Abraham traded to Seahawks or falcons?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Ken, Mar 17, 2006.

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    Schefter at NFL.com is reporting this....

    March 17
    On a whirlwind Friday, the New York Jets completed one trade, and maybe two, that have reshaped their roster.

    First, the Jets sent their sixth-round pick to the Washington Redskins for quarterback Patrick Ramsey, a former first-round pick. The Jets have been seeking a quarterback of Ramsey's quality in recent weeks and at various points were close to completing the deal with the Redskins. Friday the deal went through. Then another went through.

    Meanwhile, IN A BLOCKBUSTER TRADE THAT IS PURELY SPECULATION BY THE JETS, YET CONFIRMED BY TWO TEAMS INTERESTED IN JOHN ABRAHAM, the Pro Bowl defensive end, whom the Jets finally were able to deal, was sent to Seattle for the Seahawks' first-round draft pick, the 31st overall selection. The deal is contingent upon the Seahawks being able to sign Abraham to a long-term contract extension, something that has been challenging the past couple of seasons.

    Abraham has been seeking well over $15 million in guaranteed money, and one NFL executive said the defensive end was demanding $27 million over the first three years of the contract. Now, if Seattle can sign Abraham, they will give him the contract he wants and the Jets their first-round pick.

    And the remaking of the Jets roster was in full swing.

    paquerelli is reporting that this is false and he was traded to the Falcons? Can anyone find the Pasq article, behind a firewall here.
  2. dreamshatterer

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    Wherever he goes, the Jets will still suck.
  3. sago1

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    With all the money Seahawks have been spending including matching Vikes for Hutchinson, they may not have the money/don't want to spend it to keep K Josh Brown. Wonder if Cowboys have sent a tender to Seattle for Brown; probably won't know anything to late part of next week. If not him, then maybe we sign Orlando Mare if Dolphins decide to release him cause he wouldn't accept cut in salary.
  4. CrazyCowboy

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    Thanks for the post,,,
  5. Future

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    Its Olindo Mare

    I would like to see Josh Brown here, made some big kicks this year
  6. speedkilz88

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    On nfl network, Shefter said that although the Seahawks have made the offer that the Jets want they still have to come to an agreement with Abraham who has already made an agreement with Atlanta. Atlanta only wants to give up a 2nd round pick and the Jets insist on a first.

    Bryce Fisher de for Seahawks is a guest and he said that non-Seahawk contacts have told him that its more likely that the Falcons get him.

    Shefter also said that the Seahawks plan to get 2 players out of Abraham, Julian Peterson, and Hutchinson.

    The nfl believes that Hutchinson's contract is illegal and an arbitrator will decide Monday, delaying the week that Seattle has to match.
  7. CowboysNumeroUno

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    Why does Seattle need him? They have Fisher and Wistrom...
  8. speedkilz88

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    Wistrom has been a bust for them. I think they want a replacement.
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    :lmao2: :lmao: :laugh1: :lmao: :lmao2:
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    Seattle has really been throwing some money around lately - Wistrom, Walter Jones, Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander, probably Hutchinson and possibly Abraham. That is an expensive team.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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  12. dargonking999

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    and like all the other "bought" teams, they still cant win a SB
  13. Slammin Bran 23

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    He has a deal with the Falcons, but the Falcons do not have a deal with the Jets. The Seahawks have a deal with the Jets, but not a deal with John. The Jets want a 1st round pick, which is what the Seahawks are offering. The Falcons want to trade a 2nd round pick. John wants to go to Atlanta. I hope he does.

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