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Advice Needed--Dish Network Equipment Insall Question

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Rocky, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Rocky

    Rocky New Member

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    Okay, I'm switching from Directv to dish network (install setup for sat). I've getting dish 500 and the 625 dual tuner dvr-receiver.

    And to my surprise this 1 receiver will work for both tv's . Different setup from Directv, where you get 1:1 ratios for tv-receivers. Imagine that. Well, I directed a couple of questions to the eager-to- please, but hard-to-comprehend cust support chick in India. I gave up.

    Thought I'd try my luck here. How well does this system work, really? One tv will be downstairs and the other upstairs (the master bedroom and I suppose the main tv). Is there a significant delay in changing functions, channels and such on tv 2 thru the UHF remote? Also, and this is very critical, will I be able to route the audio through my hi fi system on the tv2 setup? If so, how exactly?


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