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    This Mock is with lots of trades that will never happen.

    Having said that, here we go.

    Cowboys trade OLB Bobby Carpenter to the New Orleans Saints in exchange for WR Devery Henderson and the Saints 2008 3rd Rd Pick # 78 overall.

    Why the Saints Trade: Saints have starters Colston and Patten already. They have Copper off the bench and drafted Meachem last year. Meachem will have to get reps if he is going to develop and room has to be made somewhere. They are very weak at LB and will probably have to draft at least two this year if a move is not made. Carpenter doesn't fit in the 34 but he is still a very talented player and needs to move to a 43 team. If they can make this move, they could very well land a LB that will be a corner stone player for years to come.

    Why the Boys Trade: Carpenter was a former 1st round pick that has not cracked the lineup in Dallas. If he stays, he is probably never going to be anything more then a backup. He will never beat out Ware or Ellis/Spencer for the OLB spot and he doesn't fit the ILB spot in a 34. He needs to play in a 43 and Dallas needs to move him if they are going to get any value from him. The Cowboys need a deep threat WR and Henderson fits that bill as one of the fastest WRs in the NFL. With TO as the #1, Crayton or Glenn (if he manages to return to form) in the slot and Henderson as the deep threat, the Cowboys aquire what this offense has been lacking. A guy who's speed will keep any defense honest.

    Cowboys trade there 1st round pick, #28 over all and there 2009 3rd round pick to the Atlanta Falcons, in exchange for the Falcons 2nd round pick #37 over all, there 3rd round pick # 66 over all and the rights to Michael Vick.

    Why the Falcons Trade: Falcons needs are QB/OT/DT. The problem is that the value at the top of the draft is OT or DT and not QB. Ryan is a good prospect but he's not with the 3rd overall pick. The Fins will take either Gholston or Jake Long with the 1st pick. The Rams will take either Gholston or Long, if he's there. That leaves Atlanta with the option to take Glenn Dorsey, arguably the highest rated player in this draft and a value at #3 over all, while still allowing them to get there QB Brohm/Flacco/Henne moving just ahead of Miami, who also needs a QB. With there 34th pick, they are still able to be in excellent position to take whichever OTs fall to them. The value of this trade may seem somewhat slanted but for the Falcons, it allows them to get Quality players vital positions addressed, especially QB and also help them with Cap. Vick is a problem and this allows them to get out from under it.

    Why the Boys Trade: Strength of the draft, for the Cowboys positions of need are in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. This allows them to get out of a pick they really don't want and aquire more picks in the draft. Also gives them a player in Vick who can be used to address there Backup QB positon, us as an electric Special Teams player or perhaps trade for value down the road.

    Cowboys trade 3rd round pick #92 overall to Kansas City Chiefs for there 5th round pick #140 overall and there 2009 3rd round draft choice.

    Why the Chief trade: KC is in need of a RB and they have Steve Slaton in mind. Slaton is a Herm Edwards kind of player. He also fits a need for KC. The Chiefs are looking for a back to replace the production they had with Priest Holmes. Like Slaton, Holmes was considered too small to play in the NFL when he came out of Texas. Like Holmes, Slaton is a willing inside runner with excellent agility. A threat to go all the way at all times. He is a change up back that does not need a great deal of carries. This will work nicely with Larry Johnson. Slaton catches the ball very well. He can be moved out to the slot or run routes from the backfield. He's also great on the Blitz pickup and is a very experience cold weather back. Chiefs feel they have to move up before he's gone.

    Why the Boys trade: Dallas trades down because they have aquired serveral picks and do not need all of them this year. Cowboys take the opportunity to get the 2009 third round pick they traded away earlier and aquire a high 5th round pick they will eventually use to trade for PacMan Jones with.

    1st rd #22 - Jarod Mayo Jr Tennesse ILB 6-2 242 lbs 4.52 Forty - Pat Willis was the stand out ILB prospect of the 2007 Draft. He went at 11 to San Fran and this guy compares very favorably. He is the cover/pressure/down hill tackling 4 down ILB we've been looking for. Extremely intelligent player Ultra productive from the SEC. Can play ILB or OLB. Played both at Tennessee but what is truely remarkable is that he picked up both positions very quickly. Very smart player. This is a football player who also happens to be a fantastic athlete. He's not an athlete trying to play football.

    2nd rd #37 - Johnathan Stewart Jr. RB 5-10 235 lbs. 4.46 Forty - Stewart would likely not have been on the board had he not elected to make his injury public. Instead, he elected to have surgery now, so that he would be ready to go for the upcoming season. That, to me, says a lot about this player. He's cost himself some money but he is doing what he needs to to get on the field. He has the best agility numbers of any of the backs available and he's done this with an injury. He has the quickness and elusiveness to make people miss in the open field and he has the speed to beat you to the corner. He is a big back but he is not a power back. He has the strength and explosion to run inside but he's not a goal line back. This is why he is such a good match for MBIII. He catches the ball exceptionally well out of the backfield and is a threat to score in the passing game. He has the talent to be a franchise back.

