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    This mock will be based on the picks we currently hold. Not that I think we should keep them all but you gotta go with what you have. Since you don't know who will be available, I will provide three options for each pick.

    I am adding info on each player after the fact. Was just too tired of looking at this after I posted it yesterday.

    2nd round, #51:

    Will Beaty OT UConn - 6'6 307 lbs. 4.92 40
    , His agility numbers are excellent. Needs to get stronger and learn better technique but the athleticisam is exceptional for a man his size. Terrific feet, slides well side to side. Pass blocking is as good as any LT in this draft. Not strong enough and needs to learn to use his hands better but a year or two in a Pro offseason training program and you've got a LT who could be an All Pro type player.

    Conner Barwin LB Cincinnati - 6'5 256 lbs. 4.50 40, This is a very interesting player. Barwin was a TE for the first 3 years at Cincy. He was moved to DE where he recorded 11 sacks, 16 TFL and 53 tackles in 14 games. He needs work in the run game. Not real strong at the point of attack and needs to work on his tackling but he's a football player. He sees and understands the game well. Great attitude, very coachable, great motor. Most project him as a OLB in a 34 and he would work well there. He can be a pass rush specialist but I see him a the bubble LB on the inside. He has good enough athleticisam to cover and he can rush the passer. He's a LB you can match up with the quick TEs in this league and because he played the position, he understands ocverages and has excellent hands for the postition. Down side is his defensive inexperience and technique but he's intelligent, willing and coachable. A real good kid. Will help immediatly on STs and as a situational pass rusher IMO.

    Kenny Britt WR Rutgers - 6'3 218 lbs. 4.40 40. To be honest, I would rather have Harvin but Britt has some skills. Great size, good strength, good route runner, good blocker, good after the catch and can jump. Has some character issues and needs to mature a bit. Doesn't play every snap as hard as he can. In his last two seasons, he's averaged 1302 yards, 75 catches, 7.5 TDs and has an AYPC of 17.8. Played in a Pro Style offense so that will help transition. Has the talent to develop into an All Pro WR.

    3rd round (from Cleveland), #69:

    Eric Wood C Louisville - 6'4 310 lbs. 5.05 40
    . Really like this kid. He's nasty and I think that's always a good trait in an OL. Very smart, very experienced. Needs to get stronger, sometimes has trouble with bigger NTs but he will fight. Very experienced, good technique, good footwork. Finishes well and can get to the next level. Does not have great lateral agility, just OK. Will never be a tackle but could also play guard. He's a football player and at the very least, will end up being an excellent backup but will probably be a starter with a few seasons in a Pro Camp.

    Ron Brace DT Boston College - 6'3 330 lbs. 5.27 40. This man is a monster. Not fast but surprisingly quick. Exceptionally strong at the point of attack. You will not move him off the ball. Not a sack artist but can collapse the pocket and allow others to get to the QB. He's been injured so that's a concern but he does play through injury. Very powerful man. Plays hard, practices hard. Short arms and will not run anybody down from behind. Did have 3 sacks last year but 11 TFL. He's probably a two down DT but as a rotational player on first and second, he's all you want against the run. Great attitude, good team mate. He's the physical NT you have to have in a 34 that allows LBs to flow.

    Lawrence Sidbury DE/LB Richmond - 6'3 266 lbs. 4.47 40. Sidbury might end up being a situational pass rusher in the NFL. He's not great against the run and will have to be developed in that area but he's so quick coming off the edge that as a 34 OLB, he could really cause problems. He recorded 11.5 Sacks, 20 TFL last year and he can chase plays down from the backside. Curry is considered the best athlete at LB in this draft. Sidbury's numbers are right there with Curry. This is a kid who would need to be coached up but he does know how to do the one thing that you love in the NFL. He knows how to rush the passer and he has amazing closing speed. Would immediatly improve team speed, would immediatly impact STs and could be a situational pass rusher in his 1st season.

