About The Defense Allowing Late Scores, Are All TDs Created Equal?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gbrittain, Oct 26, 2005.

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    There has been plenty of lively debate about the defense and the last minute TD it allowed.

    There are those who say the D played a great game only allowing a TD and FG.

    Then there are those (me) who think the D played a good game, but gave it up in the end.

    My question is this, are all TDs created equal? I dont think so. That is just my opinion and I am curious as to what others think.

    I know many can not believe that some are a little disappointed in the D and I as well can not believe why others are ok with a last minute score.

    Here are my thoughts. From a purely macro level the Defense really played no part in the loss.

    Look at the stats and the 10 points they allowed and you have to say that an offense should have won the game.

    However, my perception is that in a close game allowing the opposing offense to score in waning moments not acceptable.

    For example: Is it the same thing when a defense allows the opposing offense to score a TD on the opening drive as opposed to the last drive in a close game?

    Kind of like interceptions. Is the interception that Bledsoe threw in the last seconds of the game the same as the first one he first threw in the game?

    It is somewhat like the legends of Joe Montana and John Elway. When the game was on the line they had a tendency to make a play when it had to be made.

    Anyway, for those who dont understand why someone like myself is somewhat upset with the Defense, I hope this explains my perception of reality.

    BTW Cortez and the O played a huge part in the loss. I am not giving them a free pass as some like to say.

    I knew one thing going into the game and it is not hindsight. Jose Cortez would cost us some games.

    I concede that the O sucked really bad.

    I knew going late into the game that the Dallas D would have to win the game. They were the hot hand.
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    I can see your point. I would have rather given up those 10 points in the first quarter, at least then we'd have 3 quarters to catch up.

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