    2nd rd #61 - Aqib Talib Jr. Kansas CB 6-1 202 lbs. 4.44 Forty - Talib has very good size and speed to match up with bigger WRs. Good strong hands, will pluck the ball out of the air in jump ball situations. Good agility and excellent leaping ability. Talib gambles a bit too much and will have to learn to be more disciplined in the NFL but he has time to work on his game. Good strong hitter in the running game. He has the skills to develop into a very good CB in the NFL. However, he may be a better fit for Safety. Many believe that he will slip into the 3rd because of his recent issues with Weed but I don't think he will. I believe that as CBs start coming off the board, his stock rises. Better to take him in the second then chance losing out in the 3rd.

    3rd rd #66 - Marcus Monk Sr. Arkansas WR 6-4 222 lbs. 4.54 Forty - Monk is a huge Wr. Very strong, very physical. I watch him and I see Mike Irvin all over again. If he would have come out as a Jr. he would have been a 1st rd pick. A knee injury has hurt his stock. However, the guy has great hands and tremendous desire. At his pro day, he ran a 4.41, which is plenty fast considering his size and skill. The is probably the best suited WR to come in and play of all the WRs. Lots of experience and a great team guy. He will not show up in the papers. He will work hard all day. Valedictorian of his HS class. This is a very smart player. He has the kind of character that you can build around. The only issue with him is injury history but in Dallas, he has time to develop and get right physically. Many will have him rated lower but I would take him here and feel like I got a steal.

    3rd rd #78 - Dre Moore Sr. Maryland NT 6-4 305 lbs. 4.84 Forty - Dre Moore has the most talent of any DT in this draft. In fact, he has as much talent as just about any DT I've seen in years. His measurables are off the charts. He's quick, fast, strong. He can defeat double teams, when he is on, he can not be blocked one on one and he is coming off a knee injury. The question is, why is he not dominating all of the time? I hope that it is because he does not understand all the time. It may be a question of coaching, I don't know. I do know that the Cowboys have the time for a player like Dre to mature and learn the game. If he becomes a player that plays every snap, he can be an All Pro. A player that has HOF potential. If he doesn't, then he can still be useful to us in rotation. There is enough talent here to use this pick on him IMO.

    4th rd #126 - Carl Nicks Sr. Nebraska OT 6-5 341 lbs 5.22 Forty - Nicks has issues, which is why he will be available in the later rounds. However, Nicks is an exceptionally powerful, quick OL. His talent is exrtodinary. He needs work but he has that mean streak you look for. Very, very strong in the run game. A dominating run blocker who fits well into our scheme. However, he has surprisingly light feet for pass blocking. He could be a LT, he's that talented. In fact, he can play any of the OL positions and be a Pro Bowl player if he chooses to work at it. At 341 lbs, Nicks is probably too big. If he loses some weight, he could easily play at 330 and gain even more speed. The sky is truely the limit with this kid.

    5th rd #140 (Traded to Titans for Rights to PacMan Jones)

    5th rd #163 Will Franklin Sr. Missouri WR 6-1 214 lbs. 4.37 Forty - Franklin has the kind of speed that you can not teach. Also has that burst you look for to get seperation on DBs. The thing I really like about him is that he is extremely qiuck coming off the ball. His first 10 times at 1.43. His 20 time is 2.50. DeShawn Jackson, considered the quickest of the WRs only times at 1.53 and 2.52. He needs to work on his pass catching. Learn to catch more with his hands and play more physically but again, he has time to develop. Good value pick.

    6th rd #167 Tyvon Branch Sr. UConn CB 6-0 204 lbs. 4.31 Forty - McKelvin is probably the top rated CB in this draft. Branch's numbers are better in pretty much every area. Branch is a 3 yr starter. Good strong tackler, excellent speed and quickness. Terrific size to go with strong leadership skills. Smart football player but stiff hips. May end up being a Safety in the NFL. Also a heck of a kick returner with 780 yards, 2 TD returns for an average of 28.89 Yards per return. Branch may not be around for this pick. It is the first pick of the 6th round. However, I know that the Cowboys are watching him. Dave Campo of the Cowboys personally came down to work him out. If he's there, I think he's a Cowboy.

    7th rd #235 Derek Lokey Sr. Texas DT 6-2 288 lbs. 5.18 Forty - Lokey would probably play DE for us. He could probably play snaps in rotation at NT as well. He is extremely stout against the run. Uses leverage very well. Has burst and shows a good motor. Lokey is being overlooked, for the most part, in this draft. However, if you compare his agility numbers to Dorsey, there size and agility results are very simular. I think Lokey could be a guy who would provide good depth at both NT and DE.

