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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ehcrossing, Jun 27, 2013.

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    The landscape has changed, no longer can you win with a run heavy offense, the days of Emmit Smith winning you games was in an era where you could.
    That doesnt mean that a good running game isnt vital, a balanced offense allows OCs more opportunities to game plan and adjust for situations and specific teams.
    The argument that all you have to do is pass to win in this league is too far sided, there is a reason why a team like Green Bay drafted Eddie Lacey and Jonathan Franklin this year.
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    I'll never forget that season opener in Washington. Troy went off that day. I remember when he did play action I said to myself that was way too good of a fake to not have someone open. Ahhhhh the good ole days
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    Loved this win against the Deadskins...winning like that and witnessing the horror on their fans' faces firsthand (especially after they were up 3TDs) will be always be classic!! They transformed from banshees to church mice...mad as hell as they left up outta here!
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    Look at what a good offensive line and a good running game allows you to do
  5. theranchsucks

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    Wasn't this the Mooses last game too? One of my most favorite games. Emmitt got 100, Irvin got someone opposite him for the first time since Harper left, LeFluer 2 tds.......lot of promise the first 3 games or so then Irvin went down and the Cowboys were never the same. This, was the triplets last stand.
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    Man, the days when a Cowboy's play action fake meant something. Now they just do it for the sake of doing so, if anything it just takes Romo's eyes off the defense for a half second.

    I understand the era's have changed but look at San Fran and Baltimore, teams that can pound the rock - keeps safeties guessing and can let those outside guys a chance to get even, and like they say in this league, if you're even you're leaving.

    Can really open up some of those tight windows Romo has to throw in. I really hope Frederick and Bill C's influence can get this team back to running the football. No reason to drop your 100 million dollar investment back 40-60 times every game.
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    Remember it well, and they ran the same play earlier in the game and Rocket dropped it. Never gets old watching :)
  8. Tenkamenin

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    No question, had Irvin stayed healthy that year we would've won the superbowl. That team was unstoppable for the first 3 games.
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    If only Irvin would have stayed healthy. Irvin and Rocket (and I think we had Ernie Mills also) would have been an awesome combination.
  10. Sarge

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    You shoulda seen the Staubach era!
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  11. links18

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    There are people who became fans in the post-Aikman era?
  12. TheCowboy

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    If I did I would be 40 years old at least and I'm not sure if I would want to be that old hahaha.
  13. spolcyc

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    This was an awesome game. I'm so glad I was old enough to get to see a couple years of Aikman and Smith, even if they weren't the glory years.
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  15. KJJ

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    I seriously doubt the Cowboys would have won the SB that season had Irvin stayed healthy. The Cowboys may have gotten off to a great start that season but they were still a declining team which is why they ended up 8-8 that season. A team doesn't drop off that much with the loss of a WR especially considering Rocket was off to a better start than Irvin and finished with more than a 1000 yards that season.

    No doubt losing Irvin hurt but the Cowboys were a year away from Aikman being done and the team going 5-11. There were issues with Gailey as the HC Jerry and Aikman didn't like his offense and wanted him to change it. Gailey refused and it led to his firing. Emmitt was more critical to the success of the Cowboys than Irvin which we found out in 93 when the Cowboys started 0-2 without Emmitt then went on to win the SB with him.
  16. KJJ

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    One other point Rocket had a slightly better year in 99 than Irvin had in 98 his last full season. In 99 Rocket produced 80 catches for 1097 yards and 6 TD's compared to 74 catches for 1057 and 1 TD for Irvin in 98. Irvin was in decline like a lot of the players on the team who came along from 88 to 91. His numbers started to dip in 96 and he was on pace for only 40 catches for 648 yards in 99.
  17. Nav22

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    Missed the end of this game because Fox had to switch to the start of the local 49ers game. :/
  18. windward

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    It's extremely hard to make those projections after only 3 games. ( he was injured early in the Eagles game). We may not have won the Super Bowl, but I'd wager we at least win the division that year. Probably win 10-11 games.
  19. windward

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    At the very least, you got to witness the Jaguars obliterate the Niners.
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    If I can remember correctly, Emmitt was doing ok in the 4th but Michael came up with clutch catches for two Tds. Michael caught a pass in the endzone on the 3rd td between 2 defenders. His first td was a 40 something yarder where he dove in after he caught it.
    I may be wrong.

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