Aikman vs Romo 95 and 2012

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rynochop, Nov 23, 2012.

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    I know theres been many posts in here about the 95 NFC Champ game about how that was one of Troys 'guttiest', most couragous, one of the greatest almost come from behind efforts of his career, etc, true leader, etc, why cant we have a QB like that.

    Troys numbers
    30-53 380 yds 56.6% 2 tds 3 ints (1 pic 6) 68.1 rating

    Tonys numbers
    37-62 441 yds 59.7% 3 tds 2 ints 84.1 rating

    Not trying to call anyone out, i just wonder if message boards were around back then what the sentiment would be. Romo beats him in every category but there is a 50 page thread about how he sucks, needs to go, etc.
    I know theres a lot of younger people who dont remember that game, but still.
    And i'm talking strictly players, none of this oh Switzer/Garrett garbage.
  2. tupperware

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    The sentiment would probably be that they have a Superbowl winning quarterback and can put up with some stinkers.
  3. rags747

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    Excellent point right there and I often do feel that was one of Troy's great games, obviously was not that great as Romo's game last night according to these boards truly sucked.
  4. FiveRings

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    Just when I thought the hell I caught this morning for the Dez thread couldn't be any worse...
  5. rcaldw

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    Three major pieces of the puzzle you leave out.

    1. The 1994 NFC Championship game followed nearly flawless post season football from Aikman in 1992 and 1993, that both concluded with Super Bowl Championships.

    2. The 1994 NFC Championship game was the NFC Championship game (not a battle of a 5-5 team verses a 4-6 team)

    3. The 1994 NFC Championship game was against the 49ers who had lost the NFC Championship game in 92 and 93, and featured Deion Sanders as the cover corner against our best receiver.

    So... to review....

    Throwing the picks had not become a pattern for Aikman. Indeed in big games it was very, very rare.

    This was a battle of two titans that had faced off multiple times on the biggest stage.
  6. TTexasTT

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    Its no secret that Romo is the best QB in the history of the Dallas Cowboys. Youll have the "Old School" guys that will argue with Roger, Troy, Don or even Danny. If Troy had one of those lines from the 90s he would be putting up mosterous numbers.
  7. TheCoolFan

    TheCoolFan Well-Known Member

    8,806 Messages
    1,293 Likes Received're trying to compare Aikman's performance in the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME to Romo's regular season game vs. the 4-6 Redskins? :eek:

    Competition/stage aside, let's not forget that they actually played defense in the 90's, it wasn't a passing league where a rookie like Ryan Tannehill can throw for 431 yards in a game
  8. perrykemp

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    You are crazy. Romo has barely won a playoff game. Those other guys own 5 rings.

    Let me guess... your argument is based soley on yards or QB rating....
  9. TTexasTT

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    Was it a league where CFL quarterbacks could throw for over 500 yards. Yes indeed.
  10. Zordon

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    this can't be life.
  11. TTexasTT

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    Pretty much. QBR is a fantatic stat for judging QB ratings.
    You cant even compare that monster line to the one of late.
  12. perrykemp

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    It's good for comparing QBs playing in the same era. It's not very useful for comparing QBs from different eras considering the many changes in recent years to protect the QB and open up the passing game.
  13. gbrittain

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    I will not argue Romo is better than Aikman as the poster you are quoting. As absurd as it would be to compare QB ratings and it would be, it would be more absurd to compare team success (and people do it all the time on this board) given the supporting cast each of them had and it ain't even close in the level of absurdness.
  14. RoyWilliams

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    This. Not to mention the Skins are on pace to have the worst passing defense of all-time.
  15. dragon_mikal

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    Man I never got see Aikman play and I'm a huge supporter of Tony Romo because who I did see play before him were a couple of past their prime old dudes and trash...but I would never compare Tony Romo to Troy Aikman.
  16. dragon_mikal

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    Why did they win those rings?

    They didn't win them on their own. I would never compare Tony Romo to them but lets not forget how great those teams were overall and who coached them. Aikman played on probably the most talented team of all time IMHO. Just ask Barry Switzer.

    Great HOF players Aikman and Staubach...surrounded by other great players and coached by a legend and a guy who won everywhere he went. (Miami did go to the playoffs.)
  17. big dog cowboy

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    My eyes may never be the same.
  18. Fmart322

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    I thought the game reminded me a lot of the 94 championship game but to say Romo is the greatest Cowboys QB of all time is crazy. Romo throws picks at the worst possible time va lot. Roger, Troy and even Danny White had more control then Romo has. The proof is in the number of post season wins. That's what great QB's are judged by, as it should be.
  19. JohnsKey19

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    Laughing Out Loud!!!

    C'mon...this wasn't meant to be serious, right???
  20. TwoDeep3

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    This thread is why stats are pointless and used to support whatever agenda the poster wants, and not reality. Sorry, Kahuna.

    Further, the comment by someone stating the old school guys will point out Staubach and Aikman over Romo, who the poster thinks is better is obviously from a young blood who wasn't there, or too young to understand perfection.

    So, if Troy was behind a Romo line, yada yada yada.

    So, if Barry Sanders was behind an Emmitt line....ever defended Emmitt in that argument, youngster?

    Teams that accomplish great things have great players, coaches, and front office. Sure they have more talent. That's why they accomplished what they did.

    And I am a Romo fan/apologist and think with the right supporting cast he could be greatness and win a championship.

    But when you see him toss ducks all over the yard and then make claim he is the best, you never really watched Troy Aikman play, in my opinion.

    On his sketchy days he was more accurate than Romo.

    And I would love to see the 92 and 93 teams against any of the 9ers or Stealers championship teams.

    Those may have been the best football teams ever. The efficiency they exhibited with the way they dispatched the opponent was breathtaking, and started with the accuracy and leadership of Aikman.

    Let's not eat our own because this season we're watching smells like an outhouse.

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