    UFA Jalene Parmele Sr. Toledo RB 6-0 224 lbs. 4.47 Forty - Parmele is an interesting player. Rushed for 1511 Yds and 14 TDs in 2007and 1131 Yds, 8TDs in 2006. Averaged 5.46 yards per carry over the last two seasons. Not top compation but, he had games 93 yds, 1 TD vs Purdue, 88 yds vs #7 Kansas, 74 yds 1 TD vs Iowa St this season. 2 Big10 teams and 1 very good Big12 team, he average 4.55 yards per carry. He also had 33 catches for 285 yards over the last two years. He's also a pretty good punt returner. This year, he returned 20 kicks for 560 yards, an average of 28 yards per return. Basically, this player has accounted for 2228 total yards in 2007

    UFA Jan Jorgensen Sr. BYU LB 6-3 256 lbs. 4.58 Forty - Projects to OLB in a 34. 13.5 sacks in 2007, 20 tackles for loses, two time All Academic MWC player, First team All MWC player 2007. He fits the 34 extremely well and will be an excellent ST player. I've watched this guy play myself. He is the real deal IMO. He can play in the NFL.

    So, that's it. In a perfect world were Hot Chocolate runs from every spiket, Hot Pastromi and Provalone Sandwiches fall from the sky and your lawn takes about five minutes a year to take care of, and always looks better then any other in the world, bar none, this is how I would like to see our draft fall.

    Swing away.
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    If I could stop laughing for 5 minutes I might be able to comment, we will NOT BE DRAFTING an I.L.B. in the ENTIRE DRAFT and you have us taking one in round 1??? LOL
    Now THAT almost made me p1ss my pants until I saw Aqib Talib at pick #61, :laugh2: then the milk came out of my nose and I stopped reading this waste of my time post, although skimming it I found Will Franklin in round 5 was just as funny as the other 2. LOL :laugh1:
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    You lost me right there.
  4. SDogo

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    That's where my hold up was as well.
  5. Hostile

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    Me too. I literally cringed.
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    :D Take the Vick part out of it and you have a great draft day scenario .
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    His whole mock was a complete JOKE and I think he owes me the 5 minutes of my life I will never get back!

    Hey, why don't we trqade up with Carolina and have them throw in the rights to Rae Carruth while we're at this FANTASY MOCK JOKE???????
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    Good Lord people.

    "In a Perfect World"

    "So, that's it. In a perfect world were Hot Chocolate runs from every spiket, Hot Pastromi and Provalone Sandwiches fall from the sky and your lawn takes about five minutes a year to take care of, and always looks better then any other in the world, bar none, this is how I would like to see our draft fall."


    It's what I would love to see happen. Not what I believe will happen.
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    I think you may have taken a left turn at ABQ ;)
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    Very Madden-esq lol, but i would take it! Look at the talent that we would get! I would make one minor change though. I would swap Marcus Monk for WR Jordy Nelson in the 3rd round. If the draft turns out that way, I will...

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    are you a Redskins or Eagles fan now ABQ? Why on earth would you WANT us to get Vick?


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    We need to pick up a vet QB as a back up option. It's always better to have somebody with experience and Vick does have that. He may or may not be able to play once he gets out. I don't know. I see Vick as a big problem for Atlanta. Why not ask for him to be thrown in? He's not an issue for us right now. If he comes back and can play QB, then we have a pretty decent option at back up without spending a draft pick on him. You don't have to carry him on the roster till he develops. You don't have to worry about putting him on the practice squad and then lose him to another team. If he can't play QB, then he's still got talent. He might turn out to be a pretty good Punt Return or Kick Return guy. He might be able to be used as trade bait if we don't have a use for him. If he's in any shape to play ball, somebody is going to be interested in him. I just see it as a way to take advantage of an opportunity. In the end, who knows if it's even financially possible but that's not what this mock was about. This mock was about considering the possabilities in my mind. How it might work if it actually happened. I mean, there is a value in every one of these trade scenarios. Why trade for Henderson? He's an experienced WR who is coming into his 4th season of playing. This is about the time WRs figure it out. Not saying he will but his speed, which is 4.3 kind of speed, will impact how teams are able to play Owens. You can't single cover a guy like that with out taking a chance that he will beat you for six. You have to shade a safety over and you have to play them deeper. You can't afford to play your safeties so close to the LOS. This is how you stretch the field with speed. He may not be the all world WR that most want but in truth, he could very well make a difference. He's not going to get playing time in New Orleans because they need reps to develop there own young WRs. He would provide value.

    Why trade for Carpenter when you have signed Vilma and Morgan? Vilma is a MLB. That's his best postion. Morgan has issues with concusions. It is very doubtful that they will not cause issues again. It's a bit nieve to think that he will be there for years to come. They are playing with our second stringers as starters. Even if these guys work out, there going to need to draft LBs. Carpenter didn't just lose his talent. He's still got all the talent that made us draft him in the 1st. He just doens't suit the 34. In a 43, you may well have a great player and it doesn't cost you a 1st round pick. All it costs is a future 3rd and a player that is probably not in your long term plans anyway. Why wouldn't you make that trade?
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    I still want my 5 minutes back!

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