After watching this weekend's games, are the Cowboys close?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. BoysFan4ever

    BoysFan4ever Well-Known Member

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    I don't think they are close but hoping.
  2. HowAboutThemCowboys

    HowAboutThemCowboys Well-Known Member

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    He's probably referring to Clay Mathews. Guilt by association?
  3. DoomsDayD

    DoomsDayD Well-Known Member

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    I say by the 2020 season we might have things right.
  4. Wolfpack

    Wolfpack Well-Known Member

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    They have a system and a team. When you have that, its next man up.

    When you don't, its sign the next street FA because your depth is used to hold 3 kickers and other developmental gems. A real FO carries depth and expects that depth to actually play.
  5. BoysFan4ever

    BoysFan4ever Well-Known Member

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  6. 187beatdown

    187beatdown Lack of Big Plays

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    But they only lost 2 starters for the year on defense. I don't know what sort of display that was against the Niners.
  7. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

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    Dallas needs their draft picks and 'starters' on the field. Period. How do we gauge success otherwise? Complete mash unit.
  8. TheCoolFan

    TheCoolFan Well-Known Member

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    Nope! Jerry finds a way to mess things up every time.
  9. sonnyboy

    sonnyboy Benched

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    By simply holding fast to your preconceived notions....

    If you were already convinced that our FO, HC, QB and or overall talent was insufficient, you give the little credence to the injuries.

    You ignore them all together or twist the numbers to make a foolish arguement.
  10. kbman

    kbman Active Member

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    No! Jerry's mindset is he's a coach or flash payer away, year after year. After watching the games this weekend only made me realize that we are another average team with an average qb.
  11. Soth

    Soth Active Member

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    Close to the playoffs? Maybe...

    Close to contending for a SB? No way. Not with our OL.
  12. Beast_from_East

    Beast_from_East Well-Known Member

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    Our skilled players are comparable to the skilled players of the playoff teams.

    Our offensive and defensive lines are jokes compared to the playoff teams.

    Until this situation is addressed, we will never be a SB caliber team.
  13. Reverend Conehead

    Reverend Conehead Well-Known Member

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    Perhaps close to making the playoffs and a quick exit like the Bengals, but not close to being Super Bowl contenders.
  14. morasp

    morasp Well-Known Member

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    --Game management is critical we need to improve on that
    --The good teams weren't confused about assingments it was mostly how well they executed
    --The few insights they mentioned about the Patriots offense made me think we have a long way to go
    --Most offenses had a hurry up mode and ran it effectively
    --Effective running game is essential
    --Mental toughness is critical to overcome mistakes, I think we showed that this year to a degree
    --I was surprised by the poise of the rookie quarterbacks under pressure
    --QB mobility in the pocket is essential
  15. Smith22

    Smith22 Well-Known Member

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    what stood out to me was coaching. in my opinion, denver
    coached part of that game not to lose, rather than going for the kill. in the falcons game, the falcons ran the ball well, then decided to go pass happy, run reverses instead of using turner, and blew a 20 point lead. coaching matters. I hate the Patriots, but they are coached extremely well. they lost gronk and their running back and still put up huge points.

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  16. Smith22

    Smith22 Well-Known Member

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    we need a minimum of 2 new OL, a DL, a safety with range and a decent backup running back. a true slot wr would also be nice

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  17. Boyz981

    Boyz981 Well-Known Member

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    I learned good offenses win games! Was 28 points the least given up in
    any game this weekend?
  18. morasp

    morasp Well-Known Member

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    Yes, everything seems to be magnified in the playoffs especially the coaching. I thought pete carol lost the game for the seahawks. It used to be you always take the points. They should have had two more field goals in the first half.
  19. The Natural

    The Natural Well-Known Member

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    I was thinking to myself while watching the games this weekend that the Cowboys dont deserve to be on the same field as any of these guys. Look at how San Fran dominated GB, but that same GB team would've made light work of Dallas
  20. Smith22

    Smith22 Well-Known Member

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    yeah. not much defense over the weekend. special teams, mainly kick returns, were pretty wild. so much for kick returns not being important anymore

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