About "The Little FurBall of HATE" cat avitar

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    Back in 2004, I was at Animal Control and could not believe what I saw in cage #13 (not making this up!)

    It was a pure white Turkish Angora - not a feral cat, but a major attitude.

    I'll always wonder how a purebred got there in the pound.

    Had to go home to get gloves to avoid donating blood putting her in the carrier. :eek:

    A lot of pets if they grew up as the only four-legged, don't get along put in a home with other pets...eventually I found a home where there was no competition.

    I had two names for her...being pale, athletic - pole-dancing up my radio antenna, gap in the front of her teeth ( :D ), overusing the F-word with other cats - I named her Mewdonna.

    Nearly as often, I called her "The Little FurBall of HATE" or simply Hate. That was because when I got her, Galloway and Company had a new guest - Jennifer Floyd Engel....I'll never forget the intro by Randy Galloway and then he greets her: "Hello Hate" :D

    The Little FurBall of HATE had this completely EVIL Halloween howl under her breath, so I'd ask what she thought about someone like Barry Bonds or Mark McGuire.

    It was before Anthony's time, but she hated my boss cat - Spencer :p:

    That's the story



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