ABQ's Pre Combine 2011 Off Season Moves

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ABQCOWBOY, Jan 25, 2011.


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    FA Moves I would like to see happen.

    1st priority - Sign Mike Huff as a FS long term solution.

    Sign Daryn Colledge to take over at LG. Keep Kosier on as primary swing for both Guard positions. Allow Holland and Bigg to battle it out for the RG position and cut the player who loses that battle.

    Sign Chad Clifton. I believe that Green Bay is ready to get younger with Lang and Bulaga. That would make Clifton and his salary expendable possibly. If this is the case, I would like to see the Cowboys pick Clifton up to man the RT position until such time as Young or a draft choice can be ready to step in. Perhaps a 2 year deal with a club option for the 3rd year. No more.

    Would like to see us trade down and pick up picks but for the purpose of this mock, we will go with the picks we currently have.

    1st Rd 9th Pick - Aldon Smith Missouri DE 6'5 265 lbs Projected 4.67 40.

    2nd choices - Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska or Mark Ingram RB Alabama

    2nd Rd 40th Pick - Stefen Wisniewski C Penn. St. 6'3 306 lbs Projected 5.16 40

    2nd Choices - JJ Watt DE Nebraska or Stephen Paea DT Oregon St.

    3rd Rd 71st Pick - Aaron Williams CB Texas 6'1 195 lbs Projected 4.48 40

    2nd Choices - Marcus Cannon OT TCU or Kenrick Ellis DT Hampton

    4th Rd 109th Pick - Marcus Gilbert OT Florida 6'6 326 lbs. Projected 5.23 40

    2nd Choices - John Moffitt OG Wisconsin or Robert Sands S WV

    5th Rd 140th Pick - Alex Henery K Nebraska 6'1 178 lbs Projected 4.78 40

    2nd Choices - Nate Irving ILB NCSt. or Noel Devine RB WV.

    6th Rd 171st Pick - David Carter DT UCLA 6'5 297 lbs Projected 4.96 40

    2nd Choices - Alex Green RB Hawaii or Eugene Clifford S Tenn St.

    7th Rd 174th Pick - Zane Taylor C Utah 6'2 309 lbs Projected 5.19 40

    2nd Choices - Evan Royster RB Penn St. or Will Smith OT East Carolina

    7th Rd 209th Pick - Anthony Gray NT Southern Miss 6'0 317 lbs. Projected 5.08 40

    2nd Choices - Kyle Hix OT Texas or Cortez Allen CB Citadel

    FA Signings Zach Pianalto TE North Carolina - Ryan Tannehill QB/WR/TE Texas A&M, Blake Bolles QB NW Missouri St. -
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    Gilbert? 3269 lbs? I just thought it was funny. I'm sure it was 326 or 329. I like what you did in the off-season. I like Huff and Colledge. Not sure about Clifton. Any thoughts on signing a LB in the off-season? Maybe somebody that has ties to Ryan?

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    Yeah, probably move him to NT. :laugh2:

    Sorry bout that. I've corrected that error. It's very possible that we look at a LB. I would not be at all surprised. In the case of Clifton, I would not be open to signing him long term. I do think we might be able to get a couple of seasons out of him but I would not bet on him playing at a high enough level for more then a few years. I would open to any good solution in FA. Just not very many out there as yet.
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    I like it, but if we draft another kicker I might kill somebody.
  5. baj1dallas

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    I think Clifton gets paid a lot more money to go be a left tackle for a couple more seasons.

    Huff is not a long term FS solution, any more than Ken Hamlin was.

    No way Jerry drafts another kicker prior to the 7th round.
  6. Sam I Am

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    Wow, Gilbert must be HUGE. We need him at NT! :laugh2:

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    I can sure understand that. I just think we've screwed around with this thing long enough to the point that it's costing us games. It has to be fixed and this kid is the best kicker I've ever seen. He's unreal and he can back up the Punter as well. He's one of only three guys to be top 50 in the nation in kicking and punting combined. Kicks outdoors, in the weather, for distance and accuracy. I just think he is as close to a can't miss player as there is. I'm just sick of watching games go down the drain because we can't execute in the kicking game is all.

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    Right now, he is making 5.5 per year with like a 250K roster bonus.

    Huff is actually rated as the best FS in the league right now. He's put together 3 pretty good season. I would take him as a safety for us but everybody is entitled to their own opinions.

    He may not draft a kicker but this reflects what I would like to see happen. I doubt the Cowboys care what I would like to see.


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    Gonna have to petition the league to let us use three digit numbers for this old boy. He's pretty stout.

  10. CanuckCowboysFan

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    Hate Aldon Smith for some reason. Something about him..

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    Check him out. He's only a Soph and was injured this season (Broken Leg) but check out his Freshman year as well. He's going to easily put on 15 to 20 lbs I think. If he runs in the 4.6s, we may not be able to get him at 9. He has a lot of upside.
  12. ABQcowboyJR

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    I like your trade down idea and get Ingram. The CB out of Texas is interesting to me, not sure how he will turn out. I would not be opposed to picking up the UT kicker, not sure if he is coming out, but he would be a undrafted i would imagine.

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    Justin Tucker. He was only a Jr. this past year. He won't come out till next year but he is pretty dang good.
  14. M'Kevon

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    Kosier's a FA. He's not going to re-sign as a backup. Too many teams can use him as a starter.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Possibly. But he's missed a lot of games in the last few years. I guess we'll see what the market has for him.
  16. DFWJC

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    Thanks for effort.

    Like you, I'd prefer a trade down.

    Of your picks, I'd take prince at 9, I guess. Alden Smith no ealier than late Rd1, imo.

    Ingram would be cool but I'd hate to burn a 1st on a RB.

    After Rd 1, I can see some of those guys contributing, though I'd prefer to take Irving over Henery.

    You find a steal in Rd 6 amound that group too.

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    Hey DFW,

    Smith is a very interesting guy. I believe that he is going to rise steadily. Right now, Draft Scout has him rated as the 11th best player on the board. Obviously, that will change one way or another once the Combine is done. I have seen this player but I have not followed him game to game. I just see Big 12 football and I have been impressed by him. As a Sophomore, I think he has huge upside but any of the three players listed, I would feel good about at 9. There are other players I would rather have at different positions, both up and down in the first round but at 9, I think those are the players that might be available to us that would be worth the 9 pick.

    It's interesting that you like Irving. To be honest, I'm just so sick of watching our kickers screw the pouch that I'm willing to spend a 5 on a kicker I believe is as good as I've seen in college. However, Irving is a real good ILB that would be perfect for us to bring in and eventually replace James, IMO. Really like him.

    Take a look at the TE Pianalto from NC. He's a pretty interesting player. Was hurt this year but was really coming into his own prior to that injury. I think he could be a real steal.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.
  18. Bulldog

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    I like the Henery pick in the 5th. should take him.

    The kid is money....definitely worth a 5th.

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