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    No trades, pre combine draft.

    1. John Jenkins Georgia NT/DT 6'3" 358 lbs 5.45 (Projected 40) - Simply put, he's a man. Physically strong and imposing. He is the NT Dallas has needed to make their 34 run defense work since the departure of Furgeson. He could be a top 10 talent, depending on how he tests but I think he will slip. He's a NT and we need one, perhaps more then any other position on the team. If we don't take him, I suspect Pittsburgh will.

    2. Chase Thomas Stanford OLB/ILB 6'5" 248 lbs. 4.74 (Projected 40) - A lot of people are not going to like this pick. We have needs in a lot of different areas and the desire will be to go get an OL or a Safety or what have you. I personally think that if Thomas is on the board at this spot, and that's not a given, we have to take him. I expect Thomas to check in at around 255. Smart, instinctive, productive, plays strong against the run, can pass rush from ILB or OLB, can also cover in space. In my mind, it's going to be tough to keep Spencer so Thomas is the guy who can step in and replace him long term. Versatile enough to play in or out, allows you do to a lot of things from a scheme perspective. 226 Career Tckls, 145 Solo, 27.5 Sks, 9 FF, 2 INTs, 50 TFL, 4 year starter for Stanford. He allows us to sign Spencer or let him walk and helps our cap situation a great deal.

    3. Brian Winters Kent St. OT/OG 6'5" 317 lbs. 4.95 (Projected 40) - It is entirely possible that Winters may shoot up the boards once he has worked out at the Combine. He has played RT, LT and Guard but has been All MAC at LT since his Soph. year. However, I believe he will project to Guard. Smart, tough, physical and a none-stop work ethic. He is the kind of kid that could be a mainstay for your OL for 10 years. Very underrated kid. If he grades out well enough, he may be considered as a OT and may not make the 3rd rd. but there will be some physical limitations. He will have to get stronger, I believe he is really 6'4" and he has not played against top compatition so that may cause him to fall. If he's there, he's the guy I want.

    4. LeVeon Bell Mich St. RB 6'2" 244 lbs 4.62 (Projected 40) - It's all about the workout for Bell. If he runs faster, shows more quickness, then he will certainly go higher but if he performs as I expect him to, I think this is about the right area for him. He is a workhorse back who I believe can fit into our Scheme as either a TB or a FB. He catches the ball very well, he runs to daylight and he is strong and physical but also has some wiggle to him. Ultra productive, 3346 yards in 3 seasons, 5.0 YPC, 33 TDs, 78 Rec., 531 Rec. Yds., 6.8 YPR., 1 Rec TD. At worst, he's a good relieve back that can spot start if needed and play ST. At best, he's a starting RB/FB who can catch the ball and get you the tough yards.

    5. Rick Wagner Wisconsin OT 6'6" 318 lbs 5.25 (Projected 40) - Wagner is under the radar to some extent. He is the replacement to Carimi and as such, has not seen a lot of exposure. However, he has good strength and decent feet with a bit of an attitude, which you like. He came to Wisconsin as a TE but was converted and was the starting RT in 2010. This kid is interesting. He's raw and he needs work on his technique but he's intelligent and works hard. A former basketball player, he has good feet but has issues with balance. All of this can be corrected and if so, the upside on this player is off the charts. I don't think he's a LT but I do think he can be a nice RT.

    6. Duke Williams Nevada SS/FS 6'1" 200 lbs 4.46 (Projected 40) - I've watched Williams play many times, he has everything you could look for in a Pro Safety. He has the ability to play either Strong or Free, will work perfectly in our system. Excellent size and speed for the position. Very good quickness, good hips, good change of direction ability, he might even be able to play slot CB in the NFL. He needs coaching and at first, would probably be a ST player. He has attitude and that could get him in trouble but everything you want in a NFL Safety is there physically. 292 Carrier Tkls, 198 Solo, 14.5 TFL, 4 Carrier INTs, 5 FF. 3 Year Starter, All WAC 2 years. He likes to hit.


    Collin Klein Kansas St. QB 6'5" 226 lbs 4.77 (Projected 40) - Klein has had some ups and downs while at Kansas St. Excellent size, very good athletic ability, very strong arm but a unorthodox throwing motion. The ball still gets there very quickly but he will have to work on his mechanics. If he were more accurate, he would be a 1st or 2nd round pick but he needs work. Sounds a lot like another young QB that went undrafted. I like the tools Klein has but he's a bit of a project. He will not come in and be your starter or even your backup quickly but in 2 or 3 years, he might be either.

    Joe Kruger Utah DT/DE 6'7" 275 lbs 4.96 (Projected 40) - Krug's older brother Paul starts for the Ravens at DE. Krug has all the right measurements and has a good motor, plays tough but you don't know how much of that is because he plays beside Lotulelei. I suspect he will be a good player in his own right.

    Caraun Reid Princeton DT/DE 6'2" 305 lbs 4.79 (Projected 40) - Reid is raw but he has good natural ability, good quickness off the ball and he plays with leverage. I see him as a Glover type who could play NT or DE. He's a Princeton Grad so you know he's intelligent. Nice upside for development.
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    Welp I can see what kind of football you want to play. Probably you get tomatoes thrown at you over the Jenkins pick. I think he works out well at the combine creates a buzz and gets drafted around 18. I also think he has better career than Poe who the Cowboys were interested in last year. Not in love with your OL picks. My favorite pick might be Bell at 4. Seeing teams run the ball effectively this weekend made me want more of that. Would not be opposed to Thomas at 2. I think Krug gets drafted and I do like him.

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    Would like to have Star or Jessie Williams, but I think they will both be gone. I think we can't afford to miss at NT and because of the situation with Brent and Rat, we could be looking at needing two just to start the season. Would have rather gone another way but we are almost forced into a NT. Sucks but that's how it is.

    Watch Brian Winters. I think he might end up being a heck of a player.
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    Do you mean Kruger?

    Joe Kruger is at Utah as well and declared for the draft this year.

    Paul Kruger is in Baltimore and plays OLB.

    Those three are all brothers, so I assume that is who you are referring to.
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    Love the second rd pick Thomas he will be special. He is also the RKG.

    I do not know alot about Winters will have to put him on the radar, and Jenkins would not be my favorite choice in round 1 although that is because of the way Alabama whipped up on him with their guards and OT DJ Fluker.

    E. Ansah is more Raw but has the ability to be a special player for the first rd.

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    Sure do. Did I get them mixed up? If so, sorry bout that.
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    I really don't see it with Ansah like a lot of people do. Very underwhelming in my book.

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    I'll tell you, I've watched Ansah play a good 4 times this year and I just don't love him. Stands too much, gets walled off too much for me. Tell you who I do like though, I like Van Noy. That guy is active, he scrapes well, he runs to the ball and he tackles well. I really like that guy.

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    Fixed it junk and thank you for pointing that out.
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    I've been beating the drum for a NT for years, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't take Jenkins at 18. I think when it's all said and done, he'll be lucky to go late first. Just doesn't create enough TFL, and QB hurries to warrant going top 25. And the way Georgia got run on by Alabama (yes I know they ran on everybody), I just don't see him going early first.

    Thomas I could live with if Spencer walks, but I really don't want it to come to that.

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