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    My father is 65 and still lives in the house I grew up in. The last few years the neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse and some absolutely trashy family has moved in next to him. This family has about six kids and these kids run around like little hellions they curse loud,they smoke,they throw trash everywhere,and make out with girls in plain view of everyone. A few days ago my father told one of these punks to pick up his trash and he did. A few hours later this punk egged my dads house. My pops called the police they came and talked to the punks. A few days later they got mad at my dads neighbor and egged his house. I talked to their dad but nothing has helped. What can I do other than start bashing skulls?
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    Move him to a different place.
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    He's lived in that house for 32 years should I really let these punks run him away?
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    Well if those punks aren't gonna improve their behavior and it doesn't look like they will than I think you should move him.
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    Call the cops. Every time something happens. Document everything. Even if it multiple times a day. Sooner or later the cops will get tired of this and do something.
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    Set up a video camera and tape it all. :D

    You might also want to ask advice from someone who is a bit older than 18. No offense C&LF.
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    Man it would would take several video cameras these little guys are all over the place.
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    That is a great idea! My teacher in HS years ago did that once, caught kids egging his house on tape, took it to the cops. No one ever messed with him again after that.

    Possibly get a few different camera angles, wide angle lens, record it into the house. Have a motion sensor turn it on so that it only records when it catches something?

    They really aren't that expensive these days, you can get a good setup with multiple cameras for a good price, and would be worth it for peace of mind.
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  10. WoodysGirl

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    My Dad has a nice home, but lives in a questionable neighborhood... He's 60.

    He set up video cameras all around the house. He consulted with the police to make sure he could do it and where he could place them.

    He's got gates on the front and back of the house. Last year, he didn't lock it and well, they stole his snow blower. Of course, it was done when the alarm just happened to be off and there were no vid cams back there. That's been rectified.

    Additionally, he called the police regularly whenever they were too loud, which was pretty regularly. Because whenever it got warm, these knuckleheads didn't know how to go home.

    They parked in front of his driveway, basically blocking him in... He called the police a few times, so he could get it towed. That only worked a few times. After they still blocked his driveway, (not recommending this), he poked a hole in their tire.

    One of the neighbors left their kids toys in my dad's driveway, he drove over it. :cool:

    At this point, they don't mess w/my dad. They know he's a butthole and will call the police in a heartbeat. So if they don't want any trouble, they don't even PARK in front of my Dad's house.
  11. Sam I Am

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    I recommend moving. When a neighborhood goes down hill, the homes lose value. That is on top of the safety and other troublesome issues.
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    Note to self. Don't mess with WGs Dad.
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    This happened when I was a child. My grandparents were long retired and still living in the house that they raised my dad in. Eventually the house next door turned into a crack den with a certain group of squatters always living in the house. The first thing he did was get the city to condemn the house, although it didn’t do much good other than if he called the cops, the cops had to force the squatters out because the house was condemned.

    Back then it was a different time than it is today. After calling the police one time, the squatters threatened my grandfather and myself and my cousins. The next day he found his tires slashed and my grandfather promptly went over next door and beat the hell out of one of the squatters there with a Louisville Slugger. Thankfully he was good friends with most of the cops in the area and they played dumb. These days, not so sure he would have gotten away with that.

    So document everything you can, get the camera handy, call the cops and protect your valuables.

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    This reminds me of Gran Torino. I keep picturing you Dad as Clint Eastwood.
  15. Sam I Am

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    We moved my grand parents out of their home of 40+ years also. It just wasn't safe. Someone broke into their house twice within a year. Given that they were 80+ years old. There was no way we were going to risk that happening again, much less happening while they were home.
  16. Dodger12

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    I had this exact same problem a few years back when my parent's elderly neighbors started moving out or had passed. It was a great neighborhood that was eventually replaced with a few dysfunctional families.

    One neighbor in his drunken stupor would find a reason to pick on my mother and grandmother. On one occasion, he confronted my mother at her car and started going crazy to the point where some sane neighbors called the police for fear of my mother's safety.

    The following day, I saw him in his yard and when he saw me approaching, he did a quick step and went into his home where I followed him into and confronted him in his kitchen. I didn't lay a hand on him but I went nuts and would have beat him to a pulp if I didn't have a career and family on the line. I wouldn't recommend doing that but I had to draw a line.

    The police can do/will do very little to solve the problem unless you have it documented and, in some cases, recorded. You have very little choice otherwise. When your neighbor realizes that it may cost him court time, money and possibly jail, that's the only way it will stop.

    You make it sound like the cops can do something but refuse to. Unless the police actually see a crime being committed or BTX has some neighbors who witnessed the incident, the police's hands are tied.

    You are right though, it needs to get documented and if possible, cameras need to be installed recording the neighbors. Once they see that BTX's parents are taking these steps, they'll think twice.
  17. WoodysGirl

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    If the same thing were happening to my Mom, I'd be a little more concerned.

    My dad is a very active 60. Except for some gray, he still looks like he's in his 40s.

    My Mom, OTOH, is not as mobile. So when the neighbor next door, whose an older gentleman, started harassing my Mom about stuff going on on her property, like the yard men cutting her grass, and some of the leaves landed on his curb.

    I went after him and let him know that that stuff wasn't cool. :cool: Then I had my brother go over to her house more regularly to let him know that she has family and he can't harass her without some repercussions.

    He's been as nice as pie, since then.
  18. cowboy_ron

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    Good advice
  19. BrAinPaiNt

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    Was telling someone the other day about one of my Uncles.

    I never recall a time when my grandparents yard ever flooded and after they passed my Aunt and Uncle moved into their house and it never flooded while they were there until someone bought the house behind them. At one point the new neighbors started messing around with some of the drainage ditches in the area even though they were told not to.

    The result was that once it started raining really hard for a decent amount of time the back yard of my Aunt and Uncle's property is flooded.

    My Uncle is a bit of a wild man but in his older years he has toned it down. In the old days he probably would have warned them to fix the situation and if they did not he would just go over and let his fists do the talking. This time he asked that they correct the situation. They did the neighbor started having a problem with the interior of their cars smelling so bad that they would have to have them professionally cleaned.

    After a few times of this he told them that if they fixed the drainage issues that maybe their cars would not smell bad. They fixed it, they no longer had issues with their cars.

    Seems he ordered some SkunkUm and started spraying it into their cars.:laugh2:

    Maybe you can get some skunkUm and spray it along the dividing line of the two properties.
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    I wanna thank you all for your advice I have a course of action I plan to implement.

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