Aikman vs Romo 95 and 2012

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rynochop, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Romo apologists at it again. You really want to know the difference? For one, Troy won the game and second, Troy won superbowl rings. Tony has barely managed only one playoff win in his whole career. Romo couldn't carry Troy's jockstrap. Laughable thread :lmao2:.
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    Kinda funny. I could be off on a few things here, so bear with me.

    What Tony faced Thursday doesn't even begin to compare with what Troy went up against in San Francisco. On that day, in that NFL, defensive backs could do a lot more with receivers. And the 49er defense had a playmaker or two... or ten.

    I'm guessing Deion Sanders, Tim McDonald, Merton Hanks, Ken Norton Jr, Bryant Young, Lee Woodall, and company might be more of a problem.

    Also, the field at Candlestick that day was about as bad as I've seen in an NFL game. It still amazes me how those offenses did what they did in that game against the two best defenses in football.

    I could get into who wasn't available for the Cowboys that day - Emmitt Smith for the most part, Erik Williams, Larry Allen (on one foot, basically), but then the offense two days ago was without some pieces, too.
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    To the OP, please get it straight. There are not 50 pages of bash Romo by posters on here. There is a SMALL number of posters who extend Romo threads by 50 pages and only after Romo does anything wrong and they constantly get shut down.

    I'd say out of all posters it's 85% 15% supporting Romo. This perception of the majority of the fan base against him is just wrong.
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    And to that, I would say very fair. Despite my previous comment, I absolutely support Tony. On the list of Cowboy problems (for me), he is so far down I don't even bother. He is a good NFL QB, IMO. Is he flawed? Certainly. But if other areas weren't so lacking, he probably wouldn't be asked to do so much.

    Example: Ben Roethlisberger has 182 TDs, 104 INTs, and 58 fumbles (career numbers). Romo goes 165/87/46. Yet, one is two-time SB champ and the other has been labeled everything from a "great numbers QB" to choke artist - basically saying Tony lacks it when the stakes are high. Yeah, I'm not buying that.

    Big Ben, as just one example, could get away with more mistakes because their defense would make plays and get those back. The Steeler coaching staff was also vastly superior and could also make a difference. Neither has been the case here. Tony Romo has to play at such a ridiculously high level in order for Dallas to be successful.

    Again, not trying to build our current QB as Montana or Brady, but there aren't a great many NFL passers I would take over him. You can win with this guy.

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