    4th round (from Detroit),
    #101: Sherrod Martin CB/S Troy - 6'1 198 lbs. 4.38 40
    . Excellent speed and quickness. Great size, long arms, very smooth. Can cover sideline to sideline. Has superior coverage skills, good hands, good experience. This is a player that I believe can become an excellent FS. Not an impact kind of tackler but that might be because of shoulder injury. He has some bad habits because he's such a good athlete but coaching, together with his physical abilities would make a very strong FS in the NFL. I'm talking Ed Reed type good.

    Clinton McDonald DT/LB Memphis - 6'2 283 lbs. 4.76 40. This kid, IMO, is playing out of position. If you moved him to DE in a 34 or Strong ILB in a 34, I think he could be amazing. Exceptionally quick, excellent leverage, good athlete. Recorded 7 sacks, 7.5 TFL and 39 tackles on the season, in 11 games. All this with an ankle injury for most of the season. The injury will be key to where he's drafted but he a heck of a football player. Good leadership skills, good motor. Kinda reminds me of LaRoi Glover a little bit. Take a look at this clip and it will tell you why I like him so much.

    Jason Williams OLB Western Illinois - 6'1 241 lbs. 4.42 40. This is a guy who can run. Very quick, very fast. Actually played a couple games at Safety due to injury for WIU. A very interesting player. He certainly fits the OLB postion in a 34. Could possibly project inside as well. A bit shorter then you normally want at LB but has the physical ability to play in the NFL. 4 sacks this year, 67 tackles, 17 TFL, 6 PD and 6 FF. Numbers were actually better in his Jr. year. 8 sacks, 107 tackles, 20 TFL, 4 PD and 5 FF. Compatition is certainly a question for him but his physical skills are very impresive. Would immediatly help on STs.

    4th round, #117:

    Clinton McDonald DT/LB Memphis - See Above.

    Jason Williams OLB Western Illinois - See Above.

    Dave Burton S Notre Dame - 6'2 219 lbs. 4.32 40
    . FS that has the speed to play sideline to sideline. Plays the stretch very well. Not a punishing hitter and will miss tackles occasionally but over all, a dependable tackler if not a physical one. Good hands, plays center field very well. Good a locating ball in the air. Excellent STs player. Gunner for the Irish. Is a bit stiff in the hips so could never play CB but might turn out to be a solid FS. Played against top compation at a big time program. Agility is above average for the position.

    5th round, #156:

    Dorell Scott DT Clemson - 6'3 312 lbs. 4.84 40
    . Scott is a physical speciman. He has the frame to add 10 or 20 lbs. and could even add more then that if he gets on a good program. He's a bit soft which means that he can add significantly more muscle. This guy has quicks and can close. Real good pass rush techniques and has the ability to split the double team. He could fit nicely as either a NT or a DE in a 34. His Sr. season was down because he played with a sprained knee injury for most of the year. As a result, he may not be real high on a lot of teams draft boards but his Jr. and Soph. seasons were impressive enough to get him on the pre-season Outland Trophy Candidate list. If the Scott of the previous years is the player he really is, then I think you have something there. His physical skills are very impressive.

    Rhett Bomar QB Sam Houston St. - 6'2 225 lbs. 4.64 40. Bomar is an interesting talent. Issues at OU derailed what could have been a very nice college career. Bomar certainly has a lot of upside. Above average arm strength, very quick release, excellent mobility, throws a nice ball, good tight spiral, good touch, solid set up and release, throws on the run accuratly to either side and can move in the pocket or break the pocket to create. Very simular skills to Romo but a bit bigger and stronger. This is important because as a backup, you don't want to change your offense much to accomidate a new QB. Bomar has suffered because he has not received the coaching necessary to transform his game into a 1st round prospect. He locks onto receivers, he does not look off his receivers well, he doesn't go through progressions as well as he needs to. In short, he needs a good coach to work with him and he needs to go to a team that doesn't need him to start immediatly. If he is able to sit for a few years and work on his game, he could be a very good QB. He has had issues off the field and you hope that those are behind him but it's a risk. Very cocky, very confident player. Good leadership intangibles but he needs to grow up a bit and learn to become a Pro. Could be a very solid starter in time, maybe more or. At the least, with time and coaching, he would be a very good backup. He needs the time to develope.

