Advice on a fantasy trade-please respond.

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by punit328, Nov 29, 2011.

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    My fantasy team is currently 6-6. I lost last night by two points and I’m on the outside looking in for a playoff spot. Here is the trade someone in my league offered me. I am in a one player keeper league where you can trade players for draft picks.

    They would be trading to me Philip Rivers, Aaron Hernandez and an 18th round draft pick.

    I would be trading away

    Josh Freeman and a 2nd round draft pick.

    Would you do this trade if you were in my shoes? Rivers has been somewhat disappointing but so has Freeman. I don’t really need Hernandez since I already have Jimmy Graham at tight end. I am a little hesitant to part with a 2nd round draft pick however. Thoughts?
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    Maybe if you were in like a 5 player keeper I would consider trading a high draft pick. But don't cripple next season just to (maybe) make the playoffs.

    I would't take it.
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    first, why would you be able to trade this late? what would be keeping players from trading with guys who don't/won't make the playoffs and getting all their good players?

    anyway I wouldn't do it, you aren't going to make a championship run with either QB anyway and without your second round pick next year you would be banking on getting guys like murray and fjax and steve smith next year which is a long shot at best and dumb fricken luck most likely

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