Aikman disses Cowboys Fans

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by maxdallasfan, Oct 12, 2012.

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    what I get tired of is all the crying and the stamping of tiny little feet,,, Cowboys Stadium has been relatively "quiet" like that for 40+ years, it doesn't appear that they are going to change,,, folks from that area just don't get all frenzied and drunk and scream themselves hoarse. I wouldn't call that snobbish, I would call it "reserved".
  2. dogberry

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    Do the liquor laws in Irving and Arlington prevent Cowboys' fans from being sufficiently Iggles like?
  3. SilverStarCowboy

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    :laugh1: ....when this team is winning it gets loud....very loud defening loud.

    People here aren't reserved they are simply prudes and dam well proud of that fallacy.
  4. Rynie

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    Like we can't go get liquor somewhere else. Psshhhh.
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    The year that I lived in Dallas (to freaking hot for me), one Sunday a friend of mine and I and two girls were taking me to some lake to cliff dive.

    Well, because I did not have any swim trunks, I said let's just stop and buy some scissors and I will just cut off the legs of my Levi's for swim trunks.

    But, because of the Blue Laws they would not sell me scissors! :confused:

    We went to some other county over, and we could buy beer, but not ice or a styrofoam cooler! And, no scissors!


  6. Rynie

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    :clap2: I made a sign for games that reads, "worst home crowd in the NFL. Stand up and make some freaking NOISE!"
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    Been to several games at Texas Staduim....during the SB was loud....went in 2007, it was a joke, too quiet....have been to Jerruh World 3 times in the last 2 years, pathetic!... I live in Zona and when I went to the Cowboys/Zona game a couple of years ago, I was a minority, the same thing happened when I visit Jerruh world....

    Troy is right and he was not dissing anybody but telling the truth
  8. 5Stars

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    Hell, hand out rattles for the kids! Most of them are doing something else, at least make some noise!

    Hand out free trumpets to all the men so they could make noise!

    Let the ladies do their thing...give a free microphone to the ladies? You want noise....?;)


    But, the team needs to do their job...bottom line.
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    To be honest, I consider the South and anything on the west coast to either be college sports towns or cities that don't care about sports that much.

    There is no denying the fact that Cowboy's lack a home field advantage.. but I honestly don't believe that hinders the team.
  10. Frozen700

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    Thee truth is, we have no home field advantage. So when people complain about Jerry selling tickets to opposing team fans willingly, why not?

    Yeah because a stadium full of cowboys fans will make a difference. At least opposing teams fans make the stadium seem less dead.
  11. jgboys1

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    Opposing teams fans are also puting money in JJ's pocket.
  12. RoyTheHammer

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    Last i checked.. whenever i call up to order tickets for any Flyers or Phillies game, they don't ask me what my favorite team is before they allow me to buy the tickets.

    So what are we all complaining about again?

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