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    This draft is what is more realistic. No trades, all though, I do believe we will trade for a WR with one of our 1st rd picks and a 5th round pick for PacMan.

    1st Rd #22 - Antonio Case CB Arizona 6-0 191 lbs. 4.45 Forty - Case has good speed, good quickness, good agility. Not great, but very good. He is a solid tackler, with very good cover skills. He is exceptional in zone coverage but just good in man to man. However, he is probably the most intelligent DB in this draft. He just understands and sees things two steps before they happen. His up side is not what some of the other CBs in this draft might be but, he will probably be the best CB in this draft to come in and contribute immediatly IMO. Solid character guy with excellent leadership skills.

    1st Rd #28 - Limas Sweed WR Texas 6-4 215 lbs. 4.48 Forty - Excellent size and speed ratio. All the tools to be a dominating WR in the NFL. It really is a shame that Sweed has not been more productive in College because all the tools are there. The question is, why? It could be that Sweed was a victom of going to Texas, it could be that timing was wrong for him. When Texas had a good OL, Texas was loaded on offense and so, he didn't get as many opportunities. As he got older, Texas' OL was not as good and so, the opportunity was not there to use his skills fully. Then the injury. I honestly believe that Sweed will become a dominating WR. I also believe that he has a lot of work to do. I don't love taking a WR in the first but he's the best player on the board for our needs.

    2nd Rd #61 - Ray Rice RB Rutgers 5-8 199 lbs. 4.42 Forty - Simply the most productive back in this draft. Rice does it all. More quick then fast, Rice is perfectly suited to compliment MBIII in our offense. Runs with power, runs hard between the tackles, runs well to the edge. He sets up blocks well, he catches the ball out of the backfield well, picks up the blitz well, smart, strong character, he's a do it all kind of RB. In fact, the only knocks I have on him are that he's run the ball a lot in college and that he's not real big. It means that Rice may not be able to sustain as a carry the load back for long periods of time. Because of this, Rice will probably fall in the draft. Ironic, to me, that because of this fact, we may be able to land a player that will help our offense immensly. It will also be a very good thing for Rice, IMO. Because we have MBIII, we wont need him to be a 250 carry back. This will only help Rice IMO.

    3rd Rd #92 - Carl Nicks Sr. Nebraska OT 6-5 341 lbs 5.22 Forty - Nicks has issues, which is why he will be available in the later rounds. However, Nicks is an exceptionally powerful, quick OL. His talent is exrtodinary. He needs work but he has that mean streak you look for. Very, very strong in the run game. A dominating run blocker who fits well into our scheme. However, he has surprisingly light feet for pass blocking. He could be a LT, he's that talented. In fact, he can play any of the OL positions and be a Pro Bowl player if he chooses to work at it. At 341 lbs, Nicks is probably too big. If he loses some weight, he could easily play at 330 and gain even more speed. The sky is truely the limit with this kid.

    4th Rd #126 - DeMario Pressley Sr. NCSt. DT 6-3 301 lbs. 5.09 Forty - Pressley will probably project to a DE for us initially. However, he could also rotate at NT so long as he does not have to consistantly take the pounding of that position. Pressley has excellent quickness and Size for the postion. He is very explosive and plays with very good leverage. Pressley has a great deal of upside and will only get better as his technique improves. Was a team mate of Tank at NCSt. I like this player very much. Once he is able to spend some time in our off season program, I think he can be a NT in rotation and eventually free up Ratliff to move to DE.

    5th Rd #163 - Will Franklin Sr. Missouri WR 6-1 214 lbs. 4.37 Forty - Franklin has the kind of speed that you can not teach. Also has that burst you look for to get seperation on DBs. The thing I really like about him is that he is extremely qiuck coming off the ball. His first 10 times at 1.43. His 20 time is 2.50. DeShawn Jackson, considered the quickest of the WRs only times at 1.53 and 2.52. He needs to work on his pass catching. Learn to catch more with his hands and play more physically but again, he has time to develop. Good value pick.

    6th Rd #167 - Tyvon Branch Sr. UConn CB 6-0 204 lbs. 4.31 Forty - McKelvin is probably the top rated CB in this draft. Branch's numbers are better in pretty much every area. Branch is a 3 yr starter. Good strong tackler, excellent speed and quickness. Terrific size to go with strong leadership skills. Smart football player but stiff hips. May end up being a Safety in the NFL. Also a heck of a kick returner with 780 yards, 2 TD returns for an average of 28.89 Yards per return. Branch may not be around for this pick. It is the first pick of the 6th round. However, I know that the Cowboys are watching him. Dave Campo of the Cowboys personally came down to work him out. If he's there, I think he's a Cowboy.