    Mitch King DT/DE Iowa - 6'2 280 lbs. 4.74 40. Mitch King is like every defensive player produced by Iowa. He's got a motor that won't quit. Classic over achiever. Plays every snap, never quits, never gives up. In a 34, I see king as a DE. He's a bit short but he has excellent upper and lower body strength, excellent drive, moves well latterally, uses his hands well and has good quickness off the snap. You will not move him off the line of scrimmage easily. He makes players around him better. 4 year starter and can play hand down or up. Played LB in HS and was moved to DE in College. Very consistant player. He's very consistant, you know what you get with him. He's not an edge rusher and never will be. He's short and people are going to say he's too short but he will give you the same all out effort from start to finish and he won't hurt you with stupid penalties or missed tackles. Tough, hard working guy that every team needs. He will not be intimdated by NFL OLs. At worst, you have a solid STs guy.

    5th round (from Tennessee), #166:

    Rhett Bomar QB Sam Houston St. - See Above.

    Mitch King DT/DE Iowa - See Above.

    Lydon Murtha OT Nebraska - 6'7 306 lbs. 4.78 40
    . Murtha is a very interesting prospect. His combine numbers are amoung the best any player has produced in a decade. Agility is outstanding. Very quick of the snap, gets into pass blocking position very quickly. He's intelligent, he understands the game. He is rare in that he has the athletic ability to recover even if he's initially beaten. Very good latteral movement and balance. Quick feet and good hands. He has the frame to add weight easily. The down side is that he's not a great run blocker. Doesn't cut well, can be beaten by the inside rush and has trouble with strong bull rushers. He needs to get stronger and he needs to play with more consistancy. He takes plays off. Injuries are a concern here. I don't know if he has the desire to be an upper echelon LT in the NFL but his athletic ability is rare. He has all the tools to be as good as he wants to be. The question is, does he want to be an All Pro LT in the NFL?

    5th round (Compensatory), #172:

    Lydon Murtha OT Nebraska - See above.

    Cornelius Lewis OG/OT East Tennessee - 6'4 332 lbs. Lewis played both Tackle positions in College but I think he's a Guard in the NFL. I don't think he has the latteral quickness to be a Tackle in the NFL. Now, that's not to say that he doesn't have it to play Guard. In fact, he translates very well to either guard position. This kid is nasty. He plays with a real mean strick in him. He's the kind of player that you hate unless he's playing for you. He's the kind of player that's going to look for somebody down field and he'll bring it. Very good quickness off the line, very athletic, quick feet. Good initial punch off the snap, excellent strength natural strength and very good leverage. When he gets into an NFL off season program, gets stronger and learns to play with more technique, this kid could end up to be a very scary player. Has experience at three different positions. There are a lot of people real high on Duke Robinson of OU but take a look at how these two compare and I think you'll see that Lewis is probably the more gifted physically. Down side is that he doesn't have great technique, he doesn't use his hands as well as he should and he has character issues. He originally signed and playes at FSU but was dismissed. He's no choir boy so you know what your dealing with here. I would not consider taking this player any earlier then the fifth round but, if he matures a little bit, figures out that he needs to be a Pro and not a thug, this kid could really be something.

    Henry Melton LB/DE Texas - 6'4 269 lbs. 4.59 40. Melton is an exceptional athlete. When he first went to Texas, he was a RB and switched to DE. Last year was his first year starting at DE. His size/speed ratio is unbelievable. He could play DE or LB in a 34. Excellent explosion and quickness off the snap, good closing speed, very good quicks and excellent balance and strength. The downside is that he is very light on experience but his physical attributes suggest that if he could be coached up and developed, he bring a lot of very good attributes to the table. Excellent ST player for Texas and will immediatly improve team speed on ST.

