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Adrian Wilson?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lqmac1, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. lqmac1

    lqmac1 Well-Known Member

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    Was released by the Pats earlier.
  2. fifaguy

    fifaguy Well-Known Member

    5,128 Messages
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    don't think we are jumping to sign anyone over 30 at this point
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  3. Vanilla2

    Vanilla2 Well-Known Member

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  4. spook930

    spook930 Active Member

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    Didn't hear anything about him last year was he hurt?
  5. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

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    Just wasn't very good and hasn't been in a while. Even his last few years with the Cardinals weren't too good. In his prime though he would've been a great guy to look at. I think at this point i'd rather watch Jeff Heath than Wilson. Atleast Heath can get burnt and track a guy down lol.
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  6. jujoboys

    jujoboys New Member

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    They cut him after signing Patrick Chung. Enough said!
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  7. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

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    We don't do that any more.
  8. RoyTheHammer

    RoyTheHammer Well-Known Member

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    I'd like to see Wilcox get a chance to start, and i'd rather see what Matt Johnson can do if healthy than Wilson at this point in his career.
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    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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  10. CowboysYanksLakers

    CowboysYanksLakers Well-Known Member

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  11. Fredd

    Fredd Well-Known Member

    4,470 Messages
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    I like church/Wilcox back there for now....heath gets slammed in here and IMO, that is unwarranted...he should have been a ST-er in his rookie year, and he played well in that capacity in pre-season...thus, if church/Wilcox play well, then Heath gets back to the position where he belongs, ST and decent enough back-up....Johnson gets this season to prove that he deserves a chance and if he can't stay on the field, then get him out of here...stop saving a roster spot for someone that can't suit up....but, if he CAN stay healthy, I like what he can potentially bring

    safety isn't the problem, the pressure on the QB is the problem....if they could have done anything last year to stop the QB, from sitting in the pocket, having their coffee, reading the newspaper before picking a receiver to throw to, then the DB's all are better....
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  12. Carharris2

    Carharris2 Well-Known Member

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    Heath gets slammed because he played really bad. I mean horribly bad. He may improve. I hope he does.
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  13. Fredd

    Fredd Well-Known Member

    4,470 Messages
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    and he deserves some of that....but, the guy never should have been in a starting role this early in his career...I give him a pass for now....
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  14. tm1119

    tm1119 Well-Known Member

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    If Church, Wilcox, and Heath are our only options at S this year we are in huge trouble. I know everybody likes to think every player on the Cowboys is going to blossom into stars as soon as they get on the roster, but they just don't have the skills necessary to form a formidable safety tandem in the NFL.
  15. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

    55,187 Messages
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    We are in huge trouble is Heath is our #3 safety. We should be good enough with a healthy Church and Wilcox.
  16. tm1119

    tm1119 Well-Known Member

    3,859 Messages
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    What has Wilcox ever done that would make you think he can be an NFL starter at FS next year. Besides simply being drafted by the Cowboys of course.
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  17. the_h0wey

    the_h0wey Well-Known Member

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    No. Tacos.
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  18. Wolf2k5

    Wolf2k5 Well-Known Member

    1,018 Messages
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    I'd say he showed flashes of being a solid player and made a few plays that got called back. Giving a kid a full year under his belt and see if it can click rather than replace with a 30+ vet is the way if go.
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  19. TheFinisher

    TheFinisher Well-Known Member

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    I'll never understand our infatuation with these small school safeties. AOA, Johnson, Wilcox, etc...
  20. jobberone

    jobberone Right turn Clyde Staff Member

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    I think Wilcox has the skills at least speaking athletically. Johnson must have. Church is an average guy who tackles and hits well.
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