Addition by Subtraction?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Maxmadden, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Maxmadden

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    Until now, all our free agent signings have been made to replace a hole created by a departure.

    Fabini and Kosier are actually additions and hopefully we will add a free agent safety. I suspect we will draft a safety and and another O- lineman, wide receiver, defensive lineman and definately another linebacker.

    We haven't replaced Glovers hole yet but with the draft coming up and possibly adding more free agents, which players are we going to let go?

    Depth or potential? Somebody has to go.
  2. Billy Bullocks

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    Glover didnt leave a hole on this team...he didn't fit in the 3-4. We need a backup NT. And that's not because Glover was released, just because he wasn't fit to play 3-4 .
  3. ravidubey

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    Glover started over Fergy, in case you hadn't noticed. Glover's departure is a big deal that needs to be addressed. Ferguson isn't getting any younger; I'd hate to see any improvement in Canty and Spears lost in covering for an inadequate NT.
  4. Woods

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    Have to agree that a NT to rotate with Fergy is big.

    I don't know who's left in FA (Grady Jackson?), but the pickings are slim.

    There are several candidates in the draft, esp. between rounds 3-5, to fit the bill. However, let's just hope we hit on the right one.

    I'd suspect that right now Pepper is 2nd on the depth chart.
  5. Maxmadden

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    I really wasn't referring to the loss of Glover because I realize he doesn't fit the 3-4 but the hole created on the roster. If we add 5 free agents or so and then add a draft we are going to have to start letting some people go. It's hard to let some of the young guys go because of the potential but some veterans with some much needed expierence and leadership. I.E. Singleton, Allen, TE Ryan etc. are needed. It's obvious weare going to make a push to the SB, where can we make the sacrifice of potential vs. experience?

    I am very concerned about the NT position and I hope it will be addressed.
  6. DanTanna

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    What position does our "Pepper" Johnson play?

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