Aikman disses Cowboys Fans

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by maxdallasfan, Oct 12, 2012.

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    10:40AM EDT October 12. 2012 - Hall of Famers don't have better hearing than us but the sound of silence hits them harder.

    After the Bears won in Dallas on Monday Night, Chicago receiver Brandon Marshall said it felt like a home game.

    Troy Aikman, who won a handful of Super Bowls wearing the star, knew what he was talking about.

    "I don't think Dallas has ever really had a great home field advantage," Aikman said on KTCK-AM 1310 The Ticket. "What I've heard is that, 'Wow, they really lost home field advantage when they left Texas Stadium.' Texas Stadium really wasn't that different. Having played playoff games in Texas Stadium, that stadium was rocking, it was great. ... But when we would play in Philadelphia, New York and walk out of the tunnel, I would have to be yelling at the top of my lungs for guys to hear me. And you get on the plane for the flight home and your head would be pounding, you wouldn't have a voice, and that's just the way that it was. There was no way you could go down there near the goal line and use hard count in an opposing stadium. And yet in Texas Stadium, teams did it all the time."

    Aikman added that for "a large part -- and the fans don't want to hear this -- a lot of of the people that attend sports in this town, they're there because it's of just a place to be seen" and that "I didn't know anybody who went to Rangers games, then when they started winning and going to World Series, everybody's wearing Rangers hats..."
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    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: luvin' it!

    Dallas people are snobish and boring, Texas people in general are judgemental and overly self indulged, go O.U.!
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    Those loud stadiums like they have in Philadelphia, Kansas City and Cleveland have sure helped them win a lot of Super Bowls in recent years.

    Sometimes .. I mean just sometimes .. it might have everything to do with the coaches and players .. :D

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    Why bother with the truth when you can blame the fans?

    People are so silly.
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    I have season tickets and I can tell you the Cowboys have some of the worst uneducated fans I have ever seen. I have been to several other stadiums and none of them are this bad.

    It's sad that we don't even have a home field advantage at all. Other teams love to come to our stadium for road games because there is barely in noise when they are calling out their plays. Aikman is 100% correct.
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    I may be bashed for saying this, but here it goes. There are not many die hard sports fans in the DFW area period. I say "many" because I assume there is a couple out there. I assume many of you who post on this site are die hard Cowboy fans I guess. I personally have never met a true die hard Cowboy, Ranger or Maverick who was actually from the DFW. To make my self clear, when I use the term "die hard" I'm referring to the fans out there who would literally physically fight for their team if need be. Now I am not condoning violence by any means. I'm just saying if you go to Boston and start talking mess about the Redsox to wrong dude, s*** will go down. I dont get that vibe when I go down to the Dallas area.
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    In a sport that is defined by inches, I would take every possible advantage I could get.
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    You need to get out more then.
  9. jason54858

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    Get out more where? I have been all the country excluding the the west coast, which is probably worse maybe. I dont know if its a laid back southern thing seeing that Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Miami have the same problem from what I have heard, but yeah man, not many die hard sports in Dallas.
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    what part of dallas are you from?
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    I've been to games at Texas Stadium and in San Fran and all I can say is, Califonia Cowboys fans > DFW Cowboys fans.. Sorry.
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    Troy is hardly making excuses for the Cowboys coaches and players. He is not a Cowboy anymore...and he's extremely objective in his broadcasting and comments about the sport.

    And Troy is SPOT ON. I would get so mad when I used to go to games in the 90's. I wanted to grab the fans around me and say...get off your ***** and cheer!

    It's such a different--and lifeless--environment compared to other football stadiums.

    There's something in the culture in the metroplex...I don't know what it is. I really did love the people when I lived in Dallas...and then in Las Colinas.
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    I personally think that many stadiums pipe in noise. Dallas is not one of them.
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    Oh the irony.
  15. dallasfan4lizife

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    a loud crowd behind the home-team can do wonders. it gives the defense energy.
  16. Rack Bauer

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    No, it doesn't. There is no mystical force coming from "Cheers" that act as a fuel source for the players.

    Crowd noise does, however, make it difficult for the visiting team to run their offense.
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    Food for thought:

    I grew up in Western Massachusetts, so I can take the inevitable Patriots fan heat from this. The Foxborough crowd is one of the worst -- and quietest in football. It's a fact. The fact it's true during one of the best runs the sport has ever seen is troubling. Boston also remains a baseball town, the last year notwithstanding. The city's emotion doesn't ebb and flow with the Patriots like it does with the Red Sox. There was always a sense of superiority from Red Sox fans in terms of their knowledge and passion about baseball compared to other fan bases. That's how true football towns feel about Boston. Football is not ingrained in the Massachusetts blood. There is some risk here of spoiled complacency after the Belichick era is over, not unlike what's happened in Dallas and San Francisco.
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    spot on..
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    Breaking news there Reality ;) Haha. I wish more people understood this. Granted a loud crown can make a difference, but the others still have to perform.
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    The South = Conservative. Conservative types tend to act, well...conservative. :)

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