Charles Gibson is about to do a piece about Favre hanging it up. It's 5:30PM central time now. Should be in a few minutes. For those who miss it, I'll recap it for you if there is anything worth while.
  2. Signals

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    Nothing to tell. ABC knows nothing.
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    ESPN and NFLnetwork have been doing different little things all day, pretty much talking about it.
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    Just got back (to Hawaii) from Vegas with my "Mr. Packer" buddy from Wisconsin. Big, BIG Favre guy. Once told me that when Farvereverve retires, he might just not really follow the Packers that much. Brought all his Packer shirts and sweaters and "lucky" Packer underwear to Vegas with him, and lost everything trying to play Stu Unger at the poker tables. I had to pay all the little taxi and parking and airport stuff just to get him home (I won about $1,800.00..............wow)
    Anyway, this guy thinks he's "Joe Poker", reads all the books, studies all the "masters", and still loses his butt off whenever we go to Vegas. He's a real big shot in our garage every Friday night, talks all this high-level poker crap, but never wins anything in a real game. So he loses EVERYTHING as of Monday night, and we wake up today to "FART RETIRES" all over the Casino big screens and news tickers. As if this guy didn't have enough to be bummed about, he's over there CRYING about it. Really!! Sobbing like a gal not picked for the prom at 6:30am in Vegas!! I guess that was the final "message from God" about this NASCAR weekend in Vegas. First, you SUCK at Poker dude. Second, if you're not going to support your team anymore because Favor retired, then you're not a Packer fan. You have a "man-love" thing going on with Brett Favreovrervere or something. I don't get it. Doesn't matter, bottom line is for "Mr. Favre/Packer..........................YOU LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!

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