After Black Monday: What Happened To Preseason "Hot Seat" Coaches?

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    Seven NFL teams, or almost a quarter of all NFL teams, replaced their head coaches in 2016, the same number as in 2015 and 2014. This year, six head coaches have been relieved of their duties (or gave them up) so far, and more coaching changes could be in store.

    But how do those moves compare to the preseason "hot seat" candidates?

    In August last year, the Bookmaker Sportsbook ran the odds on which NFL head coach would be fired first this year. That dubious distinction ended up going to Jeff Fisher of the Rams, who was the first NFL head coach to be fired during the 2016 season. At the time the odds were published, Detroit's Jim Caldwell was listed as the most likely head coach to be fired first. Caldwell of course ended up taking the Lions to the playoffs, just as the the coach listed as most likely to be fired in 2015, Jay Gruden, took his team to the playoffs that year.

    So how did the rest of those preseason odds turn out this year? Here's an overview of what happened to each head coach since the early odds were released.

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    Surprised Todd Bowles is still there. Jets are a mess.
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    Read owner thinks he can win a SB with Bowles.

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