    7th Rd #235 Lex Hilliard Sr. Montana RB 5-11 231 lbs. 4.68 Forty - Hilliard is a RB but will project to FB for us. Hilliard is a tweener for RB but an excellent prospect at FB IMO. Hilliard is an exceptional blocker and has very good power. His agility numbers are better then those of Payton Hills, considered the #1 prospect at FB in this draft. He runs with power and runs hard all the time. Excellent goal line runner. He's scored 50 TDs during his career at Montana. This man has rushed for over 4000 yards and has a 5.o AYPC. Now, granted, it's DII and not a power confrence but it is still very impressive for a FB IMO. He will need to work on his receiving skills but he has caught 48 passes for 470 yards while at Montana. Great football IQ and a hard worker. Here's the thing that really impressed me about Hilliard. In 729 touches, the guy has zero fumbles.

    UFA Derek Lokey Sr. Texas DT 6-2 288 lbs. 5.18 Forty - Lokey would probably play DE for us. He could probably play snaps in rotation at NT as well. He is extremely stout against the run. Uses leverage very well. Has burst and shows a good motor. Lokey is being overlooked, for the most part, in this draft. However, if you compare his agility numbers to Dorsey, there size and agility results are very simular. I think Lokey could be a guy who would provide good depth at both NT and DE.

    UFA Jalene Parmele Sr. Toledo RB 6-0 224 lbs. 4.47 Forty - Parmele is an interesting player. Rushed for 1511 Yds and 14 TDs in 2007and 1131 Yds, 8TDs in 2006. Averaged 5.46 yards per carry over the last two seasons. Not top compation but, he had games 93 yds, 1 TD vs Purdue, 88 yds vs #7 Kansas, 74 yds 1 TD vs Iowa St this season. 2 Big10 teams and 1 very good Big12 team, he average 4.55 yards per carry. He also had 33 catches for 285 yards over the last two years. He's also a pretty good punt returner. This year, he returned 20 kicks for 560 yards, an average of 28 yards per return. Basically, this player has accounted for 2228 total yards in 2007

    UFA Jan Jorgensen Sr. BYU LB 6-3 256 lbs. 4.58 Forty - Projects to OLB in a 34. 13.5 sacks in 2007, 20 tackles for loses, two time All Academic MWC player, First team All MWC player 2007. He fits the 34 extremely well and will be an excellent ST player. I've watched this guy play myself. He is the real deal IMO. He can play in the NFL.
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    Btw, its Cason, not Case...
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    And Antoine, not Antonio.

    I like this mock.
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    I could live with this. very good.
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    like some of the players, just not where he picked them...picking two 2nd rd picks in the first rd is not good value

    also, cant see Branch being available that late on the 2nd day

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    Hard to take a man serious on his mock draft when his 1st round picks name is spelled so wrong on every level, It's Antoine not antonio and Cason not CASE, so that makes me question you really knowing any of these players, that and Will Franklin in round 5???
    Between Antonio Case and your other mock I'm sorry, but it's clear to me you don't have the slightest clue what you're doing.
    Oh, and not that it matters, but why in the world would we use a 3rd round pick on a TACKLE?
    We just re-signed Flozell, have Columbo on the other side and have McQuistan/Free/Marten waiting in the wings, which is why once again I can't take this serious!
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    The cowboys already said they were not going to go WR in the 1st round.
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    Got a LINK??
    Cause Jerry's #1 PRIORITY this off season is to get a W.R. opposite T.O., and I doubt that will be from round 2.
    Plus if you really wanted to draft a W.R. wouldn't you SAY you don't want to draft a W.R. in round 1 if that's EXACTLY what you were planning on doing?
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    and teams never lie?

    parcells all but promised steven jackson that if he were there when we drafted, he would be a Cowboy........then we trade the pick and ignore Jackson altogether.

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    On the other hand David, if I'd picked a first round talent, say a guy like Mayo, you would have nothing good to say about that either. The problem here is that we need a WR, RB and we need a CB. I would probably only take Hardy in the first round but he's not going to be there, IMO, and he has character issues. At CB, McKelvin, Jenkins and Cromartie are probably worth 1st round grades but nobody else. What are the chances they will be available? If we wait, Cason is probably gone. Then, you forced to take Talib, if he's still there in the 2nd and he may not be. I mean, you can't have it both way.
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    I like Cason, but maybe not this early.

