Adam Schefter Reads the Cowboyszone?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Vinnie2u, Mar 3, 2013.

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    I love the cherry pick on this response.

    Perhaps my definition of a franchise QB is different.

    The Pats DID build around their franchise QB (Because he was much different than Bledsoe). As did the Colts with a young Manning, same with the Colts. They are not franchise QBs at this point, they are aging, great QBs for their teams built around them or they walked into. Cowboys did not improve their team enough to build around Romo and his talent.

    You want to talk about franchise QBs...look at the young guys results this past season. Griffin, Kaepernick, Wilson, etc... Those are young QBs that are building teams around them.
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    Age, injury, insufficient experience, gimmicky offenses. There are a lot of ways to quibble over the definition of what a 'franchise' QB really is.

    The 2 1's speculation was from the OP, either way. A first and a third is not worth considering, so the talk went to 2 1's and whether or not that would be sufficient on the Cowboys' side. Since I'd do it for 2 1's, I'd agree that that would be a good deal for Dallas.

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