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    So I'm checking up on my yahoo FF league and i see a proposed trade. I click on the details and it says one of the teams wants to trade Ladanian Tomlinson to me straight up for Julius Jones. Im expectin HUGE year from Julius but i know LT is as consistant as it gets. right now my other RB's are Jamal Lewis and JJ Arrington. Should I take the trade?
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    you should see where your depth is at the other postions and maybe add a backup player from his roster there, not a high round pick guy, but a sleeper kind of guy.
  3. Mr. Fantasy

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    You're kidding right? :lmao: I cant believe this is even a question. LT is an different class my man. I love JJ too, but he's not close to the rb LT is. Take him and run while you can....
  4. Jerruh

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    That was my exact thought process at first. I guess I was just over analyzing it. I appreciate the thoughts.
  5. jcollins28

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    Uh why have you not made this trade yet? It is not even a question. Don't play with a homer heart you have to make this trade.
  6. Jerruh

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    Ya I accepted it. I'm just waiting for it to go through.
  7. Verdict

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    This trade was very good for a couple of reasons:

    1. LT is proven
    2. Parcells is likely, to some extent, platoon the RB position
    3. If we keep A-Train, he is likely to get it on the goal line situations.

    Very good for you.

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