Agent: The Truth Behind Ware’s Exit From Cowboys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by iceberg, Mar 13, 2014.

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    Other than yet another stupid, thoughtless public comment made by Jerry Jones (which is now par for the course), this bad situation was handled as well as can be expected by all parties involved.

    The Cowboys couldn't afford him, and another team in the league could.

    Ware not only gave the Cowboys the chance to match, but - unlike the mercenary Hatcher - he elected not to sign with an in-division rival as well.

    I think the situation was handled as well as it could have been.
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    I'll probably cheer for the Broncos this year to win it all just so Ware can get a ring. He deserves to play deep into the playoffs for a change.
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    Can you blame him for wanting out? I can't. A true football professional who wants to win would want to get out of Dallas as soon as he could. The way Jerry runs this team is not conducive to winning.
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    I'm compelled to say that's an assumption that's probably true considering Dallas couldn't afford to pay commensurate with what any other team could afford. Where he was being unrealistic was in expecting Dallas to divvy up with demands they couldn't possibly meet. I'm quite certain, though, that Jerry wasn't about to offer what Denver did and there's no telling what other teams might have done since they were never brought into the picture. It's a done deal at any rate and I'm happy for Ware in getting what he did. I think it'll work out for the best for Dallas and DeMarcus. Not sure Denver will ultimately be able to get full value for what they are paying, though. 20 million $$ guaranteed will be extremely tough for Ware to live up to in view of his recent history.
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    Denver, where Cowboys go to retire. I bet Jerry Jones caused this one too.
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    Werner got it backwards The Cowboys asked Ware to make a decision by 4 today so they know how much money they will have in free agency.
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    restructuring is just getting paid up front and reducing cap hits and moving it to future. its not a paycut....... the cowboys didn't feel ware's performance over the past three years garnered what they would have to pay him....ala Doug Free......

    the cowboys played it conservative, that he will not be able to fully recover from injuries and have the same impact over the next trhree years, thus restructuring would not help them out, just push the problem into the future.

    it also signals, the cowboys don't think they are ready to make a run and are in rebuilding mode on the defensive side. the offense has been rebuilt somewhat over the past three years, now, the focus is on defense. it was an aging DL, and now they are trying to get younger.
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    Very well said. The agent I'm sure knows that at some point Ware will be back in the Dallas Fort Worth area. So this is a bit of foreshadowing. It looks like "hey I wanted to be here" but really says, "when and if My client ever does come back to this town, I don't want to lose out on any business ventures for my client because he,s viewed as the guy who left town for more money.
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    This story is not about good guys and bad guys.

    It is about an aging player with a questionable amount of gas left in the tank, and a GM who has so mismanaged and over valued players with contracts not in line with what they were worth, and cannot now keep a player who might or might not be worth what he received on the open market.

    A question mark of talent versus an idiot.

    When you boil it down to that log line, it makes all the rhetoric moot.
  10. Cebrin

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    Dirk Nowitzki understands loyalty and taking a pay cut. Seems silly to me. Loyalty and love of the sport is a rare trait in players today. I still have a huge respect for what D Ware has done over the years for our team. A shame he wouldn't stay for a few less dollar signs.
  11. Joe_Fan

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    Can you blame him? We're a team going absolutely nowhere thanks to our owner who has completely ruined this team.

    I'd want to get out of here as well if I were a player.
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    no, none of them did. at least before posting

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