Advice: S Watkins, T Pryor, or AJ Green?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Leadbelly, Dec 15, 2016.

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    I've got a decision to make for WR3. No PPR. I've got Odell Beckham and T.Y. Hilton as my other WRs.

    I'm choosing between Terrelle Pryor (at BUF), Sammy Watkins (home vs CLE), or AJ Green (home vs PIT). I'm leaning toward Watkins but keeping an eye on Green. He might not be active. Watkins (foot) and Green (hammy) are returned/returning from injury. Both are practicing, but still limited some. Watkins has playing 3 games and been meh. Pryor is healthy but...Cleveland. He put up 0.30 pts last week.

    I REALLY want to use Green because I snagged him off waivers while everyone slept on him, but a hamstring could obviously bite me in the butt.

    Also note, CLE @ BUF will likely have rain and snow. All three play early Sunday games outdoors.
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    A.J. may not even play until week 16. LP at practice this week does not mean play time this week. Watch for inactive report on game day. Weather in Cincy may not be all that great either. Held to less than 40 in previous meeting.

    Pryor - slight boom big bust.

    I'd go Watkins. He's has the better risk/reward ratio.

    But of course, keep an eye on Green.
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    I would start Watkins he played 96% of the snaps last week, which suggests he is healthy and he has a great match up.
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    Watkins, he looked better.
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