    The mixed reviews from so many Texas fans on here tends to make me wary of Sweed. There are other guys at receiver I'd take first....i.e. Hardy or Devin Thomas

    I heart you!


    Seems to be in the same mold as most of our current DE's. I'd rather we stay away from more of these "tweeners" on the DL. I want a true NT.

    I like his measurables. I'd like this pick if we pass on the Sweed pick and get a vet FA with our #28... a lot.

    Like it. See sig.

    I'm with you on this one. The "we don't need a FB" crowd is in for a rude awakening if Cricket doesn't shore up his blocking, or gets injured again. Good pick, although I know nothing more about this guy that what I've just read. :eek::

    Not feeling the DE's.


    I'd like to see us look at ILB at some point. Maybe QB. Good overall though, IMO.

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    Yeah, by the time I got finished with the first mock (which I got flogged for :laugh2: ) and then this one, it was well past 12:00. That's pretty late for me. I guess I was not really paying as close attention as I should have been. Thank you for point that out. Your right, Cason not Case and Antione, not Antonio (sorry Hos ;) ).
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    They should just take the bpa's available and you usually dont go wrong...I'd be surprised if they had Mayo rated as the 22nd best player in the draft, but if they did take him then obviously they DO have him rated there or higher, because ILB isnt that bg of a need.

    And I think the Jones trade is going to allow them to be even more flexible...if they get him, I doubt they'll take a CB in round one...maybe in the 2nd or 3rd, but not in the first


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    Don't be surprised if Mayo goes early. I don't know how much you have checked the guy out but there are a lot of teams that like him. The fact that he can play in a 34 or 43 is a bonus. This guy is very highly thought of. I asked Drew what he thought of him and he replied with 4 words.

    "He's the real deal!"

    I like him very much and I do believe that ILB is a need positoin. IMO, Ayodele is leaving if he does not make dramatic improvement. James is a two down backer. Barnett's time is pretty much up IMO. Thomas is not long term, he's stop gap. Carpenter can't play in the 34 IMO. He's a 43 LB. He needs to chase and pursue. He does not do well when he has to shead OL contacts. He just doesn't like it. Physically, he should be able to do it but he just doesn't or can't. He needs to be in a 43 as an OLB IMO. The trade proposed with NO is really what I think the Cowboys should do. maybe not that trade specifically, although, I think that trade does work well for both. Cowboys, IMO, will probably end up trading Carp. He may yet turn out but I don't know at this point.
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    Isnt' that big of a need???:bang2:
    There's NO ROOM ON OUR ROSTER to draft ONE I.L.B. let alone draft one in round 1 would be the DUMBEST MOVE in the HOSTORY of the dallas cowboys franchise.
    We don't have any room for another I.L.B., HELL, we are so tight right now we're gonna have to CUT last years STARTER in Ayodelle because there's NOT EVEN ENOUGH ROOM for LAST YEARS Starter on rou roster, so WHY ON EARTH Would we draft another I.L.B. when we have to CUT last years starter the position is so clogged???????????????????/
    SO, to beat a dead horse, for the 395 trilllionth, 438 billionth, 422 millionth, 439,552nd time, we WILL NOT BE DRAFTING AN I.L.B. AT ALL, let alone round 1 so FORGET ABOUT IT! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
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    Very nice.

    You may also want to look at Xavier Omon for that UFA RB slot.
  17. DaBoys4Life

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    Parcellsl isn't in control of the draft anymore so want to try that again.
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    I'd love to see the team add Hilliard in the late rounds or as an UDFA. The team is going to need a third RB as well and if they could find a guy who could possibly double up as a FB, it would help.

    Early in his college career, he split time with Justin Green who was drafted by the Ravens and converted to FB as well.

    He did have a pretty major Achilles injury, but he was able to come back and had a good season this year.
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    And last year someone asked someone in the front office about the chances of drafting a kicker and their response was...when hell froze over.

    Only to take Nick Folk in that very draft.

    You never know what will happen in the draft.

    They could just be saying that as a smoke screen. They actually may have no intention of taking a WR but one shows up and is their BPA so they take him.
  20. ThatsmyQB

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    That's IRRELEVANT to what he's saying, he's saying TEAMS LIE about who they want all the time is all, so Parcells NOt being here has NOTHING to do w/ what he is saying and has NOTHING to do with the point AT ALL, so do YOU WANNA TRY AGAIN??????????

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