    6th round (from Miami), #197:

    Cornelius Lewis OG/OT East Tennessee - See Above.

    Henry Melton LB/DE Texas - See Above.

    Chris Baker DT Hampton - 6'2 326 lbs. 4.85 40. Baker is a gifted athlete for his size. If not for Character issues, this kid would be a very high prospect in this draft. Baker started his college career at Penn St. where he showed early promise. However, after being dismissed from the team in 08, he transfered to Hampton to continue his career. Great size, great athletic ability. Quick and agile at NT. He is big enough and strong enough to dominate his man and he has the athletic ability to chase down plays. Uses hands well and can split a double team. Understands leverage and has a mean streak. He will not be intimidate by anybody. He can rush the passer and colapse the pocket but he is a bit of a risk. The down side is that he played against lessor compatition, his experience is lean, he has character issues. He doesn't play as hard as he should on every play, he needs to lose weight and gain muscle. Probably the reason he seems to tire on occasion. I would not risk taking this player any higher then here because he may not have the maturity to adapt to the NFL game. He's gotta grow up but if you can get him right, he's going to be a nasty NT or DT in the NFL. He needs to get on an off season program and get stronger but if he can get his head on straight, he could be a real good player in the NFL. Sky is the limit for him, if he comes around.

    6th round (Compensatory), #208:

    Henry Melton LB/DE Texas - See Above.

    Chris Baker DT Hampton - See Above.

    Kory Sheets RB/KR/WR Purdue - 5'11 208 lbs. 4.32 40. Sheets may go earlier in this draft but I don't know. I don't think he's a RB in the NFL. He has excellent speed and quickness, will always make the first guy miss in the open field and can also make you miss in the hole. Very good vision, good cut back ability and can change direction well and accelerate quickly. He can get the corner and has proven to be a surprisingly good goal line back. Career 5.0 AYPC and he rushed for 1131 yards last season. He's been remarkably productive as a scoring back with 48 rushing TDs and 5 receiving. He's caught 108 passes for 814 yards, 7.54 per catch. As small as he is, he's never missed a game due to injury. The down side is that he's not very strong, he doesn't break tackles, he's only been a starter for one year, he has maturity issues, he isn't a very strong blocker (doesn't pick up the blitz real well) and he's a product of a spread offense. To me, he's probably a WR in the NFL. He does catch the ball well and as a WR, he is a very strong, very fast physical speciman. He's also a kick return man on STs so he will contribute immediatly in that area. In college, he averaged over 20 yards per return. As a kick returner or Gunner on ST and a developmental WR, I think he might have a chance to help a team. He does have the kind of speed, quickness and ellusiveness that makes things happen in the open field.

    7th round (from Detroit), #210:

    Kory Sheets RB/KR/WR Purdue - See Above.

    Dominque Edison WR Stephen F. Austin - 6'2 204 lbs. 4.34 40. Good size, excellent speed, very good hands, runs good routes, quick in and out of breaks, catches the ball at it's high point and adjusts to the ball well. He's a good run blocker as well. The down on this player is that he's not very thick in his lower body. He has wasted steps off the line that he will need to work on. He played at a lower level of compation and he doesn't return kicks. He will have to find a spot on STs to contribute if he wants to make the team. Production in his Sr. year was rediculous with 67 catches, 1016 yards, 18 TDs and a 15.2 YPC average. The question is, can he do that in the NFL? Athletically, he's got the potential to do it and he does work at his craft. He'll have to get tougher, he needs to get stronger and work with pro coaches but if he can contribute in other ways, he could develope into a pretty good prospect.

    Domonique Johnson CB/S - Jackson St. 6'2 198 lbs. 4.42 40. Perfect Triangle Numbers for CB. Great size, long arms, excellent speed. Smooth backpeddle and opens hips very well. Quick transition allows him to run with WRs. Good bump and run CB, good hands, willing tackler. Physically, he's all you look for at CB. However, his position in the NFL might be Safety. Johnson started at Missouri and actully started six games for them in 05 before transfering. He is willing to tackle but he has poor form. He needs to be coached up if he's going to play safety. He ducks his head too much and that sometimes causes him to miss tackles. Needs to wrap up better. Needs to get way stronger in his upper body. Level of compatition is a concern. I think that a couple seasons in a Pro offseason program will help tremendously. However, the physical attributes this player has, you can't teach.

