Ahead of the Curve

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    Ahead of the Curve

    DraftInsiders.com Notes for NFL Draft ’05 #3

    Cal runner J.J. Arrington has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the ’04 season. He is a nice size runner at 5’11”220 lbs., but was barely on the radar screen entering the year after playing only as a backup prior to this fall. He has been instrumental in the Cal potent offense in ‘04 that has methodically dismantled defenses this season. Connecticut QB Dan Orlovsky continues to draw scouts to Hartford, Ct. to witness his passing. Orlovsky has a strong arm that allows him to make all the throws and get the ball down the field. He is expected to receive invites from several major All-star games which could push him into the top rounds. Florida St. senior QB Chris Rex is just getting back on the field after an ankle injury force out in late September. He is a player who has never lived up to his high billing and only a strong finish this fall will keep him with the upper prospects at the position. Purdue’s QB Kyle Orton was taken out of the game vs Northwestern in what appeared like a surprising benching due to another erratic performance. It was reported he sustained a hip injury that may explain partially why he was pulled. His performance level has fallen significantly late in year and his pro prospect grade has suffered accordingly. He dids finish strong but needs a big postseason to amend his recent subpar showing if he expects to be selected in the top rounds.

    Iowa DE Matt Roth has continued his big play ability this fall that he showed as an underclassman and continues to impress in all areas of play that should earn him an early selection in April. Iowa junior linebackers Abdul Hodge and Chad Greenway has drawn raves from pro scouts and will most likely seek advice from the NFL Advisory Committee this postseason. Oklahoma’s DE Dan Cody is another senior defender who has lived up to his press clippings. He continues to come up big in key situations as both a pass rusher and run stuffer. He combines the size, athleticism, playing experience and smarts to be among the top defenders in the NFL Draft ’05. Connecticut DE Tyler King broke his leg in October after a strong early senior performance. It most likely costs him any participation in the postseason and NFL Combine that probably jeopardizes any early round selection next spring. Oklahoma middle LB Lance Mitchell has made a successful return to the field this fall after knee surgery at midseason as a junior. His performance in All-star games and at the NFL Combine will determine if he recovers fully the high rating pro scouts graded him prior to the injury. Scouts have spent countless hours at Wisconsin especially evaluating Badger defensive players like DE Erasmus James and DT Anttaj Hawthorne and rightfully so, but they continue to rave about safety Jim Leonhard who makes plays every week. Leonhard is a short tough defender who hits a ton and shows fine defensive instincts and smarts. He has also shown the ability to return kicks and the ability to make yardage consistently with fine ball security. Purdue corner Antwaun Rogers is having a fine senior showing that has him moving up the charts quickly. He has fine height and reach which has allowed him to play the ball successfully and matchup with big receivers well. One highly regarded cover corner, Corey Webster of LSU has fallen slightly off several games where he surrendered big plays. He came into his senior season as a top pick which may be shaky currently unless he comes on strong over the final weeks of the season and in the critical postseason. Conversely, Michigan corner Marlin Jackson has performed well this fall and has become everything expected of him by NFL scouts. He may be one of the elite defenders next spring after he moved to corner as a senior after playing free safety as an underclassman. He combines size, recovery speed and toughness to carry a blue chip label into the postseason. Texas linebacker Derrick Johnson has baffled pro scouts. Johnson was considered a top ten prospect entering his senior season, but his performance has been anything but consistent. He makes big plays on one series while missing tackles the next possession. He will have to show better consistent production in key remaining postseason games and in a major All-star game to maintain the high grade he held starting his final campaign. Several blue chip players have already seen their season end prematurely due to injuries, Miami’s LOT Eric Winston, Virginia’s DE Chris Canty and LSU center Ben Wilkerson. Winston is a junior who will return to Miami after rehab while Canty is a senior and will attempt to get ready for the postseason if he proves healthy by spring. Wilkerson hurt his knee in late October and will miss the rest of the season after knee surgery. He is similar to Canty in that he is a senior who will most likely miss the postseason and workouts that puts his NFL Draft status in a questionable status currently. He may not be ready for NFL training camps in late July that may jeopardize his rookie season entirely.

    Frank Coyle
    Draft Insiders' Digest -14th Season
    "The Publication NFL Scouts Buy"
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    I was not impressed with your QB when they played WVU...however I will say this much for him...he clearly did not give up.
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    Uconn is 2 years away from Division 1 AA.

    What Dan O does that will make him a stud at the next level - He makes quick reads and releases. He's Brady, Schaub. Big, smart and gets the ball out.

    Same scout speak, he's "slow" "weak arm" We gobble this kid up in a tradedown Round 3 scenario. I bet he's drafted late 1 or early 2..........

    I WANT THE KID HERE BAD! within reason
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    Info's solid here but nothing earth-shattering.

    The guys talks about he is vague as heck with. What exactly is early? Round 1? Round 3?

    Derrick Johnson is inconsistent. He also is the best playmaker on defense in the NCAA's.

    Corey Webster and Marlin Jackson sound right to me. MJ has improved since stinking the first couple of games and Webster has been Goodrich'd(i.e. burnt) ALOT.

    There's no way we draft a QB day 1. We dont even have a 3rd.
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    Didn't Randal Gay backup at CB last year at LSU? He's been starting and playing great for Pats. I think Webster will be a steal if he drops out of one.

    I mentioned a tradedown to pick up a 3rd. I think having another young QB option will push Henson and Romo. Dan O is that prospect.
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    Give Me Merriman From The U Of Md - College Park( Fear The Turtle)

    And Chris Canty From U Of Virginia-

    These Guys Can Play De And Outside Backer- Perfect For A 3-4 Or Very Good As Outside Backers In A 4-3

    These Guys Made Most Of The Plays On Their Teams And Were Virtually Unblockable
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    Ain't no way in Hades that Chris Canty could play OLB... he's 6-7, 290 pounds, and probably runs the 40 in about 4.95 seconds... OTOH, he would be the stereotypical DE in the 3-4 scheme, which is ideally kind of a hybrid between DT and DE...

    The 3-4 OLB on the Cavaliers is Darryl Blackstock... 6-3, 240 pounds, 4.6 second 40... but he's a junior, and while there is talk of him coming out early, it's not a sure thing...

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