ACC replaces Maryland with Lousiville

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by DFWJC, Nov 28, 2012.

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    I guess it's not a big surprise, but it is now offcial that Louisville will replace Maryland in all sports in the ACC.

    I assume they were chosen over UConn due in part to the objections from Boston College.

    This looks like a wash in football/basketball or maybe a slight improvement with Louisville.

    The wealthiest basketball program by far in the US is Lousiville--who has more profit in basketball than most schools have in football. I think they pulled in about 39 million and netted a huge part of it.
    Football....I assume they do about the same as Maryland did--whcih was not too great.

    In academics, Louisville does not replace Maryland.
    Not close really.
    Maryland was maybe 7-9th in the ACC, Louisville will be dead last by a large margin. So the thought that some CBZers have said academics may be less important apprears to be true.
    Louisville is not terrible...don't mean to diss them. They're just not very good or great. I think they rated about even with Texas Tech in the last University ratings....or maybe 40 slots lower than the lowest ACC school.

    Times are a changin'
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    Welp Big East Basketball as we know it is done.

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