    7th round, #227:

    Dominque Edison WR Stephen F. Austin - See Above.

    Domonique Johnson CB/S Jackson St. - See Above.

    Marko Mitchell WR Nevada - 6'4 218 lbs. 4.36 40. Good height, long arms, good speed. Catches well over either shoulder, soft hands, plucks ball rather then allowing to get into the body. Good awareness, will work back to QB under pressuer, does a good job of keeping feet inbounds on sideline. Goes up for the ball well and is a willing blocker in the run game. Two straight thousand yard seasons, 22 TDS in last two years, 18.1 career AYPC. Needs to get much stronger. Needs to improve his route running, not quick off the line. Too many wasted steps, needs to improve his release off the line. At this point, he's raw. He needs to find a way to contribute on special teams and he needs to work on his game but the tools are there to develope into a good NFL WR.

    FA Considerations:

    Truhon Underwood WR Rutgers - 6'1 184 lbs. 4.25 40. Good height, good speed, dependable hands. Has the speed to get down field but has issues getting off the line. He's probably best suited to the slot. Not sudden speed but good speed, especially if he's in motion. Kick Ruturner and Gunner. Was over shadowed by Britt this year but had over a thousand yards his Jr. year and 7 TDs.

    Glover Quin CB/S UNM - 5'11 204 lbs. 4.38 40. I've watched this player myself. Strong body, good athlete. high football IQ. Sees screens, play action, reverses very well. He's a good physical player. Teams will down grade him on his quickness and burst but I know that Glover had surgery on his on his growing in 07 and a knee injury in 08. This effected his quickness. As he gets better, his quickness will improve. Played hurt most of the year. Great hands, very physical player. Team leader. I think he may be better suited to safety then CB. Good special teams player, good kid all around. Will do whatever you ask him to just to be on the field. Hard worker. The other CB for UNM was also pretty good. DeAndre Wright. Together, they ranked 2nd in pass defense in the country.

    Lee Robinson ILB/OLB Alcorn St. - 6'2 249 lbs. 4.64 40. 111 tackles in 12 games. 10.5 TFL. 3.5 Sacks, 3 Ints his Sr. year. His Jr. year, 82 tackles in 9 games. 18 TFL, 4 sacks. His Soph year, 79 tackles in 11 games. 15 TFL, 9 sacks. As a Frosh, 62 tackles in 11 games. 8 TFL, 4 sacks. 43 games played, 334 tackles, 51.5 TFL, 20.5 Sacks and 3 INTs. All this guy does is produce. No quit, at all in this player. None stop motor with all day work ethic. This is the kind of player a coach loves to coach. Good special teams player as well. He could fit as the strong ILB in a 34 or the strong OLB in a 34. This is a down hill, attacking LB with good closing speed. He's a little stiff and probably needs to get stronger, as well as work on his technique but he's a guy that will make somebodies team and contribute, at the very least, on special teams. Didn't play against top comp but he's a high character guy with a lot of upside.

    Quan Cosby WR Texas - 5'9 196 lbs. 4.42 40. Does not have world class speed but has excellent quickness. Does not have the height you look for but is a very strong WR. Excellent hands, looks the ball in and does not fumble. Very good route runner with outstanding body control. Will lay out for the ball and make the catch. Excellent vertical leap for his size at 34.5. Catches the ball at it's highest point, does not let the ball get into his body and will catch the ball outside of his frame. Not affraid to work the middle of the field. Will probably be a slot WR in the NFL. Very good timing as well. Willing blocker and has the skills to be a PR or KR. Has the ability to take it to the house as either. He will make a team on STs alone IMO. Some say he's too old but I think his maturity might be his best asset. A father and a husband which says a lot about the young man.

