Ahmad Brooks or Kai Parham?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by VoR, Dec 19, 2005.

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    I know we need offensive linemen and this draft is stacked with them. However, we might sign help through free agency. Whether we do or not, would anyone be willing to draft Kai Parham or Ahmad Brooks with our #1 if they slid that far? IMO O-Line and LB are our most pressing needs. Ware is set, Burnett should get a chance next year and James is solid. But we still need another ILB and these 2 guys are big,fast playmakers. Not to mention they both played for Virginia in the same exact scheme played here - coached by a Parcells disciple and could come right in and start like Canty did. They are also athletic enough to move outside if Burnett doesn't pan out there.
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    Both could stay at school, so we'll have to wait and see if they come out. I don't think we'll have a shot at Ahmad Brooks. But Kai Parham could be there in the 2nd or 3rd round (depending on workout results). Both would be great pick-ups.

    Eric Winston in the 1st round and Kai Parham in the 2nd/3rd round would be a good draft.
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    I think Brooks will stay another year, Parham we can grab him in the 3rd. I wouldnt mind grabbing Kwakou Robinson, their NT while were at it.
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    Re: will Brooks and/or Parham enter the NFL draft...

    "Groh didn't name any names but said he'd talked to a couple of his players about the wisdom of leaving school early for the NFL. He's believed to have advised Brooks to leave and Parham to return."

    Unless Brooks really impresses at the combine or at personal workouts I can see him slipping out of the first round. With Parcells being friends with Groh it could lead to another great steal for us, similar to Canty last year. Parham strikes me as the kind of young man who would take his coach's advice to heart. If Groh really does not think Parham is quite ready for the NFL yet and has advised Parham to stay, then my guess is that he stays, and goes round 1 in 2007.
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    Parham >>> Brooks. Brooks has been nothing but hype since his arrival in Charlottesville. As much as I can't stand UVa, Parham was a difference maker for them this year, while Brooks was injured. There were also rumored to have been some issues between Brooks and Groh.
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    what about D'Qwell Jackson? he's better than both of them
  7. VThokie7

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    I don't know about putting him in a 3-4 defense and lets not forget how good Brooks was before this year
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    He's a nice player, but Parcells does not like small linebackers.
    If he did we would have Tatapu or Thurman right now instead of Burnett.
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    As much as I would love to see DQ in Dallas (I am a diehard Terps fan), I don't think he's a fit for Parcells' 3-4 defense, only because of his size. Would he make plays? Yeah, he would, but his size goes against "typical" 3-4 LB size. He could probably earn Parcells' respect as a player, like Dat and Dex did, but I doubt he would get that chance.

    And last year, I thought Blackstock was a more complete player than Brooks was.
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    Parham = complete player and a perfect fit for the 3-4.

    Brooks is a guy I'd compare to a Lavar Arrington -- shows up a couple times on the highlight reel with plays that really very few players can make, but very undisciplined and not especially football smart.

    Parham is a guy who is just always there, doing the tough, thankless stuff that make a defense consistently top notch. Then this year, when the defense really needed him, he brought the big time stuff too. Leader, and he's nice and big.

    89 tackles to lead UVA,
    8.5 sacks to again lead UVA,
    12.5 tackles for a loss to yet again lead UVA,
    Listed Height: 6-3
    Listed Weight: between 245 to 250

    To Anguillidae, Winston in Rd 1 and Parham in Rd 2 would be a flippin' awesome draft. We could not be that blessed 2 years in a row, could we?

    :pray2: :)
  11. zagnut

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    I agree. Some lucky 4-3 team is going to get themsleves a hell of a LB in the 2nd to 3rd round. I could see him doing the same kind of things Odell Thurman did this year for the Bengals and vying for rookie of the year honors.

    But I'm a Terps fan. I was crazy for Merriman and Foxworth last year. I'm crazy for Vernon Davis this year. I'll be super-crazy for Jared Gaither, probably in 2007-08...
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    Thanks, zagnut. I may just have a new signature. :D

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