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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by tko112204, Jul 14, 2013.

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    Hey guys, I've never been to a Cowboys game before, but my brother-in-law and I will be going to the Chargers game in San Diego.

    I have a couple questions, the tickets seem really expensive right now. $160+ for the worst sections. Is this about what I should expect to pay? Or do the prices come down closer to the game? I know the Chargers get blacked out a lot, so it seems like tickets to watch them should be cheaper than other places, especially with how bad they should be this year.

    Is Stubhub the best place to buy tickets or should I look someplace else? Any and all advice is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. erod

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    Go to NFL Ticket exchange.
  3. bigdrulez3141

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  4. TheKey

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    Im a season ticket holder and cant make it to every game, depending on the game I might be able to sell you some for less than that
  5. DanManJ

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    I have a question. It says on the cowboys website that single game tickets go on sale in august sometime at 10 am, does that mean that these tickets will be face value or am I misunderstanding this. I have only ever purchased my tickets through stubhub so any information on the single game tickets from the cowboys would be appreciated.
  6. brucekr

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    If they are blacked out in San Diego, you should be able to buy them right from their website at face value.

    As for DanManJ's question, you would pay the 'face value' of whatever Jerry wants to charge for those tickets. I checked one time, because season ticket holders quite often get presale opportunities before it goes on sale to the public. And the seats that were available to the public had a price of over 2x the face value of the season ticket holders in the same section. In my experience, the tickets were on the 50 yard line at the 400 level, and face value on those tickets was like $179 or something. The season ticket holders in that section pay about $75 or something. So, i hope that answers your question.

    If you are patient, you can find tickets with about 72-24 hours right before the game for the best deal. It comes at a price, because many times, the seat selections are very limited and you may have to buy 3 tickets instead of 2 and such.
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    I learned this last year I got in club level (for about 200) the day b4 the game, but act fast because come gameday there were gone
  8. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I just got tickets for the Dec 22nd game against the Deadskins....
  9. Kristi

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    I paid for $165 for wheelchair accessible seats at Arrowhead. It was either that and go for cheaper, but had to buy two games (packaged the Cowboys with another game of your choice except the Broncos)! Stupid if you ask me since I don't live in KC. We went with the club house seating and didnt have to buy two games. More than I usually pay, but I have friends there and it is 2 days before my birthday so I have to go! It wasn't much cheaper to pay for 2 games because I could have picked $30 nosebleed seats for the second game, but no guarantee someone would buy them from us.
  10. tko112204

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    On another note, I didn't think this needed it's own thread, but any advice for going to a scrimmage during TC in Oxnard?

    Was looking to go to the scrimmage on Sunday July 28th. I know they get packed, but how early should we show up? And is there an entry fee or a parking fee?

    Thanks again guys. This place is the best.
  11. Cowboys=SuperBowl

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    I got tix for the AZ preseason game(paid 105 total for 2 tix 6 rows up from field), the game we play in San Diego(paid 220 a piece for 2 tix 6 rows up behind charger bench, they will be hearing from me lol), and going to the Mecca for the Thanksgiving game vs Oakland(paid 175 a piece for sec 222 tix). I always have success on either the seatgeek app, or EBAY, just be sure to verify the seller on ebay has a great amount of transactions, i prefer over 1,000 AND 99% Positive saifaction rating or higher. Hope this helps!

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