    Roy Miller DT Texas - 6'1 310 lbs. 4.88 40. Roy Miller is made to be a NT. Short, stout build with excellent strength. Good motor, good short area quickness. Can penatrate and collapse the pocket but is not the kind of player that will run down ball carriers from behind. He will take on the double team and stack the middle. He will protect your LBs and make plays in his area of responsability. Good hands, high effort player. He will never be a pass rusher but he will also never complain about playing NT. Good character guy who will probably turn out to be a good rotational NT for a 34 team. Can also contribute on special teams.
  2. DaBoys4Life

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    I put the ppl that I wouldn't mind us drafting in bold from the selections at their position. COupleo f good options you got up there. If Barwin falls to 51 and we don't draft him......
  3. BigBoy63

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    I agree with the DaBoys4Life, but i would like Cosby and Miller as free agency pickups.
  4. jterrell

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    2nd round, #51: Will Beaty OT UConn - Conner Barwin LB Cincinnati - Kenny Britt WR Rutgers

    3rd round (from Cleveland), #69: Eric Wood C Louisville - Ron Brace DT Boston College - Lawrence Sidbury DE/LB Richmond.

    4th round (from Detroit), #101: Sherrod Martin CB/S Troy - Clinton McDonald DT/LB Memphis - Jason Williams OLB Western Illinois

    4th round, #117: Clinton McDonald DT/LB Memphis - Jason Williams Inside LB Western Illinois - Dave Burton S Notre Dame

    5th round, #156: Dorell Scott DT Clemson - Rhett Bomar QB Sam Houston St. - Mitch King DT/DE Iowa

    5th round (from Tennessee), #166: Rhett Bomar QB Sam Houston St. - Mitch King DT/DE Iowa - Lydon Murtha OT Nebraska

    5th round (Compensatory), #172: Lydon Murtha OT Nebraska - Cornelius Lewis OG/OT East Tennessee - Henry Melton LB/DE Texas

    6th round (from Miami), #197: Cornelius Lewis OG/OT East Tennessee - Henry Melton LB/DE Texas - Chris Baker DT Hampton

    6th round (Compensatory), #208: Henry Melton LB/DE Texas - Chris Baker DT Hampton - Kory Sheets RB/KR/WR Purdue

    7th round (from Detroit), #210: Kory Sheets RB/KR/WR Purdue - Dominque Edison WR Stephen F. Austin - Domonique Johnson CB/S - Jackson St.

    7th round, #227: Dominque Edison WR Stephen F. Austin - Domonique Johnson CB/S Jackson St. - Marko Mitchell WR Nevada
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    I'm not going to comment on all of it but just one particular player in case anyone has eyes on him. Lydon Murtha would be the biggest waste of space you could possibly imagine for anyone who drafts him. Complete wuss who is more worried about his abs and looking good than playing football.

    A few years ago Nebraska coaches asked him to pack on weight and he refused. His reason was that he did not want to lose his 6-pack. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about that kid.

    Physical freak, but not a football player whatsoever. Especially limited since the only position he can play is RT.
  6. DFWJC

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    I'd be very happy with any of these three if they drop to #51. My guess is that none of them do.

    Britt will someday be a stud, but he'll be gone late in Rd1. Maybe Beatty too. I do think Barwin is more of project than most on this board...still like him though. Still, he's gone late rd1 or early rd 2.
  7. Oh_Canada

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    Solid mock....if Wood could slide over to guard would be even better.
  8. Bob Sacamano

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    yes please
  9. jterrell

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    Murtha wouldn't be on my board because we like bigger OL. That's why I stopped bolding picks and left it alone. I didn't like some of the fits their late.

    Murtha is probably a more move oriented, cut-blocking OL.
  10. BigWillie

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    Murtha isn't a OL, period. No motivation or will from him whatsoever.

    He would be better suited to be a 3-4 end if anything. Maybe make his dream come true, lose 35lbs and be a TE. I think some teams are even looking at him for that possibility.

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