News: According to NFL Network, TO ADMITS he Spat on Hall's Face...

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by ajk23az, Dec 16, 2006.

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    No.... i rather be the Temple Owls of the NFL and have 53 choir boys instead of winning championship and have players that have flawed characters:rolleyes:
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    Of course at some point you have to take some sort of responsibility for his actions. The problem I see though is expecting someone who has acted irrationally for so long to all of a sudden start acting rationally may be problematic. It is a Catch-22 for one with trust issues to find someone that will make him realize the nature of his self-destructive behavior. That of course requires some level of trust.

    Anyone who works with TO requires a fair mixture of tough love and Mother Theresea-type patience. I really hope that is what Parcells is trying to do with TO. If anyone can reach him it's a guy like Parcells
  3. Dale

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    I'm mixed on the "bad person" issue.

    Good people don't spit in someone's face or publicly call someone gay.

    But, yeah, Owens isn't a bad person in the sense that he's a true menace to society.

    If ESPN were to do a poll, I think most people would rate Owens as a "worse person" than a Leonard Little. So, yeah, I think that's odd.

    Owens' problems are primarily confined to how he interracts with football players on the field and when talking to the media. As much as we love our Cowboys, there are worse things in the world than being a bad teammate.

    With ALL of that said, it's hard not to agree that TO is a jack... lol
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    I don't want to equate not a bad person with good person, but I see where you are coming from. I just see TO as a human being. A pretty flawed one but certainly not one that should be shunned or is undeserving of help and compassion.
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    wow, I didn't know TO was such a hot-topic on here ;)
  6. windward

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    who's TO? :confused:
  7. Bob Sacamano

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    oh, some guy who pranced on our star a couple of decades ago

    I think he plays for the Philadelphia Eagles now

    oh wait, that's the part that some morons on here haven't forgotten yet
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    I said it when Taylor did it last year and I will say now.. anyone that spits in another man's face, should be gone from the league. That is the most disgusting, disrespectful things you can do on the field, IMO. I don't care that it may hurt the boys and their change in the Playoffs.. BP should Suspend him for the rest of the year and release him ASAP.

    There is no defense for this action. i don't care what Hall said to him. TO should NOT be part of this proud franchise.
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    *sigh* (Deep breath) I beg of you, one and all, to kill these discussions. We have come to the universal conclusion that TO is a troubled and at times irrational human being, this latest media sensation being the proverbial exclamation point to the tabloid calibar circus big top that travels alongside the man.

    That being said, enough is enough, let us agree that football TO will only be of interest and all other intangible topics beyond his physical well being, mental health excluded, should be ignored for the sake of the nerves of this collective body of Cowboy fandom.
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    Man I go out after the game then wake up and see Hall saying Owens spit in his face and I'm like oh no. But will it be a case of His word against Owens?

    Then Owens admits it!:banghead:

    I wanted Owens on the team and I'm still glad he's here but Terrell for the love of God WHY would you do that?!:shootme:

    Damn it!
  11. Dale

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    Out of curiousity, has the NFL ever suspended any of the other "spitters?" Or is a fine the penalty?

    It would be rather ironic -- and unfortuante for the Cowboys -- if Owens were to spit his way out of the Eagles matchup on Christmas.
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    You're over reacting, if [SIZE=-1]Haynesworth is still in the league for what he did, how can you say spitting on someone is worse? There are far worse and more dangerous things done on the field then spitting, while classless and pathetic, it's not worth a suspension for the season.[/SIZE]
  14. CrazyCowboy

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    If T.O. said it happen......then it did
  15. ilovejerry

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  16. fanfromvirginia

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    That's been my policy from the beginning.
  17. Bleu Star

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    God... I love all of these armchair Psychologists...

    That said, I see a lot of truth in what you wrote. I love me some playoffs and I will love them even better when we win some games thanks to the inclusion of Terrell Owens. Whiny used and abuse D Hall can go sit in the corner. Whining to his mommy media instead of handling his business was a punk *** move.
  18. PBJTime

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    Some people need to take a deep breath and relax. I find it hard to believe that you would say that this is the most disgusting, disrespectful thing you can do on the field only a short time after Haynesworth scarred up our boy. But I suppose stepping on someone's face with cleats is a man thing to do and it's much more acceptable than, gasp, spitting on someone! :rolleyes:
  19. Bleu Star

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    It's threads like this that only go to show just how much hatred there is out there for TO, what he stands for, and the move made to bring him to Dallas. Even 15 weeks into the season, sitting with a 9-5 record, some of our very own Dallas fans just can't let it go. TO will never be perfect. He will never be the cookie cutter Cowboy that some are expecting him to be. He is a flawed individual of sorts. Yet still, I am sure we can sit here and name a number of flawed individuals that make the big bucks who are not named Terrell Owens... TO is TO and for this reason his spitting in someone's face was probably printed in the London Times this morning. Sad really..

    The guy just wants to play ball but he has to deal with the media machine like the rest of them. This is the same media machine that's always excited by the next opportunity to shove a mic in his face. This same media knows by simply shoving a mic in TO's face they can continue to take the easy rout to put food on their tables.

    TO can do no right in the eyes of some. Yet even today, I accept him for what he is. That is a heckuva player on the field that has played a major role in us getting to 9-5. The rest is gravy. Ok, press on with your 1000 paged dissertation of Terrell Owens. :rolleyes:
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    First of all, Hall should have been out of the game by the time the spittin' incident occurred. Did you see all of the cheap shots that guy ways least three after the play and/or out of bounds. I'm not condoning or excusing TO's behavior, but guys, much worse behavior than spitting happens on a football field (fingers bent back/broken in piles, legs twisted, etc.). The reality is that spit flying probably happens more than you or I know it's just that it's not capture on camera or you don't hear PAB's like Deangelo "overrated" Hall complaining about it...they take care of their own business.

    TO is a "tard" half the time, but I tell you I'm not losing sleep over the fact that he spit in Hall's grill.

    I'm out.


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